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How to Obtain BIS Certification for Recessed LED Luminaires in India?

calendar21 Sep, 2022
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BIS Certification for Recessed LED Luminaires

Whether on the ceiling or another surface, recessed LED luminaries are LED light fixtures which are installed into the hollow opening of the surface. Bulb, trim, and housing are the three basic fixtures that are part of it. The housing is the majority of the fixture that is buried within the wall or ceiling and houses the fixture’s electrical connections. The term “trim” describes the decorative, apparent part of the fixture, which includes baffles, reflectors, or shades. The final component is the bulb which is the main component of the fixture that generates light. The lights are incredibly streamlined, easily fit any place in a small area, and illuminate the entire space. These lights work well in bathrooms, shower stalls, closets, and other rooms with low ceilings. Recessed LED Luminaries must be registered with BIS as per IS 10322 (Part 5/Section 2): 2012 under the Compulsory Registration Scheme. Recessed LED Luminaries must be registered via the obligatory registration scheme or the BIS Registration to avoid any legal repercussions for domestic and foreign manufacturers. In this Blog, we will discuss BIS Certification for Recessed LED Luminaires.

What is BIS CRS?

Bureau of Indian Standards Compulsory Registration Scheme is known as BIS CRS. The Electronics and Information Technology Products Order 2012 was announced by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY)[1]. As per the notification, the group of electronic devices should fall within the CRS. Therefore, without the appropriate BIS CRS Certification, the manufacturer cannot sell the products indicated in the notification. Only 15 product categories of the electronic product were included in the notification published by MeitY. Through MeitY, an additional 15 electronic product categories were added in 2014. In 2016, smartphones had to support Indian languages, and 13 new electronic product categories were added. In 2017, five new product categories were added as part of the solar panels, systems, devices, and components goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) order 2017. This was done to support new & renewable energy. No manufacturer shall be permitted to import, distribute or sell electronic devices that do not meet the Indian standards, said the BIS CRS Certification Scheme directive. All electronic products must bear the CRS mark & have a unique Registration Number.

Essential Requirements to Obtain BIS Certification for Recessed LED Luminaires

Following are some vital requirements to obtain BIS Certification for LED flood lights; without these, no applicant can apply for Indian BIS Certification:

  • Manufacturer: The BIS Certification is only issued to the manufacturer of the products. The importers, traders, or retailers do not apply for the BIS Certificate. However, they can act as an Authorised Representative of a manufacturer in India if the manufacturer doesn’t have an operating office in India. However, the BIS License is granted in the manufacturer’s name only.
  • Product: In case a manufacturer manufactures more than one product, the manufacturer has to file two separate BIS Certifications for each product category.
  • Brand or Trademark: A manufacturer producing the same product for different brands has to apply for separate BIS Certification.
  • Manufacturing Address: The duly filled application form & required vital documents shall mention a proper manufacturing unit address. In case a manufacturer has more than one factory for product manufacturing, then separate BIS Certification is required for each manufacturing unit.

Documents Required for BIS Certification for Recessed LED Luminaires

Following are some vital documents required to obtain BIS Certification for Recessed LED Luminaires:

  • Duly filed BIS Application form;
  • Trademark Authorization letter (if the Trademark is owned by an entity other than the manufacturer);
  • Photo ID of Authorized Signatory or Authorized Indian Representative (AIR);
  • Letter of Authorisation (if the signatory is different from the manufacturing premises’ owner.
  • Business License of manufacturing premises;
  • ISO Certificate of the manufacturing premises;
  • Filled out CLL or CDF Form;
  • Trademark Certificate;
  • Certificate of Incorporation or Business License;
  • Marking Label and details of marking on the product;
  • Technical Specification sheet of the user manual/product manual;
  • Proof of Authorised Indian Representative Company Registration in India (in case of the foreign manufacturer).

Procedure to Obtain BIS Certification for Recessed LED Luminaires

The procedure to obtain BIS Certification for Recessed LED Luminaires varies based on the map location of the manufacturing premises. Further, the BIS Certification procedure for Foreign Manufacturers differs from Indian (Domestic) Manufacturers. The essential steps involved in obtaining BIS for Recessed LED Luminaires include:

Process for Foreign (Overseas) Manufacturer

Step 1: Nominate Authorised Indian Representative who can represent a Foreign (Overseas) Manufacturer.

Step 2: Submit the Application and required vital documents on the online BIS Portal.

Step 3: Get the product sample testing done from BIS approved lab.

Step 4: Submit an offline or online copy of the Application form and the product samples test report.

Step 5: BI officers verify the Application and all required essential documents.

Step 6: Grant of BIS Certification.

Process for Indian (Domestic) Manufacturer

Step 1: Submit the Application and all required vital documents on the BIS portal.

Step 2: Get the product samples tested from a BIS-approved laboratory.

Step 3: Submit the hard copy of the application form offline/online, including the product samples test report.

Step 4: BIS officers verify the Application form and all required documents

Step 5: Grant of BIS Certification.

Validity & Renewal of the BIS Certification for LED Flood Lights

The BIS Certification for Recessed LED Luminaires is valid for 2 years. The manufacturer needs to renew the BIS Certification when there is no alteration in the product and as per Indian standards. Renewal of the BIS License is subject to an annual marking fee & license fee. The renewed BIS Certificate is valid for 1 to 5 years. However, if the Application for the BIS Certification Renewal is filed after the expiry, the applicant pays a late fee of Rs.5000.


Under existing Indian Standards, the BIS Standards for Recessed LED Luminaires must be adhered to. This requirement is necessary due to the nature of the product, which is easily replaceable and may be vulnerable to electric shocks, insulation resistance, the capacity of electric strength, the ability of mechanical strength, the cap of temperature rise, heat resistance, flammability, and ignition resistance, as well as defective conditions, distance in creepage, and clearances.

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