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FSSAI Registration Food Storage Activities

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FSSAI Registration Food Storage Activities

The FSS Act is applicable to all types of food items and other substances, whether processed or partially processed and intended for human consumption. It includes food items that are primary (except the food items that are in the hands of a farmer or fisherman) and all kinds of imported food, including genetically modified food items or foods with genetic ingredients, infant food, and packaged drinking. It also includes alcohol, drink, and even the water used to make food in the process of making or preparing food. This article will discuss the FSSAI registration for food storage activities.

What is FSSAI?

FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It is a separate organization that operates under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, GOI. FSSAI is accountable for safeguarding and advocating public health by regulating and oversight for food security.

Which is the FSSAI Registration?

It is compulsory for any food business owner to apply online for registration under the FSSAI. The FSSAI is a government agency in India; FSSAI Registration is the legal procedure that is required for every Food Business Operator to obtain an FSSAI license registration to ensure that food products sold are safe for human consumption.

FSSAI License is a 14-digit number that must be printed on food packaging or displayed on-premises. The fourteen-digit FSSAI license number provides information regarding-

  • The permit of the producer,
  • the enrollment details, as well as
  • the state of assembling.

FSSAI Registration for Food storage Activities

Storage is the process by which foods in packaging or unpacked condition are stored to be distributed later in storage facilities. They are sometimes referred to as Godowns, warehouses etc. Under the FSSAI Act[1] , it is illegal to engage in any storage operations without an FSSAI License. In the below-mentioned cases, FSSAI registration for food storage Activities is required.

Storage for cold or refrigerated food is a procedure that involves refrigerated or frozen foods in either condition of unpacking or in packed packaging are kept for distribution in freezer or refrigeration storage facilities.

For Controlled Atmosphere storage, it is a process where food items in unpacked or packed conditions are stored for further distribution in controlled-atmosphere storage facilities. An atmosphere that is controlled is typically utilized for the storage of dry goods and agricultural products where the levels of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen, as the humidity and temperature of the storage area are controlled.

Types of Food Registration for Food Storage Activities-

Below mentioned are the types of Food Licenses required for Storage Capacity.

Procedure for FSSAI Registration for Food Storage Activity

Below mentioned are the steps required to obtain FSSAI registration for Food Storage Activity.

  1. Select the type of category of Food license for Food Storage Activity
  • The very first step is to opt for the category of FSSAI registration required for your Business.
  • In the case of newly established, the owner shall obtain the FSSAI registration.
  • If the case of existing Business, the license will be required based on the business turnover.

2. Select the type of your Business

  • The second step is to decide the type of Business for which FSSAI registration is required
  • The authority of Food License has fixed various kinds of business categories for food business operators to apply for Food license
  • Also, for Food storage Activities, FSSAI License under the heading the storage shall be required

3. Create a login on the FSSAI site

Once the applicant decides the type of food business, the next step is to log in to the FSSAI portal.

The applicant registered themselve on the FSSAI portal and generate the user id and password.

  • Filling the FSSAI application form
  • For FSSAI registration, create a login ID and Password. This Login ID and Password will help the applicant in filing the application form.
  • After Login, two forms are available to select from.
  • For Registration- Form A &
  • For License-Form B
  • After selecting the respective form, provide all the required details by filling the form accurately. Also, it is required to choose the food code for which you are applying.

Note- Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has categorized the food and has specified Food codes for various food products.

  • Attachment

· After filing up the details required in the application form, an applicant needs to attach the requisite documents like-

a. Applicant I’d and address proof,

b. Business address proof (Lease Deed/Rental Agreement etc.)

c. A Certificate of Incorporation in case of Company or a Partnership agreement in case of partnership.

d. Details of food products to be dealt with.

e. A food safety management plan.

Further, for FSSAI registration for Food Storage Activities, additional below mentioned documents are required-

  • Annexure of Annual Turnover.
  • In case of Companies-List of Directors along with their details.
  • Identity & address proof conferred by the Government authority of Proprietor / Partner / Director(s) / Authorized Signatory.
  • Photograph of Proprietor / Partner / Director(s) / Authorized Signatory.
  • Proof of Place (Sale deed/ Rent agreement/ Electricity bill, etc.).
  • Authorized signatory by a Company along with the Board Resolution.

Note-All the documents shall be self-attested.

Note-All the documents shall be self-attested.

6. Fees for FSSAI registration for Food storage activities

  • After filling up the e-form and attaching the required, the next step is to pay the requisite fees, which will be as per the fees per year.

Time duration for FSSAI registration for Food storage activities

  • A basic FSSAI License can be granted within 10-30 days. In comparison, A-State and Central licenses can be issued within 30-60 days.

Validity of FSSAI Registration

  • FSSAI licenses remain valid for a period of1-5 years. The period of validity is chosen by the Food Business Operator.
  • For every FBO, it is mandatory to renew the food license 30 days before the expiry of the existing permit. Non-renewal of licenses can fetch a fine of Rs.100 per day until the renewal is done.


It is mandatory for a person to get FSSAI License who wants to start a food business. The same is the case with Food storage activity. The FSSAI registration for the food business is mandatorily required irrespective of the sales.Everyone food business operator shall obtain the FSSAI License who is involved in the Food Business activities.

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