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A Company Secretary together with PG in international Business, she has gained significant experience as legal content writer. She has keen interest in doing research and writing on legal and financial subject matters. She also holds work experience in legal compliances.

What is a CRS Mark on Products?

Electronics manufacturers who wish to tap into India’s vast market must register and certify their products against India’s Compulsory Register Scheme. It’s a legal requirement without which an individual cannot sell any of the products covered by the regulations. Compliance can also show customers the products are safe to use, thus enhancing your brand’s image […]

What is the CDSCO Wholesale License?

Every country in the world has its competent governing authority under the ministry of health to look after every aspect of drugs and medical devices. In India, the CDSCO is responsible for regulating the registration & sale of notified medical devices. In this write-up, we will discuss, what is CDSCO Wholesale License? What is CDSCO? […]

Complete Overview of BIS Hallmark Registration Process

These days there are ample jewellers in the country to buy jewellery from. Hence, if jewellers want to attract and maintain their customers, it is essential to assure them of the quality of the gold they are selling. Hallmark is one of the processes introduced in the year 2000. Initially, it was a voluntary scheme, […]

Different Licenses Required for Home Based Business

Any person wishing to start Home Based Businesses are often eager to get started that they forget to get all the requisite licenses to operate a business legally. Running a Home Based Business requires well worth the time and investment to ensure that all your business licensing is in order right from the start. However, […]

BIS Specifications for Shampoo Business in India

An uncertified cosmetic can be as harmful as expired medication. India has a vast marketplace of different kinds of cosmetics. A product like shampoo has remained high in demand throughout the years. This lays the ground for possible adulteration. To curb this situation, the BIS have formulated several standards that ensure the availability of safer […]

IEC Deactivation by DGFT and how to avoid it?

For each business to successfully transact import or export transactions, you need to comply with specific rules and laws. An Import Export Code (IEC Number) license is a requirement that a business must fulfil for importing or exporting business in India. It is also called the Importer-Exporter Code. In this article, we will discuss IEC […]

Food License for Cake Shop

Every day is someone’s birthday, and there is always a need for a birthday cake to celebrate a person’s birthday. For this reason, the cake business is the profitable and sustainable venture. Demand deflation in a cake business is a rarity. Getting started with this venture is not a costly affair. In this article, we […]

Legalities to Start a Candy Business in India

In India, people like to celebrate festivals by gifting sweets. Moreover, if we talk about today’s generation, they prefer candies as an alternative and start enjoying it at a pretty young age. Even the kids start by indulging in all sorts of sugar-boiled candies. Not surprisingly, the candy industry is one of the organized and […]

Audit Committee of Board of a Company: An Outlook

The present economic scenario has heightened the need for influential audit committees. The financial downfall and apparent fraudulent activities at well-known companies, even some NPOs, and phenomena such as the credit crunch and ongoing economic instability, are well known to the public. Moreover, new companies also face unique challenges triggered by their less-developed internal control […]

Procedure to Start a Food Business in Bangalore

In the past few years, there has been a lot of change in the food industry sector. The dependency on outside food has frequently gone up. Everybody now wants the food to be delivered to their doorsteps. Given the pandemic situation and working from home culture, this trend has only increased steeply in the past […]

ZED Certification Scheme: Explained

India’s competitiveness in global markets is low due to a lack of innovation in industries like healthcare, construction, and finance. Ongoing industry resistance is also affecting the regeneration of the Indian industry ecosystem. Thus, institutionalizing “Make in India” efforts and the “National Quality Mission” are steps in the right direction. Shri Narendra Modi stood for […]

Brick Kilns Regulation, 2010: Key Provisions

In Indian architecture, Bricks are treated as traditional building materials which hold a lot of importance. In India and some regions of the world, Brick Manufacturers still use the traditional firing technique. After China, India is the second-largest bricks manufacturer, producing over 10 per cent of the global production, and has about 140,000 brick-making undertakings, […]

FSSAI Registration Food Storage Activities

The FSS Act is applicable to all types of food items and other substances, whether processed or partially processed and intended for human consumption. It includes food items that are primary (except the food items that are in the hands of a farmer or fisherman) and all kinds of imported food, including genetically modified food […]

Pharmacy License Renewal in India: Documents and Process

In India, The Pharmacy license Renewal is a vital process that helps in assuring that pharmacy professionals are proficient and fit to practice and meet the specific standards. Both pharmacy professionals and premises must renew their registration annually before the expiry of their Pharmacy License. This write-up pens down the Pharmacy license Renewal in India. […]