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A Company Secretary together with PG in international Business, she has gained significant experience as legal content writer. She has keen interest in doing research and writing on legal and financial subject matters. She also holds work experience in legal compliances.

Role and Duties of PRO under EWM Rules

E-waste management is a significant challenge for governments of many developing countries, including India. This is becoming a monster issue and is increasing day by day. To protect the environment and set up a collection mechanism for the targeted material and create awareness for recycling e-waste, Producer responsibility came into action. This article discusses what […]

Responsibilities of SPCB in India: Explained

State Pollution Control Boards, set up under the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1974, are assigned to keep track of and control environmental pollution. Continuous enactment and framing of rules have specified the powers and functions of the SPCBs in different areas of their engagement. This write-up pens down the responsibilities of SPCB. […]

Underlining Key Responsibilities of CPCB

The Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, passed under Article 252 of the Constitution of India, provided for the establishment of Centre and State levels (Pollution Control Boards). They are formed to promote the cleanliness of streams and wells in the various areas. In this article, we will discuss the Central pollution Control […]

Supplementary audit by CAG under Companies Act, 2013

An audit is a necessary term used in accounting that examines and verifies a company’s financial Information. An audit is to ensure that the company’s financial Information is represented fairly and accurately following the relevant accounting standards. In this article, we will discuss the supplementary Audit by CAG under the Companies Act,2013[1]. Why is an […]

Vehicle Scrap Policy: Role, Norms and Benefits

In the Union Budget 2021, the Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman has introduced a vehicle scrap policy. This policy aims to control the nation’s pollution levels and raise the automobile industry. The guidelines apply to all automobile collection centers, dismantling centers, scrapping, recycling facilities, and recyclers. In this write-up, we will discuss the Vehicle Scrap […]

How can I legally protect the mobile application?

Mobile applications are a rapidly moving technological sector that constantly changes as it comes up with new aspects. With the advancement, the mobile application that may appear as part of the business becomes a whole business to manage. Apps like Ola, Zomato, and WhatsApp are the most common examples where mobile app has become a […]

Extended Producer Responsibility: Promoting E-waste Recycling and Management

E-waste is a common, informal name for electronic products getting close to the end of their “Productive life.” Dumping e-waste in dumpsite can result in hazardous emissions to the air, water, and soil and create severe health and environmental hazards. That is why the E-waste must be discarded or recycled correctly. This write-up will pen […]

Is it Mandatory to File ADT 1 for Auditor’s Appointment?

Each business entity is expected to perform the audit regularly, quarterly, or monthly, half-yearly or annually through the appointed Auditor. The Company must complete a financial balance audit to check the Company’s work process. This blog will pen down what is ADT-1 and when necessary to file ADT 1. What is Form ADT 1? ADT-1 […]

Securing creative work via Copyright Protection in India

Copyrights are generally considered territorial rights, which means they do not perform beyond the guidelines of a specific jurisdiction. Copyrights vary from one country to another. In India, the process is different; that’s why it is essential to Copyright your literature, drama, music, artworks, sound recordings, etc. Like anything, your creative work is also safeguarded by Copyright […]

Understanding Secretarial Audit Applicability as per Companies Act, 2013

The corporate sector is governed by a structure of complex laws, rules, and regulations. However, the enactment of rules and regulations is not enough unless their implementation is geared up. Secretarial Audit is one of the processes that ensure 100% compliance. To ensure the Company’s transparency, ethical, and responsible governance, Companies may get the Secretarial […]

Can an individual file ITR post due date?

The government directs that individual who earn a certain annual income must file an Income tax return within a pre-determined due date. The tax is calculated as per the Income-tax slab rate that the individual must pay. Failure to file ITR will invite penalties from the Income Tax Department. Also, the individual who earns less […]

Factory License Registration: Legalities and Benefits

Intending to protect the workers and to assure that the factory owners are giving their workers a healthy and sound work environment, the government has introduced the Factory Act 1948. As per the act, before starting the factory, every factory owner must register their premises with the local authorities. In this article, we will pen […]

WPS Certificate: Who needs it and Why?

Welding requires perfection and skills. Welding requires knowledge regarding the material being welded, the process of welding, and various other related factors. As Safety is what matters the most, the welding engineer needs to be tested for validation. In this article, we will discuss, what is WPS Certificate? and how it is useful in various […]

SC Revives the Suo Moto orders Extending Limitation period

India has been witnessing a surge in Omicron cases in many States. Same as the situation occurred in 2 waves, there is an increase in case that can be currently seen in large cities. Considering rising cases of Covid-19 in the country, the Supreme Court on 10th Jan 2021 agreed to revive the Suo moto orders […]