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Krishna Kumar has completed BA-LLB with a specialization in constitutional Laws from ICFAI University. As a recent graduate, He has both legal research and content writing experience in various law firms. He secures good drafting skills for various legal documents in multiple fields of law.

How to Obtain BIS ISI Certification for Case Hardening Steels in India?

Case Hardening Steels are used in automotive, mechanical, and plant engineering of parts like Cardan shafts, gears, coupling parts, and bolts. IS 4432: 1988 covers Case Hardening Steels. This Indian Standard specifies the technical delivery requirements for case-hardening wrought low carbon alloyed & unalloyed steel bars, rods, billets, and finished forgings. Generally, the steels are […]

How to Obtain BIS ISI Certification for Centrifugally Cast Iron Pipes in India?

In the present scenario, it is not easy to survive in the market without a standard certified & quality product. BIS Certification may also be required to sell products in the Indian market. To obtain BIS Certification, the manufacturer must ensure that their product must follow the specified Indian standard. Let’s take a look at […]

How to Obtain BIS Certification for Automatic Data Processing Machine (ADPM) in India?

A hardware system known as an automatic data processing machine that automatically gathers, processes, and saves data. Magnetic or optical readers, machines for transcribing data into coded data mediums, and apparatus for processing such data are all considered automatic data processing machines. Systems composed of various separate components can be used as automatic data processing […]

How to Obtain BIS Certification for Recessed LED Luminaires in India?

Whether on the ceiling or another surface, recessed LED luminaries are LED light fixtures which are installed into the hollow opening of the surface. Bulb, trim, and housing are the three basic fixtures that are part of it. The housing is the majority of the fixture that is buried within the wall or ceiling and […]

How to Obtain BIS Certification for Electronic Clocks in India?

Alexander Bain created the first electronic clock in 1841. A clock that runs on electricity is an electronic clock. Additionally, some of these clocks also can digitally display the temperature. These clocks primarily display the time. The counter, an electronic gear mechanism, is used in digital clocks. It uses displays like LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) and […]

How to Obtain BIS Certification for Mail Processing Machines in India?

The Post Office Department mainly uses mail processing machines. Earlier, mails were handled manually in the Post Office Department, using outdated techniques that were expensive, and ineffective techniques. Taking this into consideration, a mail processing machine was introduced to improve the speed and accuracy of the post office department. All types of mail processing equipment, […]

How to Obtain BIS Certification for Electronic Video Games in India?

There was a time when basic games were played. Now times have changed; in electronic video games, an interactive system is created with which multiple players can play. The gaming industry is a global leader in digital interactive entertainment. Playing electronic video games is one of the finest methods to develop your hand-eye coordination, problem-solving […]

How to Obtain BIS Certification for Storage Battery in India?

Storage battery is also known as a secondary battery used in photovoltaic energy systems. The primary function of a storage battery is to contribute to the electricity supply even when the sun is not shining. Systems that can capture electricity, convert it into another form of energy (chemical, thermal, or mechanical), store it, and then […]

How to Obtain BIS Certification for LED Flood Lights in India?

A LED flood light is a beaming lighting fixture that produces intense light. High-intensity, wide-beamed artificial lights like LED floodlights are frequently employed to illuminate outdoor areas. They are frequently used on the playing surfaces when a sporting event is held in low light. They can also be used for a large-scale outdoor event that […]

How to Obtain BIS Certification for Wireless Headphones & Earphones in India?

The headphones you’re picturing weren’t invented until the 1880s; they were much heavier and had less to do with music. These resemble phones more. The first Bluetooth stereo headphone was developed in 2004. Today, many individuals use wireless headphones or earphones to listen to music, watch movies, and take phone calls. Whether you go running, […]

How to Obtain BIS Certification for Smart Card Readers in India?

A smart card reader is electronic hardware that writes and reads card data. Its main job is to read the card’s information and conduct the monetary transaction properly. Most retail establishments now use smart card readers so that transactions can be completed quickly and easily using a debit card, credit card, or both. Customers can […]

How to Obtain BIS Certification for Solar Panels in India?

Solar panels are devices used to absorb the sun’s rays and convert them into electricity or heat. A solar (photovoltaic) panel is a collection of solar cells that can be used to generate electricity by the photovoltaic effect. These cells are managed in a grid-like pattern on the floor of solar panels. The Ministry of […]

How to Obtain BIS Certification for Medical Textiles Products in India?

India is the 2nd largest player in textiles after China. Medical textiles play a vital protective role in the healthcare industry. Medical textiles are widely used to meet the diverse requirements of the medical sector. These products range from high-volume disposable products for infant diapers, feminine hygiene, and adult incontinence to highly specialised & expensive […]

How to Obtain BIS Certification for Agro Textiles Products in India?

The word “Agro textiles” is now used to classify the non-woven, woven, and knitted fabrics applied for agricultural & horticultural uses covering livestock protection, weed, shading, insect control, and extension of the growing season. The vital properties required are elongation, strength, bio-degradation, porosity, resistance to sunlight and resistance to a toxic environment. BIS Certification for […]