How to Obtain IPRS License in Mumbai?

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IPRS License in Mumbai

IPRS is an abbreviation used for the Indian Performing Right Society. It is a representative body of authors and owners, including composers, lyricists and owner publishers of music. This society is registered under section 33 of the Copyright Act, 1957[1]. It issues the IPRS License for the use of music and other literary work.

The IPRS was established in India in the year of 1969. All Indian Composers, Music Publishers and Authors whose works are publicly used or performed to an extent are members of IPRS. The objective of this society is to collect a royalty for its members from users of music and distribute it among its members after deducting the administrative costs.

Individual/entity that can obtain IPRS License in Mumbai

As per the Copyright Act, the organiser or promoter of a live event (concert) involved in the public performance and performers themselves are liable to the owner of any copyrighted work being used.

IPRS License in Mumbai is required for the performance or communication to the public of literary and musical works incorporated in sound recordings during live events also. The platforms that use music like TV broadcasters, OTT Platforms, FM Radio, etc., require this IPRS License in Mumbai.

Documents required for IPRS License in Mumbai

The documents required to get the IPRS License are as follows:

  • Personal details of the applicant, including address and contact details
  • Details of the business
  • Details list of music the applicant is going to play
  • Certificate of Incorporation, in case of LLP
  • PAN Card
  • GST registration certificate
  • ID cards such as Aadhar Card
  • Utility bills

Procedure to obtain IPRS License in Mumbai

The procedure to apply for the IPRS License in Mumbai is as follows:

  • The applicant selects the specific category required for the music license.
  • The filing process can be online or offline. The applicant provides the required document depending on the category they have selected for the music license and submit them.
  • The applicant provides the following details:
  1. Name of the applicant
  2. Address of the applicant
  3. Contact details of the applicant
  4. Email id of the applicant
  5. GST, if applicable
  6. Any other requirement, if applicable
  • The verification of the applicant and application is done properly.
  • The applicant pays the prescribed fees either through online mode or offline.
  • After payment of fees, the IPRS issues an Introduction Letter for the applicant, and it acts as a verification document proving that the registration is done.

Penalties in the case on Non-compliance

Section 63 and 63A of the Copyright Act state that if an individual, entity, or business does not obtain registration with the Copyright Society and performs such activities, then it shall be liable for punishment as stated in Section 51.

As per Section 63, if an individual violates the Copyrights or any other right, then he is liable for imprisonment for not less than six months which may extend to three years and a fine of not less than Rs. 50,000/- which may extend to 2 lakhs. However, if an individual violates the copyright or any other right and is a repeat offender, then he is liable for imprisonment of not less than one year and which may extend to three years and a fine not less than Rs 1 lakh, which may extend to Rs. 2 lakhs.


The IPRS issues its license for live events as well as performances, mostly for commercial purposes. The IPRS License in Mumbai is issued for different types of categories such as for clubs, hotels, cinema halls, etc. The music license is obtained by every individual or entity that wants to use the copyrighted work of an artist publicly. The penalty is mentioned under the Copyright laws that deal with music licenses in case of non-compliance with such licenses.

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