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Pharmacy License Renewal in India: Documents and Process

calendar18 Apr, 2022
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Pharmacy License Renewal in India

In India, The Pharmacy license Renewal is a vital process that helps in assuring that pharmacy professionals are proficient and fit to practice and meet the specific standards. Both pharmacy professionals and premises must renew their registration annually before the expiry of their Pharmacy License. This write-up pens down the Pharmacy license Renewal in India.

An Overview on the Pharmacy License Renewal in India

As per the Pharmacy Act-1948, now all pharmacists registered under the state pharmacy council are required to apply for Pharmacy License renewal as per the rules made by the State pharmacy council. The Application for a Pharmacy renewal license is filed approximately 60 days before the License’s expiration date. An application is filed as per the indications given by the Board that the License will expire within 60 days from a specific day.

Every Pharmacist should renew their registration before the 31st of December every year. The entire process of Pharmacy License Renewal could be completed from the website by paying a stipulated fee and by submitting the requisite documents. The Pharmacy renewal License could be done by clicking on the “Renewal” option. After opting for the renewal option, an applicant shall follow the requisite step.

Validity of Pharmacy License Renewal

Pharmacists measure and sell instructed drugs. If any individual or company wants to register as a pharmacist, then a person must have a pharmacist license where they can practice with complete independence.

Pharmacy licenses remain valid for ten, twenty or thirty years, but before that, they were valid only for two or three years, and then applicants forgot to renew the License within a period. With the help of an online facility, every Pharmacist can renew their pharmacy license in a few easy steps.

Documents required for Pharmacy renewal Application

All Pharmacies must submit the given documents for the Pharmacy License renewal application-

  • Colored Copy of Original Pharmacist Registration Certificate Both Side.
  • Colored Scan Copy of Last Renewal Certificate.
  • Recent Passport Size Photographs.
  • Identity and address proof.
  • Scan Order Copy of Release Letter and Appointment Letter or I.D Proof for Government /Government Undertaking and Private Organization[1]
  • Particulars of Change in case of Address Change in Identity and Address Proof
  • Before Renewal, if the Surname of the applicant Change in the case of Female married candidate/ others, then the applicant will first have to change her surname physically at the Council office.
  • The candidate has to bring all original dossiers, including an Affidavit, during receiving of Original Renewal Certificate.

However, applying online and making an online payment does not complete the Pharmacy License renewal application. All application forms must be completed and then mailed or delivered to the Board address as shown on the renewal forms.

Pharmacy License Renewal applications must be submitted with the Proof of online payment fee to be paid for the Renewal.

Step by step Process for Pharmacy License Renewal Application

This process of Pharmacy License Renewal varies from state to state, and also, the mode of applying for License renewal varies. In a few states, the process is completely online, and in a few states, the process is Offline and Online.

The process of applying for the Pharmacy license renewal application online is described below. For more information, the complete flow step is also given below.

Step-1- Sign in to the portal

  • The registered pharmacy will have to log in on the state pharmacy council site.
  • Then it is required to fill in the credentials (Login Id and Password)
  • Enter captcha code.
  • Sign in.
  • Post login, you will have to click on pharmacy License renewal, reflecting the validity period.

If your license validity is running out, then a red line license will appear for you for Renewal, or in other cases should not have trouble getting a renewal link. The link will direct you to what process is required to complete your Pharmacy License renewal process. However, if you want to renew such License offline, you can choose the offline mode.

Note: In some states, the process is completely online and where the pharmacy cannot renew their pharmacy license offline.

Suppose an applicant sees the link active for the dashboard renewal application in the login. In that case, it is required to keep your (Pharmacy license renewal print) by filling out the online application form and downloading it from the respective website for future reference.

Step -2: Tap on the link and fills out the required documents

  1. Click on the application link, and after that, click on the pharmacy license renewal link.
  2. Choose the option Renewal of Application.
  3. Now Open the link.
  4. Once the link gets open, the holder of the pharmacy license shall enter the requisite details like-
  5. Pharmacy Name and Location Address Email Address
  6. Verify the Class and Type of Pharmacy.
  7. Verify the Name of the Pharmacy Owner and the Ownership Type. Indicate the Owner’s mailing address in the space provided
  8. Other required details.

Note: Non‐Resident (Class E or Class E‐S) Pharmacies require submitting additional items.

Step-3- Upload the requisite documents

Once done with the above requirement, the portal shall prompt you to upload the aforesaid documents in the standard format.

Step-4-Pay the Pharmacy license renewal fee

As soon as you finish uploading requirements, the portal shall open the link for Payment Gateway. Here, you need to submit the applicable fee for renewal.  

Step-5- Submit the application

Lastly, you need to tap on the submit button to wrap up the application filing process. Do not forget to take the print of the payment receipt.

Failure in renewing the Pharmacy License

Suppose a pharmacy fails to complete the Pharmacy License renewal process and allows a license to become DELINQUENT. The pharmacy must cease working until the Renewal Application is in process and the pharmacy license reflects Active status on the License Verification Page. Also, if the period exceeds more than 90 days, a pharmacy license will permanently expire. Once a pharmacy license expires permanently, a new license must be obtained before operating a pharmacy.


In a nutshell, if starting a pharmacy business without registration is a wrong practice, failing to renew your License before the renewal date can have serious implications. Also, it is illegal to run the pharmacy during expiry.

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