Chemexcil Registration

Chemexcil Registration

What are the Documents Required for Chemexcil Registration?

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Documents Required for Chemexcil Registration

Chemexcil – an export promotion council set up by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Government of India in 1963 to promote exports of the following items from India to the various countries of the world. India has been well known for its exotic products since before the British Occupation. After realizing this, the government of India established Chemixcil. Further, this Council has membership strength of more than 4000 exporters. Further, we shall be mentioning the essential documents required for CHEMEXCIL registration.

Its aims is to promote the Export of Rich Assets of Cosmetics, Chemicals and Dues; these items have been categorised into IV separate Panels.

Panel – I: Dye and Dyes Intermediates

Panel – II: Basic organic and INorganic Chemicals, Including Agrochemicals

Panel –III: Soaps, Cosmetics, Soaps and Essential Oils

Panel –IV: Speciality Chemicals, Lubricants & Castor Oil

Benefits of Becoming a Member of Chemixcil

The following are the listed benefits of Becoming a Member of Chemixcil

  • Presence of Export Promotional Schemes: Chemixcil Gives opportunities to its member for Export Promotional in schemes such as MDA and MAI. (Market Development Assistance and Market Access Initiative). The exporter can adopt this Scheme and promote the Export of their product worldwide.
  • Recommending VISA: Chemixcil recommends VISA for its member for business trips around the globe. Say, it makes international travel easy for its exporter members.
  • Exhibitions: Chemixcil leaves no stone unturned to assist its members. To promote its Agenda further, it organizes exhibitions and seminars all across the globe. Such as exhibitions enhance the business opportunities for members and provide them with networking opportunities by trying up networking opportunities for members and providing them with networking opportunities with other exporters.
  • Publication: The Council launches the publication in which details of the latest development in the export sector are mentioned every month. The member can read this publication and inform themselves of the changes. In doing so, they can make strategic decisions moving ahead.
  • Financing the Export: Exporters come on every scale. It may prove disastrous due to a lack of finance. That’s why the Council provides its member exporters with financing opportunities by lying them up with NBFCs and banks.

Documents Required for Chemexcil Registration

The following are the Documents Required for Chemexcil Registration:

  • Membership Application
  • Copy of any certificate issued by the authorities, such as Secretariat of Industrial Assistance issued from Ministry of Industry Government of India or others
  • Copy of Import Export Code
  • PAN Card’s Copy
  • Demand Draft or cheque issued in favour of Chemexcil SBI A/C no.

Applicant should also entail proof of the details filled in it. 

  • Proof of all facts that are mentioned in the application
  • Whether the exporter is applying as an Individual firm or a company.
  • What type of activity is the exporter importing for?

Prominent roles of CHEMEXCIL

The prominent roles of CHEMEXCIL are discussed below for the better understanding

  • To interface with the Industry & the Government of India to formulate Export-Oriented Policies and formulate a favorable environment to augment exports of the above items from India.
  • Involve in international exhibitions abroad and invites overseas delegations to India to promote our exports and establish long-term strategic alliances.
  • Assists its members in locating & pinpointing the source of their requirements. It also helps to affect a smooth trade deal between buyers & sellers to offer a free service package
  • Involved in the Grievance Committee Meetings organized by the DGFT[1] from time to time and takes up issues of the member-exporters connected with Customs, Central Excise, Port Authorities, etc. and tries to resolve the same.
  • Involve in the review meetings and task force meetings being organized by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry on regular basis chalk out strategies for the promotion of exports of the items coming under the ambit of the Council with presentations covering views and suggestiobn being received from its members.
  • Prepares & submit to the Ministry of Commerce & Industry Annual Action Plan to promote exports of the items coming under its purview, covering budget proposals for involving in various international exhibitions, Buyer-Seller Meets, being held outside india and in india for the benefit of its member-exporters.
  • Issues Recommendation letters addressed to various abroad Consulates/Embassies in India for the issue of Visas for the member-exporters for attending Exhibitions delegations as well as export business promotion tours abroad.
  • The Ministry of Commerce & Industry has authorized Bullet to issue Non-preferential Certificates of Origin to its members-exporters for exporting their items to various countries abroad on the condition that the said items are covered under our ambit and are manufactured in India.
  • Organizes Export Award Function to congratulate the outstanding exporters on their exceptional export performance.


After Reading this article, it shall be concluded that various documents like PAN No, Copy of Import – Export Code and demand draft issued in favour of CHEMEXCIl in SBI bank are the essential documents required for Chemexcil Registration.

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Chemexcil Registration

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