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Sakshi Sharda

Sakshi Sharda
About Sakshi Sharda

Sakshi Sharda has done BBALLB(HONS) and holds a strong knowledge on the matters pertaining to finance and law. From the past one year she is working as a legal advisor and in her leisure time she works on improvising her knowledge. Sakshi is spreading her knowledge by writing for Corpbiz.

Different Committees and Their Functioning as per Companies Act, 2013

Committees or Board Committees as per Companies Act, 2013 are formed to perk up effectiveness and competence, in areas where more focused, specific and technical dialogues are required. These Committees prepare the ground for decision-making and report it in subsequent Board Meeting to achieve the desired results. The Committees as per Companies Act, 2013[1] can […]

Appointment of Nominee Director: A Complete Overview

A Nominee Director is an individual nominated by an institution, like banks or financial institutions on the Board of Companies where these institutions have some interest. The interest of institutions can be in form of loans or investment into shares. A Nominee Director acts as a liaison between the Investee Company and the Nominator. The […]

Appointment of Alternate Director: Procedures

Certainly, there will be times in Private Companies when there will be no Directors present or miss the Board Meetings due to illness, taking leave or frequent travel. The Company’s operation cannot stop at these times when there is no Director present in the Company. So to resolve this The Companies Act, 2013 provides for […]

Basic Definition of Trademark Registration, Objection and Assignment

A Trademark is a symbol or word(s) which is capable of distinguishing the goods and services of one entity from the other entities. Once registered, those symbols or word(s) cannot be used by any other entity as long as it is in use by that entity. Trademark Registration is done by Controller General of Patents, […]

Health License in India – Complete Overview

With the growing day to day opportunities in India which had increased the ease of doing business in India. Nowadays, India has become a popular destination for the commencement of new businesses. For setting up of new business, it not only requires a lot of investment in terms of time, money and expenditure, but it […]

Public Limited Company Registration Process in India

Public Limited Company is registered according to the rules prescribed under the Companies Act 2013 of India. Public limited company has limited liability and offer shares to general public at large. This type of business is suitable for large scale investment where the capital is very large and company is willing to receive money at […]

Get Your New GST Registration in Just Few Steps

Goods and Services Tax or GST Registration includes all the individuals or entities supplying goods and services in India. GST Registration becomes necessary once the value of the supply increases Rs. 40 lakh (Rs. 20 lakh for hill and North Eastern States). To ease down the tax filing process, the Ministry of Finance simplified the procedure for […]

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