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How to Obtain BIS Certification for LED Flood Lights in India?

calendar17 Sep, 2022
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BIS Certification for LED Flood Lights

A LED flood light is a beaming lighting fixture that produces intense light. High-intensity, wide-beamed artificial lights like LED floodlights are frequently employed to illuminate outdoor areas. They are frequently used on the playing surfaces when a sporting event is held in low light. They can also be used for a large-scale outdoor event that requires lighting. They are used at night to illuminate large firms, businesses, manufacturing facilities, and organisations. The best thing about LED flood lighting is that it is eco-friendly and user-friendly while not emitting toxic substances. LED floodlights are robust, long-lasting, and sturdy. As per Indian Standard IS 10322-5:5:2013, the Government of India covered LED flood lights under the BIS Registration or Compulsory Registration Scheme[1]. To produce, import/export, sell, store, and distribute LED flood lights in the Indian market, whether you are an Indian manufacturer or a foreign manufacturer, you must register them online with BIS Registration. Scroll down to check more details regarding BIS Certification for LED Flood Lights.

What are the Benefits of BIS Certification?

Following are the benefits of BIS Certification in India:

  • Ensure quality standards on BIS-certified products are bound to follow specific standards while manufacturing the products;
  • BIS certified products to reduce the environmental risks as BIS has prohibited the usage of chemicals and materials under its norms;
  • Gives authenticity to BIS-certified products as they provide high-quality reliability and performance;
  • BIS Certification is issued after testing product samples in BIS-authorised labs, ensuring quality inspection and high-quality products. 

Basic Requirements for Obtaining BIS Certification for LED Flood Lights in India

Following are some important requirements to obtain BIS Certification for LED flood lights; without these, no applicant can apply for Indian BIS Certification:

  • Product: If a manufacturer manufactures more than one product, the manufacturer has to apply two separate BIS Certifications for each product category. For example, manufacturers manufacturing laptops and chargers have to file two separate application forms with BIS.
  • Manufacturer: The BIS Certification is only granted to the manufacturer of the products. The traders, importers, or retailers are not eligible for the BIS Certificate. However, they can act as an Authorised Indian Representative of a manufacturer in India if the manufacturer does not have an operating office in India. However, the license is issued in the name of the manufacturer only.
  • Manufacturing Address: The application form and required documents shall mention a proper manufacturing premises address. If a manufacturer has more than one factory for manufacturing a product, then separate BIS Certification is required for each manufacturing unit.
  • Brand or Trademark: A manufacturer manufacturing the same product for different brands has to apply for separate BIS Certification. For example, if the manufacturer manufactures LED Flood Lights for Brand A & Brand B, they must apply for separate BIS Certification.

Document Required for BIS Certification for LED Flood Lights

Following are some essential documents required to get BIS Certification for LED Flood Lights:

  • Duly filed BIS Application form;
  • Photo ID of Authorized Signatory/ Authorized Indian Representative (AIR);
  • Letter of Trademark Authorization (if the Trademark is owned by an entity other than the manufacturer);
  • Authorisation Letter (if the signatory is other than the owner of manufacturing premises.
  • ISO Certificate of the manufacturing premises;
  • Business License of manufacturing premises;
  • Filled out CLL or CDF Form;
  • Certificate of Incorporation or Business License;
  • Certificate of Trademark;
  • Technical Specification sheet of the user manual or product manual;
  • Marking Label and details of marking on the product;
  • Proof of Authorised Indian Representative (AIR) Company registration in India (in case of the foreign manufacturer).

Procedure to Obtain BIS Certification for LED Flood Lights

The procedure to obtain BIS Certification for LED Flood Lights varies based on the geographical location of the manufacturing unit. Further, the BIS Certification process for foreign manufacturers differs from an Indian (domestic) manufacturer. The important steps involved in obtaining BIS Certification for LED Flood Lights include:

Process for Foreign Manufacturer

Step 1: Nominate AIR (Authorised Indian Representative), who can represent a foreign manufacturer.

Step 2: Submit the application form on the online BIS Portal.

Step 3: Get the sample testing done from BIS approved lab.

Step 4: Submit an offline /online hard copy of the Application and the test report of the product.

Step 5: BIS authorised officers verify the Application form and all required essential documents.

Step 6: Grant of BIS Certification.

Process for Domestic manufacturer

Step 1: Submit the online Application and all required essential documents.

Step 2: Get the product tested from a BIS-approved lab.

Step 3: Submit the application form’s offline/online hard copy, including the product test report.

Step 4: BIS authorised officers verify the Application and all essential documents

Step 5: Grant of BIS Certification.

Validity and Renewal of the BIS Certification for LED Flood Lights

The BIS Certification for LED Flood Lights is valid for two years. The manufacturer must renew the BIS Certification when there is no alteration in the concerned product and prescribed standards. The renewed BIS Certification will be valid for a minimum of 1 to 5 years. The renewal of the BIS Certification is subject to an annual advance marking fee and license fee. However, if the application form for the BIS renewal is filed after the expiry period, the applicant pays a late fee of Rs.5000.


The BIS Standards for LED flood lights must be upheld under established Indian Standards. The nature of the product, which is easily replaceable, may be susceptible to electric shocks, resistance to insulation, the capacity of electric strength, the capacity of mechanical strength, cap of temperature rise, heat resistance, flammability, ignition resistance, faulty conditions, distance in creepage, and clearances, makes this mandate necessary.

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BIS Certification

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