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Health Trade License Renewal

calendar08 Jun, 2022
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Health Trade License Renewal

Any type of business in India related to the health of the public at large requires Health Trade License. The India Government has made it mandatory to ensure the safety and security of the health of the people living here. This license is a work permit for all businesses involved in trading goods and services that affect the health of people at large. Such businesses include eating houses, restaurants, pharmaceutical businesses, etc. 

Introduction to Health Trade License Renewal

Initially, the health trade license is granted for a limited period of time. Such period of time is different for different states. The renewal of the health trade license is mandatory after its expiry date. The application for renewal is filed before thirty days of the expiry of such license. It is cancelled or suspended before its expiry if it is found to be obtained by fraud or against any government norms. 

The holder of the health trade license applies for its renewal to lawfully continue the activities carried on its business. 

The businesses that require to renew their licenses mandatorily are:

  • Places for refreshments
  • Places for entertainment
  • A foundation of managerial services where people are given office related work.

Documents required for health trade license renewal

The following are documents required for renewal of the Health Trade License:

  • Copy of original license
  • Challan of the previous year
  • Details of applicant
  • Address of the premises
  • Measurement of the premises
  • PAN and TAN number
  • Proof of payment of taxes, etc.
  • Proof of change of land use
  • Proof of ownership
  • Utility bills
  • NOC from the appropriate Departments
  • Medical fitness certificate of workers
  • Self-declaration
  • License renewal application

The procedure for Health Trade License renewal

There is a requirement to obtain the renewal of a health trade license. The one who is holding the original license applies to the respective state’s Municipal corporation portal. The application is filed with all the required information and documents. The applicant pays the required fee. After the application is submitted, the Municipal Corporation[1] conducts the inspection. If the corporation is satisfied after inspection and verification, then the renewed license is granted to the applicant. 


Health trade license renewal is mandatorily required by the Government so that it can make sure that the businesses involved directly or indirectly in the trade of goods and services that are affecting the health of the public at large are complying with the rules and regulations set for the purpose. All the holders are required to renew the license 30 days before the expiry of the original license.  

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Health Trade License

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