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Health License in India – Complete Overview

calendar16 Feb, 2020
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Health License in India

With the growing day to day opportunities in India which had increased the ease of doing business in India. Nowadays, India has become a popular destination for the commencement of new businesses. For setting up of new business, it not only requires a lot of investment in terms of time, money and expenditure, but it also requires a lot of permits and licenses. A license is an authorization by any governmental or any regulatory authority to carry on a business in a particular manner. The 11th schedule of the Municipal Corporation Act (1957)[1] is about Health License.  Under Section 394 of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act, 1888 it is mandatory to apply for a Health License in India. The licenses are issued to ensure that no one will be severely affected by any unfair practice or nuisance associated with the business. In this article, the process followed for obtaining the License in India is discussed.

What is the Process for Health License in India?

The procedure for applying for Health License in India is a simple task now. The process for obtaining a License is different for Municipal Corporation of all States. The applicant can apply for the Health License online at State’s Municipal Corporation website. The forms for license are available online at the website of each State’s Municipal Corporation. The applicant has to submit the application form in the prescribed manner as given in the Act with all the required documents as needed for Health License in India. The License Department of the Municipal Corporation of each State issues the Health License for commencing a business in a State. The license is generally issued in a time period of 60 days from the date of submission of the application form. For license issuance, the Senior Inspector of the License Department of a Municipal Corporation will be the Approving Authority.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for obtaining Health License in India?

The eligibility requirements are as follows:

Eligibility Requirements for obtaining Health License


  • The applicant of the license should be a major, i.e. crossed 18 years of age.

No criminal record

  • The applicant should not be engaged in any unlawful practices.

Legally Permissible Business

  • The business of the applicant must be lawfully allowed.

What are the Documents Required for Health License in India?

The following things are required for obtaining a License in India:-

  • Proof of Possession of the Premises.
  • Proof of Authenticity of the Premises (like Copies of paid electricity bills and paid water bills)
  • Proof of Fire Safety Measures
  • Memorandum of Articles(MOA)
  • License (if any)
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Commissioner of Police
  • List of Ancillary Commodities
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card
  • Three copies of Layout/Site plan
  • Plan of the Premises
  • Indemnity bond of Rs.100
  • Medical Certificate of all the person employed
  • Structure Stability Certificate of the building by the Structure Engineer
  • Water Testing Reports
  • Letter of Delhi Police for swimming pools, cinema halls and hotels
  • Sewer connection Proof
  • Self Declaration

What are the Requirements for License Renewal?

The validity period of a license is issued by the Municipal Corporation, and the renewal date is also given in the license itself. The application for the renewal of the license is to be made within 30 days from the date of its expiry. In case the license renewal process is delayed, fine will be processed.

The documents required for the renewal process of the Health License are as follows:

  • Original copy of the Health License
  • Identity proofs of the Partners
  • Previous year Challans
  • Property tax paid receipt of the Premises
  • Application of Renewal

What is the Fee for Obtaining a Health License in India?

The fee required for the issuance of the Health License differs for different types of businesses. As per the information provided in the different Municipal Corporations, Scrutiny Fee will be payable at the time of submission of New Health License in India. After the approval of the application of License, Schedule Fee will be payable by the competent authorities for the application.

What are the penalties if procedure prescribed for obtaining a Health License in India is not followed?

There are various rules and regulations which are to be followed by the person registered with the business. In case of failure to comply with the given rules and regulations for Health License and commencing any activity related to business before license issuance, the person liable will have to pay the penalty prescribed in the Act. The failure to comply with requirements to be followed before and after the issuance of the License can also result in closure of the business permanently.


For carrying out activities in the health trade centre, the business person is required to obtain a Health License from the respective Municipal Corporation of different States. The Health License ensures the person associated with trade to be free from any harmful risks associated with it. Licensed businesses attract more customers and provide customers with a risk-free environment to work.    

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