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Procedure to Start a Food Business in Bangalore

calendar13 May, 2022
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Start a Food Business in Bangalore

In the past few years, there has been a lot of change in the food industry sector. The dependency on outside food has frequently gone up. Everybody now wants the food to be delivered to their doorsteps. Given the pandemic situation and working from home culture, this trend has only increased steeply in the past two years. Therefore, starting an online food business in any city is lucrative. In this blog, we would explore the legalities that are necessary to start a food business in Bangalore.


Bangalore is among the most popular destination in India, where most people consist of youngsters and IT graduates. Not many students make their food. So, it is a perfect opportunity for people to start food businesses in Bangalore. The food businesses are always in high demand. Also, the easy availability of high-speed internet and a vast migrant population, with students and IT employees, witness a lot of takeout food orders. Hence, a person who lives there and enjoys cooking can think of starting a food business in Bangalore. This might be an excellent business opportunity.

Factors to consider while starting a food business in Bangalore

Thinking of starting afood business in Bangalore can be the perfect way to make some good money. However, there are some key factors to consider before you start such a business. Below mentioned are a few of the factors to consider while starting a food business in Bangalore-

 Market Analysis

The first step while starting the food business in Bangalore is to do a market analysis. This will help you better understand the market and help you decide what type of food business you want to start in Bangalore.

Choose the Best options

After doing market analysis; a person can choose between several. It will help them decide on the right niche for themselves by gauging their best talents and how the best a person can leverage those skills.

Gain more contacts

Potential Entrepreneur should also try to be a part of business networking events to gain more contacts. This will ultimately help the potential Entrepreneur[1] to get better opportunities, discover new niches, and understand your market more effectively.

Conducting surveys

To understand what your selected audience is missing or wants regarding food. This survey will help determine the right menu that the target audience requires.


Before starting a food business in Bangalore, it is essential to contact a local authority about the permits and licenses a person requires to start a food business in Bangalore.

Prepare a Business Plan

Before starting a food business, preparing a sustainable business plan that outlines all the objectives is essential. Also, it is crucial to Set a realistic approach that will help in the company’s business growth.

What Services can be offered in the food business in Bangalore?

In India, the food services can be provided to the general public in the following ways-

  • Catering Services and RestaurantsBakery and Cafe
  • Sweet Shops and Truck for Food
  • Food delivering services
  • Homemade Food Business etc.

Also, we cannot deny that most food businesses have become online. Consequently, The online food business is popularly known as Foodtech.

The food tech generally consists of services such as-

  • Home delivery of groceries,
  • Online food delivery aggregators,
  • E-sellers, etc.

The Food Business is not only about the restaurant business. It can be in various forms-

  • Smalls Dining and Small Food Business Joints
  • Bakery
  • Launching a cafe
  • Warehouse
  • Truck for Food
  • Shop for sweets
  • Home-made products including pickles, cookies, chocolates
  • Grocery Shop

Process -How to start a food business in Bangalore?

Starting a food business requires various steps. Before starting a Food Business in Bangalore, you should follow the below-mentioned steps-

Step 1: Prepare a Food business plan

The very first step in commencing a food business in Bangalore is creating a food business plan. A Business plan is necessary for business operations. A business plan helps an entrepreneur stay focused on the aim of the business. It also enables you to streamline business activities for future growth.

A Food Business plan shall include various components –

  • Target audience,
  • Style of Food Business,
  • Finances, budget, capital, investment, operations costs, inventory costs, suppliers,
  • Food menu, brand, logo, slogan, name, etc.

Step 2: Select the name of the business

Before starting a food business in Bangalore, it is vital to select the name of your food business. A name defines the objective of your business. So, choose a catchy and unique name for your food business. However, the name should not be complicated to speak.

Step 3: Choose you’re the appropriate location

A location is one of the essential factors of the food business. The food preferences and tastes of customers change. So, it is important to choose a location that can be changed as per customers’ preferences. Also, it would be best to find a place that is easily accessible to the customers.

A location must have sufficient space for parking and outdoor seating, and the best part is that you can find various luxurious places at a reasonable price in Bangalore.

Note- In the case of Online Food businesses in Bangalore, it is required to choose an appropriate location.

Step 4: Determine the Capital Requirement

After preparing a business plan, selecting a suitable name, and choosing a location, the next thing to do is determine your capital requirement. Your business plan and location will make it easier for you to determine how much capital you need to start your food business in Bangalore.

It is always advisable to limit your expenses while starting your business. In case of more funds, you can try applying for a loan.

Step 5: Secure Mandatory Licenses

A food business requires various permits and licenses from the authorities. Licenses and permits are essential to start your food business legally. Any person cannot run a food business without proper licensing and permits from the local authorities. The licenses and permits include the following:

  • Shop and Establishment Act License
  • Business Registration
  • FSSAI License
  • Professional Tax License
  • GST Certificate
  • Trade License
  • Fire and Safety License
  • Trademark Registration
  • Eating House License
  • Environment Clearance
  • Liquor License(If applicable)


Whether offline or online, the food business is gaining popularity daily, creating fierce competition among entrepreneurs. Therefore, as a newbie entrepreneur, you need to make the best efforts possible to compete with others. So, if you plan to start your food business in Bangalore, it is essential to consider all these requisite steps.

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