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Sakshi Sharda

Sakshi Sharda
About Sakshi Sharda

Sakshi Sharda has done BBALLB(HONS) and holds a strong knowledge on the matters pertaining to finance and law. From the past one year she is working as a legal advisor and in her leisure time she works on improvising her knowledge. Sakshi is spreading her knowledge by writing for Corpbiz.

Powers of Registrar for Removal of Name of Company from Register of Companies

Nowadays, the process of Incorporation of Company has been eased out. However, on the other hand, with an increase in the number of compliances and regulations with heavy penalties for delay, Companies look for options for the exit from the business. Keeping the situations of Companies in mind, the Government has provided specific exit routes […]

Financial Due Diligence: A Complete Checklist

Financial Due Diligence focuses on establishing a factual and historical foundation of Company. Financial Due Diligence not only reviews the historical foundation of the Company but also gives an expert and financial opinion about the future of the Company. Any person while investing or selling or buying or as routine check-in affairs of Company conduct […]

Merger or Amalgamation of Company with Foreign Company: Complete Overview

The businesses in these modern economics days are very different from the businesses earlier. The increase in the adaption of the technology is challenging the business operating these days. Due to the increasing wave of globalization, the concept of Merger and Amalgamation with Foreign Company has now gained significant importance in recent times. Under the […]

FSSAI License Renewal: A Complete Checklist

If a person is in a food business in India, then the terms FSSAI license and FSSAI license renewal are well to him/her. The FSSAI license is mandatory for starting a food business in India. Every Food Business Operator (FBO) should obtain the FSSAI license. The Renewal of FSSAI License is equally an important thing […]

Offences by Officers of Companies in Liquidation: A Complete Checklist

Under Companies Act, 2013, Companies go for Liquidation, when the business of Company comes to an end, and the assets of the Company are distributed among the persons having a claim over the Company. In Liquidation, the property of the Company is administered for the benefit of creditors and members of the Company. Certain Officers […]

Conversion of Section 8 Company into Private Company: Complete Overview

Under Companies Act, 2013, the concept of Non-Profit Companies is prescribed under Section 8 of the Act. The idea of Non-Profit Companies in our country, India is not quite new. The profits earned from Non-Profit Companies are invested for the betterment and development of society. Furthermore, Section 8(4)(ii) of the Companies Act, 2013, the Section […]

Issue of shares on Preferential Basis: A Complete Procedure

Under Companies Act, 2013, Company can raise funds via preferential allotment, employee stock option plan, sweat equity shares and right issue. Issue of Shares through preferential basis is the fastest way for a Company to raise capital. Section 62 (Allotment of Shares) and Section 42 (Allotment of Securities) of Companies Act, 2013, provides for the […]

Conversion of Private Company into OPC: Step by Step Procedure

One Person Company is a new business concept introduced under the Companies Act, 2013. As the name suggests, One Person Company can be registered with a single individual only. On the other hand, a Private Company is a type of Company which is held privately by a small group of individuals. Under Companies Act, 2013, […]

Buyback of Shares and other Securities: A Complete Overview

Under Buyback, there is the repurchase of its existing shares by the Company. To increase the overall value of shareholders, returning cash to shareholders, and restructure its capital structure Company generally Buyback its existing Shares. Under Companies Act, 2013, Section 68, 69, and 70 governs the Buyback of Shares and other Securities. In the article, […]

Conversion of Private Company into Section 8 Company: Complete Procedure

The concept of a Non-Profit Company is quite old in our country India. The Companies Act, 2013 provides for the Registration of Non-Profit Companies in India. Any person intending to form a Company with a non-profit object can register in India. Section 8 of Companies Act, 2013[1], read with the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014, provides […]

Government Companies Annual Reports: A Complete Overview

Company is a voluntary association of persons who come together to carry on some business and share profits after that. There are different types of companies specified under the Companies Act, 2013[1], and Government Companies is one of them. The Government Companies are owned and managed by the Central and State Government or both. The […]

Issue of Preference Shares without Public Offer: A Complete Procedure

As per Companies Act, 2013, Preference Shares means that part of issued share capital where the preferential shareholder has the preference over the payment of dividend. In case of winding up of Company, the Preferential Shareholders are paid first then other Shareholders in the Company. The Companies Act, 2013, read with the Companies (Share Capital […]

Issue of Duplicate Share Certificate: Step by Step Procedure

Share Certificates issued to the Companies are sometimes due to some unforeseen circumstances are lost or misplaced by the Shareholders. The loss of Share Certificates can lead to huge financial loss to Shareholders as well as the Company. To avoid any unnecessary loss to the Shareholders and the Company, the remedy is provided by the […]

Issue of Shares through Private Placement

Section 42 of Companies Act, 2013, provides to make an offer of shares to a selected group of person to make Issue of Shares through Private Placement. In today’s scenario, all the Company’s irrespective of their size require the expansion of capital and growth of their business. So to raise capital, the Companies Act, 2013[1], […]

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