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BIS Certification for Canvas Shoes with Rubber Sole

The concept of product standardization is decades old. Almost every consumer’s products in India undergo an extensive quality checklist before appearing in the market. Several technical committees comprising industry leaders and subject matter experts in conjunction with the Indian Government have formulated Indian Standards (IS) for various products, including canvas shoes with rubber soles. Let’s […]

BIS Certification for Injection Moulded PVC Socket Fittings

Injection molded PVC socket Fittings cater to various plumbing applications. These fittings are durable and can withstand varied climatic conditions.  However, the same cannot be claimed for generic products. Fittings that come with an ISI marking are considered to be the safest and long-lasting. In this article, we will brief you on the process of […]

BIS Certification for CPVC Pipes for Water Distribution Supplies

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, broadly known as CPVC, refers to a thermoplastic that is manufactured by subjecting PVC resin to a chlorination process. When compared with PVC, CPVC possess better flexibility and higher resistance to rising temperature. CVPC pipes are widely used in the commercial, agriculture, and industrial sphere and are deemed safe to carry portable […]

BIS Certification for UPVC Pipes For Soil and Waste Discharge System

BIS-certified products have a distinct image in the marketplace because of their unparalleled quality. The plumbing industry extensively used BIS standards for manufacturing a wide range of UPVC pipes and fittings to cater to different plumbing applications. Unlike portable drinking pipes, UPVC pipes used in Soil and Waste discharge systems adhere to different characteristics and […]

Agriculture Mark or AGMARK: Know All About it

Agriculture has remained the spearhead of the Indian economy for decades. It is serving as a prominent employment source for more than 60 sixty of the nation’s population. Agri production in India has been witnessing a sharp rise since independence. The increased production of crops has offered culprits an opportunity to reap unethical income by […]

Key Insights on Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) in India

The output of electrical and electronic gadgets is skyrocketing over the world as a result of the quick adoption of digitalisation. In addition to mobile devices, there is an upcoming IoT wave. RoHS regulations apply to smart home assistants, robotics, drones, 3D printers, and home medical devices. To regulate the hazardous materials in electrical and […]

Process to Get CE Certification for Medical Devices

CE marking refers to a sign of product quality granted by the notified certification body. Medical devices manufacturer must secure CE certification to sell their products in the European market. CE is an abbreviated term for “Conformité Européene” (which means European Conformity). It acts as proof that the given product complies with the underlying EU […]

ISO Certification for Medical Devices – A Complete Analysis

India has a vast marketplace for medical devices, thanks to the rapidly growing healthcare sector. Maintaining the quality of these devices against the prescribed standards is an absolute mandate for their manufacturers. But most manufacturers find it difficult to cope with ever-changing quality norms. Medical device manufacturers are under constant pressure to meet stringent norms […]

Garment Export: How Good Is It And How To Start?

India has remained the prominent garment exporter globally for years. The favourable Government policies and incentives have boosted the cross-border trading of different types of garments.  If you are looking to leap into this venture, you must know what it takes to get it started. So, without any ado, let dive straight into the legalities […]

Company Registration in Coimbatore: Things You Must Know

Company registration in Coimbatore is vital for legalizing any business irrespective of its size or operation. But choosing an ideal legal structure can be tricky for new entrepreneurs. It is because every structure adheres to a different set of compliances and legalities. Leaping into a business arena without an apt legal structure can lead to […]

IEC Renewal: Things Exporters Must Know

Every Export-import business in India must have IEC (Import Export Code) registration in place before commencing the operation. It is ten digit code that enables customs to identify the importer or exporter. Businesses that deal with cross-border trade cannot exist without this registration. Before 12 Feb 2021, IEC was granted by the Directorate General of […]

BIS ISI Certification for PVC Sandals: Know Everything

PVC sandals are more durable and robust than conventional rubber or leather footwear. However, their quality may vary as per the type of PVC compound used in their production. Since there is a great demand for PVC sandals in India, their standardization has become an absolute necessity. In the status quo, every PVC sandal manufacturer […]

Trademark Registration in Jaipur: Process and Paperwork

The Trademark is a vital part of intellectual property[1] which is referred to as a logo, tagline, name, design, or a combination of all, etc.  Protecting an emerging trademark is utterly vital for any organization. Trademark infringement of popular marks and logos has become quite prevalent in the past few years. Such acts have not […]

BIS ISI Certification for Switches for Domestic Purposes: Explained

The BIS ISI certificate is a globally-acknowledged certification that empowers manufacturers to produce quality and safer products. There are several electronic products, including switches that fall under the BIS mandatory marking scheme. Products that pass the testing requirements under the standards can only use the ISI marking. The ISI marking signifies product quality and helps […]