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How to apply for FIEO Registration?

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FIEO Registration

For the sake of commencing or expanding International trading, the exporters need to get themselves registered so that they can justify their authenticity to the Indian Government. With a perspective to provide a genuine identity to these exporters, the Government of India has established an organisation called FIEO abbreviated as Federation of Indian Export Organization.

It is an organization which represents the interest of the Government recognized exporting firms such as Export House, Star Export House, Trading House etc. The organisation is not only involved in promoting the export of merchandise, but it also promotes the export of services. FIEO Registration is the mandatory requirement for every exporter in our country through which they can start and continue their international trading. Here we will have a look at the entire procedure for the FIEO Registration.

What is FIEO?

Federation of Indian Export Organization popularly known as FIEO was established in the year 1965 by the joint collaboration of Ministry of trade and commerce and Private Trade and Industry. It is the apex body of the commodity boards, export promotion councils and export development authorities in India.  FIEO provides an interface between the international trading community of India and the Central and State governments, financial institutions, railways, ports, surface transport etc. The function of the FIEO is to promote international trade and assist entrepreneurs and exporters in a foreign market. Also, FIEO is ISO 9001:2015 certified organization which ensures high-quality services to its members and associates.

What are The Programmes and Activities Performed by FIEO?

FIEO acts as a closing partner for the International Trading Community and;

  • Addresses the grievances of the exporters by taking them to their concerned authorities.
  • Provides an opportunity to the exporters so that they can have a discussion with the FIEO experts for resolving the issues on International trade and seek clarification on the policy matters.
  • From the FIEO website, you can access the updated trade policies and information about global trade promotion organisations.
  • The FIEO organises house meets with the highest authorities to discuss trades issues.

What are the Benefits of FIEO Organization?

Following are the benefits of the FIEO organisation:

  • After registering for the FIEO, the exporters get useful information to expand their business globally.
  • Also, the e-portal provides an opportunity to the exporters to run a free online store for six months.
  • Through FIEO, exporters registered with the FIEO receive instant 10% discounts on domestic and international flights.
  • It allows the members to participate in Export Promotion programs like workshops, seminars and certification courses.
  • CRISIL which is one of the outstanding credit rating agencies permits 10% discount on the credibility testing services for FIEO exporters.
  • The holder exporter of the FIEO registration has the access to obligatory guidance throughout the online chat on various issues such as FTP & corporate laws etc.

How to obtain the FIEO Membership?

The Government of India’s Foreign Trade Policy and the MOA and AOA of the FIEO govern the membership rules of FIEO. As per the foreign trade policy, the exporter needs to have the RCMC (Registration-cum-membership Certificate) through which they can avail the benefits provided under the FIEO Membership.

What are the advantages of the Membership?

The exporter enjoys double advantages after getting registered with FIEO; they can avail all the benefits of the FIEOs services, facilities, credentials and global reach.

What are the Documents required for FIEO Registration?

  • A copy of PAN card
  • List of Partner and Directors
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Article of Association (AOA).
  • Current Bank account
  • Passport size photographs
  • Types of Exporters
  • Company Incorporation Certificate

How can you apply for the Registration-cum-membership certificate?

The Registration-cum-membership certificate certifies that an exporter dealing with specific products is registered with an organisation that is authorised by the Indian Government. An exporter who desires to obtain the Registration -cum- Membership Certificate (RCMC) needs to declare his main line of business in the application along with the addresses and other details.  And these details will be furnished to the Export Promotion Council (EPC) and Commodity Board relating.

Following documents are required along with the application form:

  • Self-certified copy of IEC (Import-Export Code) issued by D.G.F.T (The Directorate General of Foreign Trade).
  • Bank Certificate
  • Any exporter who desires to e registered as Manufacturer Exporter, they should furnish a self- attested copy of the registration of the company with the relevant certification agencies for the products given below: –
FIEO Registration

Procedure for Obtaining the RCMC

  • Visit the APEDA Website [1] and Click on “Register as Member”.
  • The exporter needs to enter the necessary details such as IE CODE, Email ID & Mobile Number.
  • For the verification purpose, an OTP (One Time Password) for confirming the details will be sent on Email and Mobile number.
  • The exporter needs to submit correct information in the online application form.
  • The exporter can submit the registration fee in either online or offline mode.
  • Application number will be generated after completion of the payment process.
  • The Login detail is sent to the registered email address of the exporter after the issuance of RCMC.
  • You can track the status of your (EXPORTER) RCMC application by clicking on the “Track Application”.

Issuing Authorities for RCMC are given below

  • In case, the EPC is unable to cover the import export; then the RCMC can be obtained from the FIEO.
  •  SHEFEXIL (Shellac and Forest Products Export Promotion Council) – Forest Exporters
  • Electronic and Computer Software EPC (ESC) – Software Exporters
  • Exporters of 14 services which are listed in the Handbook of Procedures need to register with EPC while the other service exporters are required to register with FIEO.          

How can you apply for RCMC?

Any exporter, who desires to obtain the RCMA, needs to make an application to the Export Promotion Council declaring the mainline of business.

Here two condition arises:

  • If the export product is not done by the Export Promotion Council/Commodity Board, the RCMC can be obtained from the FIEO.
  • For multi-product exporters not registered with the EPC, (the mainline of business not settled), the exported needs to obtain the RCMC from FIEO.

What is the Validity of RCMC?

The RCMC is valid for five years from 1st April of the licensing year.

Penalty under the RCM

The Export Promotion Council can remove the exporter’s registration for a certain period if they violate the conditions of registration.


As we all know that identification is necessary for every service to begin, the final words suggest that an exporter needs the FIEO registration to carry out international trading and prove his/her authenticity. Federation of Indian Export Organisation is the apex trade promotion organisation and is responsible for representing and helping Indian entrepreneurs and exporter in foreign market.

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