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Weighing Machine License Renewal Process in India

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Weighing Machine License Renewal

Weighing machines are devices to measure and calculate mass, and there are available in the market on a very large scale. These are widely used in commerce for all products sold and packaged by weight. Weighing machines and systems are also used in industry for producing foods, agricultural products or commodities, dairy products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals etc., processing.

Weighing machines are generally required for many applications and for various design parameters, for example, different types, sizes and capacities.

Legal Metrology Department

The Legal Metrology Department is a wing of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs that came into existence in 2009. It deals with the monitoring and regulation of manufacturing, import and other related business of weights and measures instruments and devices.

Weighing Machine License Renewal: Introduction

Every person manufacturing any weighing machine must hold a license to manufacture the same under Section 23 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009. Weighing Machine License Renewal is also mandatory, as once the license expires, it is of no use. The license of the weighing machine must be renewed before the expiry of the original one.  

The competent authority for the renewal of the weighing machine is the Deputy Controller of the Legal Metrology Department.

Weighing Machine License Renewal: Applicable Law

The Legal Metrology Act, 2009[1] and Legal Metrology Rules, 2011 are the law under which the grant and renewal of weighing machine licenses are done. The basic requirements are that the weighing machine satisfies the metric system based on the international system of units.

As per the Act and Rule made thereunder, an applicant must apply within 30 days before the expiry of the validity of the license for its renewal. The license is issued or valid for a minimum period of one calendar year and is renewed for five calendar years.

Weighing Machine License Renewal: Application

The application form for renewal of license Under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 contains columns for:


  • Proprietor,
  • Managing Partner or
  • Managing Director;

Service details

  • Type of service,
  • Old license number and
  • The validity date of license;

Registration firm details

  • Name of the applicant manufacturing firm
  • Type of premises
  • District
  • Mandal
  • Village/ward
  • Shop/survey/plot/door number
  • Pin code
  • Date of establishment of workshop/factory
  • Classification of establishments

Management details   

Role of Managing Proprietor or Proprietor including name, age, father/husband’s name and address.

Current Factory or shop details

  • Current registration number
  • Establishment of municipal trade license date
  • Name of panchayat or municipality name
  • Current registration number of factory or shop or establishment or municipality trade license number
  • Nature of manufacturing activities

Types of weighing machine

Tax details

  • Tax type
  • Tax number

Employment Details

  • Name of skilled workers
  • Name of semi-skilled workers
  • Name of unskilled workers
  • Specialist trained in list
  • Details of machinery, tools and accessories used and owned for manufacturing weighing machine
  • Details of workshop facilities and testing facilities are available
  • Facilities for hardness testing of vital parts
  • Details of approval of model received from Government of India
  • Type of weighing machine as per the license granted
  • Details of production and sales in the last five years
  • Proposed changes

Details of Skilled workers  

  • Name of skilled worker
  • Skill in the field
  • Certificate of skill
  • Next date of renewal

Applicant Details

  • Applicant Aadhar Number
  • Applicant name
  • Father/husband name
  • District
  • Mandal
  • Village/ward
  • Pin code
  • Email
  • Mobile no.
  • Relationship

Weighing Machine License Renewal: Documents

The renewal application is made in a prescribed form by the applicant with the following documents:

  • Original Weighing Machine License
  • Photographs, as per requirement
  • ID Proof of applicant
  • Proof of premises (copy of sale deed or lease deed or allotment letter, or property tax receipt)
  • Rent receipt or No Objection Certificate from the owner
  • Tools and equipment list
  • List of loan articles with verification certificate
  • Copy of incorporation of the firm
  • Site plan
  • MOA and AOA (in the case of a company)
  • List of skilled and unskilled workers with names and address
  • License renewal fee as prescribed

Weighing Machine License Renewal: Procedure

The procedure for renewal of the Weighing Machine License is as follows:

  • The applicant fills out the appropriate application form for renewal of the weighing machine license
  • The applicant submits the application with the required information and documents
  • The applicant makes the payment after submitting the application form for the license renewal.
  • The application form for renewal is received by the Deputy Controller of the Department of Legal Metrology along with all the requisite documents
  • The Deputy Controller forwards the renewal application form and the documents to the Legal Metrology Officer
  • The concerned Legal Metrology Officer scrutinizes the application and verifies the same with the terms and conditions of the license.
  • In case any deficiency is noticed in the renewal application, then the same is sent to the applicant for resolution
  • Once the applicant makes the resolution, the application form for the weighing machine license renewal is processed.
  • The concerned Legal Metrology Officer prepares a recommendation and forwards it to the Deputy Controller of the Legal Metrology Department for final approval.
  • The Deputy Controller accords the final approval and issues the Weighing Machine Renewal License in favour of the applicant.


The Legal Metrology Act and Rules made thereunder define specific licenses for manufacturing or importing the weights and measures instruments or devices. Such licence is issued for weighing machines too. The weighing machine license renewal is also made mandatory by the same law. The renewal application is filed 30 days before the expiry of the original license by the applicant. The validity of the license is for one calendar year, and the validity of the renewed license is for five calendar years. The fee for the renewal application is the same as for the grant of license. The application for renewal must have details of the original license and other details that are required at the time of grant of the existing or original license. The authority liable for the grant of renewed license is the Deputy Controller of the Department of Legal Metrology.

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