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Shalini is a graduate but her keen interest in writing impelled her to continue as a content writer. Further, She has a rich experience in Companies Act and Ammendment related topics.

How does a Company Issue Debentures to the Public?

The issue of raising funds for a company is the most challenging thing that the company faces during its initial stage. Though there are several options available to choose from such as personal investment, Angel investors, Venture Capitals, Bank loans etc, it is always a wise option to research on all the available options first. […]

Issue of Sweat Equity Shares

Awarding or appreciating your employees is one of the ways that companies usually follow to retain their employees and get the best out of their talent. Sweat Equity share is one such way used by the company where the company makes the share-based payment to its employees at a discount or for consideration other than […]

Transfer and Transmission of Securities – Procedure of Transfer, Time Limits, and Penalties

The Shares of an individual inside a company are transferable which facilitates the company in acquiring permanent capital and liquidate investments into the shareholders. But there are some constraints under which the securities are transferred. They are transferable by the acts mentioned in the Articles of Association (AOA) of the company under which the private companies are […]

Change in Private Limited Company Address – Know its Different Scenario and Procedures

Though Incorporation of a Company requires several steps the after company incorporation involves office address registration which must be done within 15 days after following the company registration. However, if there is any change in the registered office of a company during the course of its business, the changes must be registered to the Registrar […]

What is GDR (Global Depository Receipt): An Overview

For facilitating long term debt instruments and for generating capital, Investors use capital markets that involve ADR, GDR, and IDR. The issuance of these receipts is the most efficient and widely known method of raising capital from foreign capital markets. Also, it provides an opportunity for foreign investors to invest in domestic companies. Here, in […]

Shareholders Right – Know Its Variations and Procedures of Modification

Becoming a shareholder in a company includes the right to share in the Company’s profitability, income, and assets. But many of the shareholders are unaware of their rights. This right that is possessed by all has an influence over the company management selection, pre-emptive rights to newly issued shares, and voting rights in general meeting. […]

Independent Director: Appointment Criteria, Process, Roles & Duties

In relation to the Companies Act 2013, Independent Directors means a director other than a Managing Director or Whole-time director or a Nominee Director. For appointing the Independent Director, the Companies are required to follow the separate criteria which have been established to have an Independent Director. Amendment in Rules of Independent Directors On October […]

What are the Types of Share Capital? – Detailed Overview

Share Capital is defined as the funds raised by the company through issuing shares to the public. In simple words, you can say that share capital is the money invested in a company by the shareholders. It is a long term source of finance through which shareholders gain a share of ownership in the company. […]

What is Article of Association and Alteration in AOA?

Every Company before or after its Incorporation, requires a set of rules and regulations to manage its relationship with the external world and also to control the internal affairs inside the organisation. The two relevant documents a company must have are the MOA and AOA. Article of Association (AOA) is a document that defines the […]

Change in the Name of the Company: Step by Step Procedure

Change is common, and things keep changing all the time. So do you think about sticking to the same business name is a wise decision even if your company is expanding in different new areas? The company name change is not that easy process and must not be taken lightly. Your company’s name must be […]

Appointment of Auditor – Companies Act, 2013

Every entity running the business is required to do the audit on a day to day basis or a quarterly basis or a monthly basis or a half year or yearly basis. Audit is required to be carried out in the Company to know the financial stability, for verifying the Annual Accounts, Compliance, risk policy, […]