CAPEXIL Certificate

CAPEXIL Certificate

What are the Various Objectives of CAPEXIL Certificate?

calendar27 Aug, 2022
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Objectives of CAPEXIL Certificate

CAPEXIL, Premier Export Promotion Council[1], was set up in March 1958 by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, to the export of Chemical & Allied Products from India. Since then has been the voice of the Indian business community. With the headquarter at Kolkata, and regional offices in Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi,  Kolkata &Chennai, CAPEXIL has more than 4500 members all over the country. One of the interesting aspects of CAPEXIL is the overwhelming variety of products it deals with. CAPEXL, its primary focus is to provide export assistance to its member exporters. Now, we shall be discussing about the objectives of CAPEXIL Certificate.

Objectives of CAPEXIL Certificate

The following are the objectives of CAPEXIL certificate mentioned below,

  • It Acts as an intermediary in building up business contact between foreign and Indian exporters to give 2- ways services as an International trade facilitator.
  • By knowing the totality of international Trade and guiding the Indian business community to increase exports, attain & sustain a pre-eminent global standing.
  • The council has planned and undertaken different promotional measures to promote India’s exports.

Functions of CAPEXIL

There is various function of CAPEXIL, which are mentioned below for a better understanding and knowledge.

  • Information Portal: CAPEXIL functions as a central gateway for information for both importers and exporters.
  • Interface: The CAPEXIL function as  an interface between members of Capexil and government bodies regarding the policies and Trade regarding the export of chemical products
  • Inquiries: The council is the central administrative & regulatory body for trade enquiries related to chemicals and associated products
  • National Events: The CAPEXIL Organize various national workshops, seminars and Trade meets in India for Chemical manufacturers and traders.
  • Market Analysis: The council also publishes and prepares a report concerning the market analysis of the chemical industry in India and its Exports.
  • International Trade: CAPEXIL produces international trade reports concerning the chemical industry sector.
  • Grants: It Distributes grants to several entrepreneurs and manufacturers in the chemical industry.
  • Training: The CAPEXIL conducts training programmes on global Trade for entrepreneurs and manufacturers in the chemical industries sector

Eligibility for CAPEXIL Certificate

After discussing the objectives of CAPEXIL certificate, The council has categorized them into two different types, and they are,

  • Associate Membership: For this type of membership, a person should have an Import – export code number from the office of the DGFT, Gov of India
  • Ordinary Membership:Any Individual/person fulfilling the Criteria is eligible for this membership with the council.

Note: The said individual or entity that he/should have been an associate member for a minimum of three years. The person/entity represented by them should have or had an average export performance of at minimum Rs. 10 lakhs in the case of small-scale industries and at least Rs. Twenty Five lakhs in the case of any other type of set-up.

Products covered under the CAPEXIL Certificate

The following the product covered under the Chemical and Allied Export Promotion Council are as follows:

  • Auto Tyres and Tubes
  • Bulk Minerals and Ores
  • Glass and Glassware
  • Cement and Clinkers
  • Ossein and Gelatine
  • Paints and Allied Products
  • Plywood and Products
  • Rubber Products
  • Animal By-Products
  • Ceramics and Refractories
  • Graphite and Explosives
  • Books, Publications, and Printing
  • Granite, Marble, Natural Stones and Products
  • Miscellaneous Products
  • Paper and Products
  • Processed Minerals

Benefits of CAPEXIL Membership Certificate

The following are the benefits of CAPEXIL certificate listed below for better understanding and knowledge.

  • VISA Assistance:The CAPEXIL help in providing Visa for Business Visit abroad.
  • Quality Service: CAPAXIL also provides access to the most competent officers dedicated to quality service.
  • MDA – Market Development Assistance:  CAPEXIL allows registered traders to diversify and stimulates the country’s export trade.
  • Subscribe to Trade Leads: Registered traders can get the subscription to Trade Leads by Email.
  • Filing of Export Return: The registered trader can get the subscription to trade leads by Email.
  • Market Report and trend The CAPEXIL members can get details of market reports, analysis of Indian Export trends across the country, products or other global trade data.
  • Buyer–Seller Meets:   The Council Member can also Participate In the national workshop, organizing seminars and buyer and seller meetings conducted by the CAPEXIL.
  • Interface for Trade & Policy:It also acts as an interface between the government regarding policy & members and related matters.
  • Exporter Hub: The Exporter Hub of CAPXIL is an Information gateway, and it helps exporters.
  • Export Returns Filing: The council helps file quarterly/monthly export returns.


After going through this writing, it can be concluded that CAPEXIL is a council for the Export of Chemical & Allied Products from India.The various objectives of CAPEXIL certificate can be summarised as it acts as an intermediary in building business to increase export and undertake different promotion measures.

CAPEXIL Certificate

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