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Shambhavi holds a strong legal background, having completed her BA LLB and LLM. She is particularly interested in legal research and writing, and wishes to utilise her knowledge to create informative legal content. She is an analytical researcher and keeps herself updated about the current legal affairs. She also holds prior experience in publishing articles on assorted legal areas.

Detailed Procedure for Recovery of Shares from IEPF

Any shareholder whose shares, unclaimed or unpaid dividend amount has been transferred to IEPF has the right to claim such shares or dividends from IEPF by following proper procedure for recovery of shares from IEPF. Introduction to IEPF IEPF is an abbreviation for Investor Education and Protection Fund. The Government of India constituted it under […]

Procedure for Consent to Establish: CTE for Milk Processing and Dairy Business

Indian dairy businesses are contributing significantly to our country’s economy besides improving the health standards by increasing the nutrition value of food. India has the first position in the world in having a bovine population as it has a large number of cattle and buffaloes. As of 2020, the number of cattle and buffaloes in […]

WPC License Online Application for Digital Radio

Digital Radio is a better version of radio as it uses digital signals to send information instead of analogue signals like AM or FM radios. It has clearer reception and better sound quality. In some cases, it also provides on-screen information and the ability to pause and rewind. The importer and manufacturer of digital radio […]

An Overview of FSSAI Regulation on Vegan Foods

Vegan Foods Market is slowly gaining momentum in India and is growing very rapidly as people of our country are shifting to Vegan Foods. Even the restaurants are catering to Vegan Foods with growing consumer awareness of a healthy lifestyle. According to a survey, India is one of the leading Vegan Foods Market in the […]

Weighing Machine License Renewal Process in India

Weighing machines are devices to measure and calculate mass, and there are available in the market on a very large scale. These are widely used in commerce for all products sold and packaged by weight. Weighing machines and systems are also used in industry for producing foods, agricultural products or commodities, dairy products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals […]

Removal of Company Name from ROC under MCA’s new Companies Amendment Rules, 2022

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), on 9th June 2022, issued the Companies (Removal of Names of Companies from Register of Companies) Amendment Rules, 2022, where it has amended provisions of  Companies (Removal of Names of Companies from Register of Companies) Rules, 2016. The Central Government makes this Amendment in the exercise of powers conferred […]

Who Needs to Obtain a Drug Shop License in India?

Without a drug shop license, an entity or individual cannot run the business of or open a shop that deals in drugs or cosmetics. In India, it is mandatory for every person who intends to open a drug shop needs to obtain Drug License.  Meaning of Drugs  Section 3 of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act […]

How to Get BIS Certificate for Rubber Products?

There is a growing demand for quality rubber products in domestic and international markets, and BIS certification assures such quality. The BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) has simplified the process of product certification, and now the process gets completed in very less time. BIS aims to process applications for grants of certificates in 30 days. […]

How to Obtain IPRS License in Mumbai?

IPRS is an abbreviation used for the Indian Performing Right Society. It is a representative body of authors and owners, including composers, lyricists and owner publishers of music. This society is registered under section 33 of the Copyright Act, 1957[1]. It issues the IPRS License for the use of music and other literary work. The […]

Different Nidhi Company Forms and Their Uses

The Nidhi Company requires to comply with the provisions mentioned under the Companies Act, 2013 and Nidhi Rules, 2014. Nidhi Company is a Public Limited Company and so required to follow all the provisions applicable to a Public Limited Company. Introduction to Nidhi Company Nidhi Company in India is formed, governed and regulated by the […]

Need of Fire NOC for Restaurants

The Fire NOC for Restaurants is mandatory for the fire departments to comply with the authority’s requirements. The owner of the premises where the restaurants are situated or the owners of such restaurants, or the landlord do not take adequate measures to comply with the fire department’s requirements.  The Government of India has taken measures […]

BIS PMJAY Registration Requirements for Chemical

The BIS PMJAY is a component of Ayushman Bharat. It stands for the Beneficiary Identification System Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana. It is a scheme of GOI’s National Health Policy. It aims at empowering the poor and economically vulnerable class of people in our country to enjoy quality healthcare. Overview of BIS PJMAY Registration The […]

Health Trade License Renewal

Any type of business in India related to the health of the public at large requires Health Trade License. The India Government has made it mandatory to ensure the safety and security of the health of the people living here. This license is a work permit for all businesses involved in trading goods and services […]

What is CDSCO Sugam?

The CDSCO Sugam was introduced in November 2015 by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation. It is an online portal for filing applications for various services. Brief on Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) works as per the directions of the Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health […]