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Shalini is a graduate but her keen interest in writing impelled her to continue as a content writer. Further, She has a rich experience in Companies Act and Ammendment related topics.

How to apply for EPF Registration online?

Being a salaried individual, you must be having a habit of saving a certain percentage of your salary in the Fixed Deposit account, Recurring deposit account, or in mutual funds. But what if this habit is not inculcated within the other individuals? To benefit employees, government of India launched the scheme of EPF (Employee Provident […]

How to validate the Company Registration Number?

“How authentic is a Company” is one of the most obvious questions among individuals when they are availing any service from a company. Because there is always a fear that the company can be a fraud and involved in a scam related to Network/chain marketing, but there is still a way to validate which can […]

What is the Impact of GST on Loans?

Right from the very beginning, we are taught to distribute things among our siblings equally, be it a bite of a cake or the division of the wealth among the children. The same concept must be applied while paying the tax for the products we consume. Different tax rates are paid across the different states […]

What is The Difference Between MSME and NSIC Registration?

Ditching the nine to five jobs and starting your start-up is the dream of most of the Indian youths these days. India is a developing country and youths of today are enthusiastic about their work. To foster the growth of MSME(Micro, small and medium enterprises), the Indian Government proposed an NSIC acronym as National Small […]

Differences between OPC and Private Limited Company

Are you thinking of starting a venture, but you are not sure about your funding status that whether you will be able to solely meet the initial financial requirements of your business or not. You might get muddle-headed whether to opt for OPC or private Limited Company. The answer is quite simple if you are […]

What is Nidhi Company? Know it’s Registration Procedure

One can easily fall short of financial goals if they don’t have the habit of saving money. Money is such a treasure which can easily slip off through the cracks before you realize it. And hence, it is essential to develop the habit of savings and make it your nature. Whoever wants to cultivate the […]

NGO Registration – Step by Step Procedure

Stepping forward to help others in terms of time, money and energy does not only make the world better, but it’s you who become the best version of yourself day by day. Above all, there is more happiness in giving than receiving. With a perspective to give this an edge, ordinary citizens like us across […]

How To Obtain Copyright Registration in India?

Significant mental activity is needed while creating the original content or any other kind of artistic work which includes literary works, musical works etc. But many a time, this creativity can be wasted in the hands of those people who copy this. Anything can be copied from the content of any blog to the lyrics […]

How Can You Apply For Online Trademark Registration in India?

If you are thinking of starting a business, then you must have thought of an appealing brand name and a logo which could entice the customers. But it might be a matter of concern if someone steals your ideas and thoughts. So, one of the only way to prevent this is to get your brand […]

MSME Registration – Know the Entire Procedure

The skilled workers of today’s generation coming from rural areas are deprived of the primary resources and credit which confines them from starting their own business or work independently. With a perspective to help these Micro small and medium enterprises, the Government of India has provided collateral-free credit lending to them so that they can […]

What are Section 8 Companies? Know its provisions and Incorporation Procedures

All companies in India are not operating for the profit purpose. Many companies primarily operate for the charitable and non-profit objectives. The company registered under the Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013, is known as Section 8 Company. According to Section 8 of the companies Act, 2013 such companies are established for the promotion […]

PSARA License – Know it’s Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required

Over the years, there has been a tremendous increase in the establishment of new ventures due to which the demand for security has also increased. Leaving the security purpose behind, it’s more of a trending thing among the individuals to hire security guards from private sources. These reasons have further populated a large number of […]

What is SEBI? – Know Its Powers and Functions

At present, there are sixteen stock exchanges in the world with a market capitalization of over US$ 1 Trillion. While the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) takes the first spot in the world based on the parameter Market Capitalization, the Indian Capital market is also one of the biggest Capital Markets in the world. SENSEX (Stock Exchange […]

All You Need to know about MSME Compliances

MSME (Micro Small and Medium Enterprise) is the pillar for the economic growth in many developed and developing countries across the world. These micro small and medium enterprises help in the accelerating the growth of our economy in the same as small things contribute towards the formation of the heap. Micro Small and Medium Enterprises […]