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Complete Overview of BIS Hallmark Registration Process

calendar04 Jun, 2022
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BIS Hallmark Registration Process

These days there are ample jewellers in the country to buy jewellery from. Hence, if jewellers want to attract and maintain their customers, it is essential to assure them of the quality of the gold they are selling. Hallmark is one of the processes introduced in the year 2000. Initially, it was a voluntary scheme, but now the government is taking significant steps to encourage more and more jewellers to sell only Hallmark. The BIS hallmark registration process is reliable proof of the quality and purity of a jewellery item manufactured in India. It confirms that a particular jewellery item adheres to the standards of purity laid by the BIS. In this blog, we will discuss BIS Hallmark Registration Process.

What is Hallmark in Jewellery?

A hallmark is an official sign or sequence of marks stamped on metal products to confirm the number of metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. In India, the BIS hallmarking scheme for gold and silver is accessible. In India, hallmarking is required to authenticate the metal’s purity before introducing the Gold & Silver products to consumers.

Methods of Hallmarking

Below mentioned are the ways of Hallmarking-

1. Purity Mark.

2. BIS Hallmark

3. Hallmark Unique ID

What is BIS Hallmark Registration?

The BIS launched a Jewelers Registration scheme to protect consumers from impurity and compel jewellers to maintain a legal standard of purity. In addition, BIS launched the gold hallmarking scheme in 2000 and a silver hallmarking scheme in 2005. As per the scheme, the BIS hallmark license is mandatory to manufacture or sell gold or silver jewellery.

Without appropriate examination, it isn’t easy to examine the purity of gold simply by looking at it. Two BIS Hallmark gold jewellery with similar patterns and styles may vary considerably due to differences in gold purity. BIS Hallmark Registration Process helps reduce these concerns by providing all of the necessary information and confirming the purity of the gold.

In India, BIS is authorized to test the purity of jewellery. In BIS Hallmark Registration Process, the Bureau of Indian Standards certifies the purity and quality of gold or silver jewellery under the BIS Act. This process is called BIS Hallmarking Registration Process. Hallmarking lets customers know the purity of jewellery.

Importance of BIS Hallmark Registration Process

BIS Hallmark Registration process plays a vital role for jewellers in every aspect, such as:-

  • It uplifts your business
  • It enhances value and trust in jewellery
  • Provides quality assurances
  • Provides legal protection against infringement
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Helps in business growth.

Parts of a BIS Hallmark

BIS Hallmark for gold items contains five elements or marks. These marks on the gold reflect that the metal meets the purity criteria set by the Bureau of Indian Standards. These elements are:

1. BIS Standard Mark: This Mark is a triangular mark that specifies that a third party or independent valuer has properly evaluated the jewellery and confirmed the purity of the metal. Usually, it is verified by one of the laboratories verified by the BIS. It is the only agency approved by the authority to hallmark gold ornaments.

However, it is to be considered that Hallmarking is voluntary, and not all jewellers offer hallmarked jewellery.

2. Purity: The gold purity can be determined in two ways name-

  • Karats and ,
  • Fineness Number.

24 KT is the purest form of gold but is too soft to be used in creating jewellery or ornament. Therefore, to make durable jewellery or ornament, a certain minute quantity of other metals, i.e., zinc or silver, is added to the gold. Generally, the Karat value of the gold ornaments varies from 22k to 14k and is measured in three digits. For instance, a 22k gold ring has a purity grade of 916. Therefore, it signifies that purity is 916 parts of 1000 or 91.6%. Likewise, any ornament made of 18k and 14k gold has a purity grade of 750 and 585, respectively.

Fineness number is another way of indicating the purity of gold. It is measured in parts per thousand. Acoording to the BIS official website[1] hallmarking of gold shall be done for three levels of purity only, i.e., Karats. These are as follows:

  • 22K916-Corresponding to 22 Karat
  • 18K750-Corresponding to 18 Karat
  • 14K585-Corresponding to 14 Karat

The BIS mark and fineness number on jewellery suggest that BIS is certified to be the pure standard designed on the jewellery as part of the Hallmark.

3. Centre’s Mark Hallmarking:

This is the mark of the marking center or an evaluator from a third party who is licensed from the BIS. The label is affixed to every object within the center and checked for the purity of the object. This is to ensure it can be tracked back to its centre if any anomalies occur.

4. Year of Marking:

This is the year in which the object was labeled. The year of marking is indicated by a code letter that BIS determines. For instance, “A” is the letter code for 2000, “A” was for 2000, “B” for 2001, and so on.

5. Jeweller’s Mark:

This is the symbol of the jeweller or the maker of the item. Every BIS-certified jeweller has an exclusive logo that is embossed on the ornaments. These markings are engraved on the jewellery. Therefore, you should look for these marks to confirm the authenticity of the jewellery.

Documents required for BIS hallmark registration Process

Below-mentioned documents are required for BIS Hallmarking Registration-

  • Property Deed/Rent Agreement of Premises
  • Showroom Establishment Certificate
  • GST Certificate
  • Proof of Turnover
  • Identity proof of the Owner
  • Logo of the showroom
  • Letter Head (for Registered Email ID and Contact No.)
  • Location of Showroom on Map
  • 2-3 photos of the showroom (inside & outside)

Process of BIS Hallmark Registration Process

  1. Preparation of documents for BIS registration
  2. Preparing agreement on stamp paper of INR 100/- in the prescribed format
  3. Filling out the hallmark application form
  4. Pay the application processing fee
  5. An inspection will be conducted by the inspector of the concerned BIS department.

Validity & Renewal of BIS Hallmark License

The BIS hallmark license remains valid for more than a period of 1 year but up to two years.

The BIS hallmark renewal license may be granted for a period of not less than one year and up to five years.

BIS Hallmark Renewal of the license shall contain,

  • Application of renewal license prescribed under Form XII
  • Production details (Month wise)
  • Performance Bank guarantee.
  • Remittance of the applicable fees


Conclusively, we can say every piece of jewellery requires certification & an authorized registration termed a BIS Hallmark license; this gives purity of the ornament. An applicant applying for the BIS hallmark registration process must get professional consultation for the easy and smooth process. It is a time-saving and cost-effective way for BIS hallmarking for jewellery.

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