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Sakshi Sharda has done BBALLB(HONS) and holds a strong knowledge on the matters pertaining to finance and law. From the past one year she is working as a legal advisor and in her leisure time she works on improvising her knowledge. Sakshi is spreading her knowledge by writing for Corpbiz.

Landmark Judgments on IPR Law in India

The meaning of Intellectual Property can be traced to the ancient usage of stamps on bricks by the Roman brick-makers for the purpose of identification, and even before to the time when the leaders of the ancient Greek city of Sybaris approved a monopoly for one year on cooking an enjoyable dish to the creator. […]

Rights And Obligations Of A Patentee In India: A Comprehensive Overview

Enforcing a patent ensures the protection of the inventor’s intellectual property rights. It gives the owner of the patent the sole authority over the manufacture and sale of the patented items. The patent grants the patentee complete ownership of the innovation. The inventor has authority over who can use the invention, how it can be […]

Specification of Patent in India: A Complete Outlook

In India, the applicant filing an application for a grant of Patent is required to file for Specification of Patent to get a Registration of Patent under the Patent Act, 1970. The applicant has the option of filing a Provisional or Complete Specification. The Provisional Specification can be filed when the application has not reached […]

Rectification of Design in India under the Design Act, 2000

In India provisions related to the Rectification of Design are provided in the Design Act, 2000, and the Design Rules, 2001. The Controller of Design is the main person responsible for carrying out the Rectification of Design proceedings in India. The proceedings when are finally over the decision of the Controller is required to be […]

General Powers of Controller of Patent in India

The General Powers of Controller of Patent in India are prescribed under the Patent Act, 1970, and the Patent Rules, 2003. The Controller of Patent under the provisions prescribed under the Patent Act, 1970 and Patent Rules, 2003, has to accordingly work and comply with the norms specified. The main officer responsible for the administration […]

Indian International Searching Authority in India: A Complete Overview

Under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, that is administered by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation), provides for formation of an Indian International Searching Authority to file for grant of international application of Patent to the applicant from a member country. This Indian International Searching Authority helps in conducting a research for filing an international application […]

General Powers of Controller of Design in India: A Complete Outlook

The Controller under the Design Act, 2000, is the main officer responsible for administering the Design system in India. Under the Design Act, 2000, the General Powers of Controller of Design are specified under various provisions. Along with the Design Act, 2000, the Powers of Controller of Design is also provided under the rules provided […]

A Complete Overview of International Rules in Indian IPR Law

The Intellectual Property has both international and national dimensions; hence it can be said that it has dual nature. For example, the Patents in a country is governed by its national laws as well the international conventions related to such Patents in the designated country. For the future development and growth of the economy, there […]

Different Types of Patent Applications in India

Before filing a Patent Application, any applicant should be sure about the type of application that he/she wants to file with the Patent Office. There are majorly five different Types of Patent Applications in India. All different types of Patent Applications under the Patent Act serves a different purpose. Therefore, the applicant is required to […]

Cancellation of Design Registration in India

In India, the registered proprietor of design is given exclusive rights to his/her registered Designs. One such right is the right of the Cancellation of Design Registration. The registered proprietor or any other person interested can file for a petition of Cancellation of Registration of Design on the grounds mentioned in the Design Act, 2000, […]

Renewal and Restoration of Design in India

The main objective of the Design Act, 2000, is to protect any new or original design created by a person that applies to a particular article that is to be manufactured by an industrial means or process. The Registration of Design is done to look that the creator or originator of a Design is not […]

Design Infringement in India – Complete Overview

Like other Intellectual Properties, Design is also prone to Infringement. An Infringement of Design is an illegal act to use a registered design, or fraudulent imitation of a registered design, without the authorization from the owner of such registered design. The registered owner of the design in such case of Infringement of Design can file […]

Law of Passing Off of Trademark in India

As the economy is growing, trades are now increasing at a rapid pace. To symbolize and recognize the products and services associated with the trade, the traders of a trade associate themselves with name or mark by which the products and services of traders are known to general public at large. This mark or name […]

Trademark of Domain Name in India

In India, the rise in digital marketing and eCommerce has led to a massive growth in demand for an online presence of a business. The growing businesses need a website to reach and connect with more and more customers and for displaying the goods and services produced or manufactured by them. The website is also […]