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A Company Secretary together with PG in international Business, she has gained significant experience as legal content writer. She has keen interest in doing research and writing on legal and financial subject matters. She also holds work experience in legal compliances.

Pharmacy License Renewal in India: Documents and Process

In India, The Pharmacy license Renewal is a vital process that helps in assuring that pharmacy professionals are proficient and fit to practice and meet the specific standards. Both pharmacy professionals and premises must renew their registration annually before the expiry of their Pharmacy License. This write-up pens down the Pharmacy license Renewal in India. […]

Private trust Registration in India

Trusts are established to lay out legal protection for the Trustor’s Asset. The Trust, whether Public Trust or Private Trust, helps ensure that the assets are distributed as per the wish of the Trustor. In the present scenario where we see conflicts in families, relatives, and friends because of Property distribution, it is essential to […]

How to start an E-waste Management Business in India?

Today we look at how to start a waste recycling business waste represents electronic waste[1]. Generally, the electronics items which we can reuse, recycle, resale or dispose of are other potential a-based items. These days, waste includes a wide rundown of materials. These days waste management is a big issue in both Developed and developing […]

Dealer License under Legal Metrology Act

The Legal Metrology Department is accountable for enforcing the country’s rules and regulations pertaining to measures and weights. This department keeps an eye on the production, import, sales and repair of the weights and measures instruments, devices, equipment, and other equipment. Anyone who is an importer, manufacturer, Dealer, repairer, or manufacturer must obtain a legal […]

Director Nomination under Legal Metrology Act

Legal Metrology is among the stringent laws and is often misunderstood by companies, resulting in a hefty penalty. Although compliances of the act are straightforward, there is a lot of confusion about the law that results in Heft penalties. Various registrations and appointments must be made to execute proper compliances and work under Legal Metrology […]

Packer Registration under Legal Metrology Act

Measurement plays a vital role in trade practices. Intending to maintain transparency and clarity in the business and resolve the ill effects of weight and measurement, Legal Metrology came into effect. This write-up pens down the process of Packer registration under the Legal Metrology Act. Packer Registration under Legal Metrology Any person or entity who […]

Depreciation under Companies Act, 2013

The Companies Act 1956 provided for various minimum depreciation rates for depreciable assets. However, With introduction of the Companies Act,2013, Schedule II to the Act of 2013 provides for the depreciable value to be allocated to each item over its useful lifetime of the Asset. In this article, we will discuss Depreciation under Companies Act, 2013. […]

Types of companies under Companies Act, 2013

Startups today are the world’s indicator of growth. They are expanding all around the globe due to various benefits. The younger generation is developing ways to transform the lives of individuals and the issues that we have to deal with and offer them an opportunity to make a difference in an entrepreneurial manner. However, in […]

Audit under Companies Act, 2013: Explained

An audit is an independent form of examining any company’s financial position irrespective of its size and legal structure. The Audit is conducted to express an opinion thereon, which helps report and determine an accurate and fair view of a company’s financial position and operating result. The current write-up throws light on the audit under […]

Types of E-Waste under EPR

We are in the technological age, and the constant need for the most recent and high-tech product is, unfortunately, contributing to a mass amount of e-waste. Also, Dumping e-waste can result in hazardous emissions to the air, water, and soil and create severe health and environmental hazards. This write-up seeks to discuss types of E-waste […]

How to get a RoHS certification in India?

Since the inception of the 21st Century, electronic waste and chemicals have become more general. However, no one was aware of its harmful effects and how its needless exposure was dangerous to human health and the environment. Consequently, millions of people have developed health problems, and the use of hazardous substances gave birth to the […]

Registration of Brand owners and producers under PWM Rules,2016

As per The Plastic Waste Management (PWM) Rules, 2016, it is mandatory for Producers, Importers & Brand – Owners (PIBOs) to adopt Extended Producer Responsibility Plans. Also, they are required to establish a plastic waste management system according to local bodies’ rules and guidelines. To establish the same, PIBOs must register with the respective SPCB […]

Register of Members under the Companies Act, 2013

It is fundamental to keep up with specific records and registers to work proficiently and stick to the legal necessities. Keeping up with such registers and records is significant for satisfying statutory, factual, disclosure, and MIS criteria. The Companies Act, 2013 mandates every company to maintain the statutory registers, including the Register of Members. This […]

Role of PWM Rules and EPR in Plastic Waste Management

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a mechanism that helps in decreasing the environmental impact of a plastic product and its packaging. In this article, we will explore the role of PWM Rules and EPR in plastic waste management. Extended Producer Responsibility in minimizing Plastic waste EPR policy briefs about all forms of management from recycling […]