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calendar06 Jan, 2020
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Fire Department NOC

As per the report released by the NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau), India in the year 2017, the risk of “fire” accidents in India has been ranked fifth i.e. 3rd positions up from the last year’s ranking. Fire accidents if not handled properly, may lead to a massive loss of life and assets. With a perspective to lessen these fire accidents, the government of India has made it mandatory for the buildings and other workplaces to have the Fire department NOC. The procedure of obtaining Fire NOC varies from one state to another state. In this blog up, we will see in detail that what is Fire NOC, where it is required and its applicability.

Fire Department NOC

Respective state’s fire services are responsible for the issuance of fire NOC after verifying and checking the entire building resistance against the fire. Firstly, the authorities form the Fire Department will verify the commercial or residential multi-story building of the applicant and after finding no objection in the premises, issue the fire NOC. Any considerable height of more than 15 meters shall get fire NOC from their respective state fire services.

Conditional NOC

The conditional NOC is issued before building construction, based on inspection of the builder’s plan. It describes the structural details of the building and indicates changes required if any. It also mentions various fire safety, fire-fighting and fire evacuation measures, along with specific information, that needs to be incorporated into the building, for final NOC to be valid. This would include the following:

  • The condition of open spaces
  • Structural material
  • Design of staircases
  • Specification of lifts
  • Service ducts/ shafts
  • Electric power supply
  • Wet rise cum down comer
  • Fire detection system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Fire sprinkler system
  • Public address system
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Fire safety plan
  • Fire officer
  • Training.

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What are the Categories for which fire NOC can be obtained?

Following are the categories of buildings for which we need to obtain the NOC –

Categories for which fire NOC

What are the Documents required for obtaining Fire NOC?

The applicant needs to serve following documents to the concerned state authority of their respective state –

  • Site Plan;
  • Checklist certified by the Architect;
  • Floor-wise plan;
  • Basement floor plan;
  • Terrace plan;
  • Stilt/Ground Floor Plan;
  • Elevation Plan;
  • Section Plan;
  • Provisional / Revised Provisional NOC (Occupancy NOC application)

Note –

  • These plans uploaded by the applicant must be authorised signed by the Builders/Owners and authorized technical persons.
  • In case there are any deviations or contraventions in any of the approved drawings, then under section 31 and 32 of the Fire Service Act, 1999, it can attract prosecution of builder, architect and site engineer.

What is the Procedure for Obtaining Fire NOC?

The procedure for obtaining Fire NOC varies from state to state, which is listed below:

Visit the official website

In case, the applicant wants to apply for the Fire NOC in Delhi, then he/she needs to visit the site –

The applicant needs to visit their respective state government website for obtaining the Fire NOC.

Upload the Scanned Documents

Further, applicant will upload the scanned documents on the website, and the District Fire Officer will assign the file to the Zonal Station fire officer. The applicant needs to provide the following details while submitting the documents:

  1. Name of the Building or organisation.
  2. Type of NOC
  3. Applicant’s email address
  4. Address details
  5. District name
  6. Mobile number
  7. Type of building
  8. Height of the Building
  9. Plot area
  • After this, the Station fire officer will inspect the premises /buildings, and check whether the construction is fire-resistant or not. The report will be submitted online. After the evaluation of the documents, the District Fire Officers will escalate the report to the additional Director Fire services.
  • In the next step, the concerned inspector will visit the site and verify that all the necessary types of equipment and machinery are installed or not.
  • If the inspector is satisfied with the safety measures equipped in the building, in such case Inspector of the fire brigade of the state will issue the Fire Clearance certificate.

Pre-Construction Requirements for filing the Fire NOC –

  • The applicant needs to furnish the following information such as
  • The nature of business
  • Address of the Business establishment
  • Contact details
  • Sanction plan depicting the fire fighting system.

Post-Construction requirements for filing the Fire NOC –

  • After receiving the compliance report and declaration, the fire department officer will again visit the site and re-inspect the site and forward the recommendations the head of the department.

What are the alternative fire prevention measures other than the Fire NOC?

Obtaining the Fire NOC is not enough for minimizing the fire breakouts; apart from this, you need to install other fire prevention measures in the building.

Various Fire Prevention measure are listed below:

  • Separate area for smoking.
  • Installment of fire extinguishers.
  • Proper supervision of the cooking area and the pantry.
  • Non-disturbance in ventilating facilities.
  • Maintenance of electric wiring of the building whenever required.
  • Reinstallment of the smoke or fire alarms.
  • The owner of the building must have the National Building code of India, which ensures that all contingency measures are successfully installed in the building.

What is the validity period of the Fire Department NOC?

Under Rule 35, Pre-Construction is valid for a period of 5 years in case of residential apartments and three years for non-residential apartments from the date of issue.

Types of No Objection Certificate issued by the authority

  • Provisional Certificate – after the evaluation of fire and life safety procedure is made by the inspector, the fire department suggests the applicant to establish certain fire and life safety mechanisms. The department issues a Provisional NOC.

Provisional NOC is issued by the department and it is a fire safety certificate temporarily given which is subject to the obedience by the applicant according to the recommendation made to him. Provisional NOC is valid for a definite period in which the applicant has to prepare to act in accordance with with the recommendations.

  • Final NOC –it is obligatory on the part of the applicant to apply for inspection of the implementations to the fire prevention authority. After the inspection is done the authority shall check and certify that the applicant is adhering with the recommendation and that all the installations are working in a satisfactory condition then final NOC is issued.


In our inclination to occupy new homes and office spaces in a high-rise or multi-storied buildings, we often fail to observe the fire-safety readiness of the premises which in future can risk the lives and property of many individuals. Therefore, one must obtain the Fire NOC to prevent their property from any loss and damages. If you are a builder, hotel owner or run a school or any educational institution and concerned about the fire safety of you building get the Fire NOC assistance or looking for the License, Corpbiz is the one-stop solution for you. Kindly contact for any information related to Fire NOC. 

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