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Priyanka Bajpayee
| Updated: 25 May, 2022 | Category: FSSAI License

Food License for Cake Shop

Cake Shop

Every day is someone’s birthday, and there is always a need for a birthday cake to celebrate a person’s birthday. For this reason, the cake business is the profitable and sustainable venture. Demand deflation in a cake business is a rarity. Getting started with this venture is not a costly affair. In this article, we will discuss why food license for cake shop plays a vital role in its existence.

Overview- Food License for Cake Shop

FSSAI is a regulatory body that acts under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India. It regulates and supervises the food businesses for their food standard and safety. FSSAI establishes Food Safety Compliance System to obtain a food license under the food safety act. Therefore, any food industry should get FSSAI License to start their food business. 

Large or small home-based bakeries can bake cakes. Whatever may be the scale of business, to assure the safety of consumers, the owner of the cake shop should get a Food license for their business. Any business owner who fails to obtain a food license for a cake shop will be punished severely with penalties. FSSAI registration will help the cake shop owner face the legalities as per the food safety act[1] 

A food License not only legalizes your business but also elevates your business to the next level by following,   

  • Builds quality and entrusted brand.      
  • The food license will make the legal process regarding your business easy and effective.    
  • Helps in expanding the new branches of cake shops without hassle.     
  • FSSAI license helps establish your concern on good quality food to customers.      
  • FSSAI license helps in making the loan process easy.

How to get a food License for Cake Shop?

FSSAI food licenses are of three types. Based on your capital, you can apply accordingly. Below mentioned are three types of licenses are,     

Basic FSSAI Registration – Business having an annual turnover of less than Rs. 12 lakhs.  

State FSSAI Food License Registration – For a business having an annual turnover from Rs.12 lakhs to Rs. 20 crores.    

 Central FSSAI Food License Registration – For a business having an annual turnover of more than Rs.20 crores

Basic FSSAI Registration:     

Basic FSSAI licenses are best for small businesses. The annual turnover of the businesses should be less than Rs. 12 lakhs. For small businesses and start-ups, a Basic FSSAI Registration is enough.  

If you are planning to open a cake shop and your business turnover is less than Rs.12 Lakhs, your business falls under a small business structure. To get the Basic FSSAI Registration, the business owner must register for Form A for Basic FSSAI registration. 

However, when the business turnover reaches Rs. 12 lakhs and above, you must upgrade the food license from Basic to State FSSAI registration.   

Documents required:     

  1. Address proof     
  2. Passport size photos     
  3. Business details     
  4. FSSAI declaration form     

State FSSAI Food License Registration:     

Cake shops having turnover between Rs. 12 lakhs to Rs.20 crores must obtain a State FSSAI license. If your cake shop business turnover falls under the limit mentioned earlier, you must apply for State FSSAI Registration. For this food license, Form B must be filled.

Documents Required:    

  1. Documents related to business premises.For example Lease Agreement or Rent Agreement 
  2. Identity proof of the owner of the Cakeshop (Aadhar/ Voter ID/ Driving License/ Passport)     
  3. In case of a company (Certificate of Incorporation, MOA, and AOA / GST Registration/ License related to trade.    
  4. Establishment / Panchayath/ Corporation / Municipality License. (Anyone the option mentioned)
  5. Particulars of Business and related details.     
  6. Declaration forms     

Central FSSAI Registration:     

Central FSSAI food license is for chain businesses with branches all over India. Even companies that don’t have that many units but earn over Rs.20 Crores falls under this category.  

If the business turnover of Cakeshop is above Rs. Rs.20 crores, the owner, should register for a Central FSSAI Registration. If your business Cakeshop crossed Rs.20 crores, you must apply for a Central food license. For the Central FSSAI license, the owner shall fill out Form B.     

Documents Required:     

  • Documents related to business premises.For example Lease Agreement or Rent Agreement.
  • Identity proof of the owner of the Cakeshop (Aadhar/ Voter ID/ Driving License/ Passport).
  • In case of a company (Certificate of Incorporation, MOA, and AOA / GST Registration/ License related to trade.    
  • Establishment / Panchayath / Corporation / Municipality License. (Anyone the option mentioned).
  • Particulars of Business and related details.   
  • Declaration forms  
  • Import and Export Code
  • FSSAI Declaration form

Procedure to get Food licensing for Cake Shop

  1. Prepare a proper business plan.     
  2. Calculate your yearly turnover.     
  3. Decide which type of license is essential for your business, having a cake shop.     
  4. Fill out the application and complete documentation.     
  5. Paying the stipulated fees     
  6. Submit the FSSAI License form.
  7. An applicant should be careful that the information in your application is correct and accurate. In case of incorrect information, the authority may cancel the FSSAI registration. 

Note-If there is any update, the applicant shall update the FSSAI form. Also, after updating, the form must be sent back within 30 days (about four and a half weeks).     

FSSAI may issue the license between 15 – 45 days from the submission date of application. Also, it is required to continuously keep track of the application status and sort out if there are any discrepancies.     


Many of you might be thinking that completing this process and getting a food license for a Cakeshop is hard. Don’t worry, it can be made easy by approaching a consultancy. Corpbiz is the leader in the market and provides services related to FSSAI license certificate registration. Our expert will manage the entire food license process. As a result, you can complete the FSSAI registration and get your FSSAI food license at your doorstep. 

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Priyanka Bajpayee

A Company Secretary together with PG in international Business, she has gained significant experience as legal content writer. She has keen interest in doing research and writing on legal and financial subject matters. She also holds work experience in legal compliances.

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