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Running a Flourishing Restaurant in Delhi: 10 Hacks you Should Know

calendar28 Dec, 2020
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Restaurant in Delhi

The food industry in India is growing and in-demand these years. Many entrepreneurs have pulled an idea of opening a restaurant in Delhi. If it is right, then it could be a rewarding venture. In the article, we will discuss the 10 ways to run a successful restaurant in Delhi.

10 best ways to run a Successful Restaurant in Delhi

Restaurant in Delhi

Decide the Concept of Restaurant

The first thing is to consider while starting a restaurant in Delhi is to decide and think of an idea. One must keep in mind before deciding on a new concept of capital investment. The Average Price per Customer (APC) gives a fair idea about an average amount of money a customer would spend in the restaurant.

Get Investment to Fund Restaurant Business

Most aspiring dream of an opening restaurant in Delhi requires decent funds, and it is one of the most important things that are considered before opening a restaurant business. First, decide the restaurant concept, and then finalize how much capital is required to start a restaurant in Delhi.

Evaluate Restaurant Costs Involved

Restaurant costs are a significant part of running the restaurant and it must be evaluated and planned accordingly. Some of cost factor involved in starting a restaurant in Delhi are:-

Food Costs

Food cost of all the raw materials used in preparing the food. Ideally, the food cost must be around 30% of menu price. You must finalize the vendors for sourcing raw materials beforehand to ensure the smooth supply of the stock ingredients.

Labor Costs

Labor cost is another most important cost that adds up to the expenditures while opening a restaurant in delhi.

Overhead Costs

The overhead costs are the other expenses that are not related to food or labor. It includes rent, interiors, kitchen equipment, marketing, etc.

Decide the Location for Restaurant

The location is another essential factor to consider while starting a restaurant in Delhi, as it determines its success. While choosing a location, it is good to know about the competitor in that area and understand their business model.

The competition must be assessed in terms of cuisine and the type of dining experience they offer to the customers. Evaluating the competition would also help in understanding the customer base in that area and their preferences.

Get all Licenses to Start a Restaurant Business

One must acquire all licenses from the government to run a restaurant in Delhi. The cost of obtaining the licenses varies, depending on a size of the venture. It is important to apply for the permits early, as it may take time to get approved. Some of the licenses required to open a restaurant in Delhi are trade license from the municipal corporation, FSSAI license, Liquor License, and GST Registration. There are also few other licenses required, such as a fire safety certificate, pollution control license, etc.

Get Manpower for Restaurant Business

Hiring good talent and retaining them is one of the biggest challenges while running the restaurant business. Hiring by referral is accepted. As a first-time restaurateur, one can hire through the traditional way, by setting up an advertisement in the newspaper or putting it through agencies.

Maintain Staff Service and Uniform

There are mainly three main types of staff required for a restaurant in Delhi:

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen staff, means the cooks, food preparation staff, support staff, etc.

Service Staff

The restaurant waiters, housekeeping staff, busboys, etc., comes under the service staff. Since they need to interact with customers, they must have good communication skills and must be trained properly.

Management Staff

Your restaurant’s manager, cashier, store manager, etc., comprise the management staff, and they must be educated and experienced.

Design a Stellar Menu

The next step to start a restaurant in Delhi requires designing a menu. A designed menu can make a significant impact on restaurant food costs. The menu must comprise of items that can be prepared quickly and use local or readily available ingredients[1].

It is also advisable to serve dishes that use similar ingredients to reduce the overall food cost and food waste. One must decide on the cuisine that they want to serve and choose the menu items based on the audience’s demands.

Arrange Suppliers and Vendors for Restaurant

A healthy relationship with supplier and vendor is essential for the smooth functioning of the restaurant. You must have at least 2 or 3 vendors in each category. It will help compare prices and serve as a backup if some problem comes up with one.

One must have two days worth of stock in the inventory in case of emergencies. The items must always be delivered and checked every day. Both quality and quantity checks have to be done at the closing time of restaurant.

Install Right Technology at Restaurant

Restaurant technology is one of the most ignored parts of running and managing a restaurant; perhaps it is most important. The new-age modern technology comes up with a number of integrated features that have streamlined the restaurant operations to a great extent.


The idea of owning the restaurant is excellent. However, starting the restaurant in delhi from scratch and running it successfully is a humongous task. So follow the necessary steps that are required. However, Corpbiz experts are ready to help in starting your new restaurant in Delhi.

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