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Shambhavi holds a strong legal background, having completed her BA LLB and LLM. She is particularly interested in legal research and writing, and wishes to utilise her knowledge to create informative legal content. She is an analytical researcher and keeps herself updated about the current legal affairs. She also holds prior experience in publishing articles on assorted legal areas.

Nidhi Company New Rules as stated in Amendment 2022

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs notified Nidhi company New Rules on 19th April 2022 through the amendment. These Nidhi Company New Rules are the amendment to Nidhi Company Rules, 2014. These rules are called Nidhi (Amendment) Rules 2022. As per these Nidhi Company New Rules, the public companies which want to work as Nidhi Company […]

CPCB Certificate for E-Waste Management

The Central Pollution Control Board issues the CPCB certificate for electronic waste management. CPCB was established to work on preventing pollution and control of pollution and wastes generated in India. There are also State Pollution Control Board in each state, and such state boards are regulated, assisted and guided by the CPCB. The CPCB also […]

Linear vs Circular Economy in EPR

In our current economic system, we take resources out of Earth, make the product, use it and then throw it again as waste on the Earth; this is called a linear economy system. But if we are differentiating between the two systems, i.e., Linear vs circular economy system, then in the circular economy system, we […]

Plastic Credit Model in EPR

A plastic credit Model in EPR is envisaged in the case where a producer is not required to recycle their packaging but to ensure that an appropriate amount of plastic waste is recovered and recycled. The Plastic credit certificate is a mandatory set of documents as it is a proof of execution of a project […]

Plastic Waste Collection Fee in Kerala

The Kerala state government has now mandated that local bodies collect fees from the public for the disposal of plastic waste. Plastic waste collection fees can be charged likes taxes. Such fee is collected from households, institutions, street vendors, traders and organisers of public events.  Rules of Kerala Government for the plastic waste collection fee […]

Plastic Pollution as Producer Responsibility

Plastic is inexpensive to produce; it is also durable and extremely flexible. About 12 million metric tonnes of plastic are thrown every year into the ocean. Most of the plastic is produced in the USA. Producer Responsibility is widely accepted worldwide and has a successful impact on the environment. It has increased the collection, recycling, […]

Challenges and Opportunities in Electronic Waste Management in India

With the massive development in the IT and communication sector, the use of electronic equipment has enhanced. Faster growth in an electronic product makes the consumer leave an older electronic product, resulting in a huge increase in e-waste or electronic waste. E-waste is called as fastest growing waste, and United Nations has termed it “a […]

Model Approval for Indian Weights and Measures Instruments

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution under the Department of Consumer Affairs has set up the Weights and Measures Unit to promote the use of standard weights and measures instruments. There is also the Department of Legal Metrology or Department of weights and measures in different states to regulate the use of […]

Import of Hazardous Waste Material to India

Hazardous waste is categorized as wastes containing certain chemicals, metals and pathogenic organisms which can cause damage to the environment. If not managed properly, then it can have repercussions on the environment. Disposal of such wastes in the environment without any proper treatment can lead to pollution of land and water resources.  Preventive measures are […]

Model Approval for Imported Weights and Measures Instruments

Any person who is seeking to import any weight and measures shall obtain the model approval for imported weights and measures instruments. The Legal Metrology (Model Approval) Rules 2011 are framed under the ambit of the Legal Metrology Act 2009, by the Indian Government for such model approval.  The model approval for imported weights and […]

BIS Registration for Jewellers

In India, jewellery has different importance, and it has a special place in people’s hearts. It has to be unique for every festival and occasion. It adds value to their sentiments. Thus, they are cautious as a customer about the purity of each piece of jewellery, and they look for BIS registration for jewellers every […]

Qualifications required for Drug license

In earlier days only old aged people used to get sick, but nowadays even the younger generation is falling ill very frequently. So, to ensure our good health, drugs have become an essential part of our life. And considering the present health condition, every colony and street of our country has a pharmaceutical shop or […]

Difference between Public Trust and Private Trust

A fiduciary relationship between a person who gives the right of the title of his property or assets to another person for the benefit of the third person is called trust, where the first, second and third person is called author, trustee and beneficiary; respectively. difference between public and private trust, The establishment of trust […]

Legal Metrology Package Labeling Laws for E-commerce

Legal Metrology Act 2009 contains a set of rules and protocols to maintain uniformity in all the instruments used for weighing and measuring. This is to regulate and control the pre-packaged commodities by ensuring the net quantity contained therein.  E-commerce  Buying and selling digital products, goods or services over a digital platform or electronic network […]