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Dealer License under Legal Metrology Act

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dealer license under legal metrology act

The Legal Metrology Department is accountable for enforcing the country’s rules and regulations pertaining to measures and weights. This department keeps an eye on the production, import, sales and repair of the weights and measures instruments, devices, equipment, and other equipment. Anyone who is an importer, manufacturer, Dealer, repairer, or manufacturer must obtain a legal license from the Legal metrology department for their specific operations. In this article, we will discuss the Dealer under Legal Metrology Act.

Items falling under authority of the Legal Metrology department

Legal Metrology has clear and strict rules pertaining to weighing and measuring equipment. Every manufacturer, importer dealer, repairer, or manufacturer requires a valid license from the Department of Legal Metrology before conducting their respective activities.

Instruments such as thermometers, weighing scales, balances, hygrometers pressure monitors, measuring tapes, etc., fall within the authority of the Legal Metrology department.

In general, we can say, any device that is designed for weighing or measuring any item in a certain amount on the imperial or metric scale is within the jurisdiction of Legal Metrology.

An Overview on the Dealer License under Legal Metrology Act

The applicability of the Dealer license implies on a person or company involved in the trading and marketing of weights and measures. For obtaining the Dealer license, an applicant shall follow the provisions of State Legal Metrology (Enforcement) Rules, 2011 of the Legal Metrology Enforcement Rules, 2010.

If the importer or manufacturer wants to act as the Dealer of the equipment, they must also obtain the Dealer License and the importer/manufacturer license.

Form Required for filing Dealer License

To apply for a Dealer License in weights and measurements, Form LD-1 in accordance with schedule-IIA is required. For the renewal application of a dealer’s license Form, LD-2 in schedule IIB is needed, and it is issued using the form LD-3 as per schedule III.

Process for obtaining the Dealer License

The process of obtaining the Dealer license varies from state to state, and different states have different application fees and timelines for approval of the permit. Once issued, the Dealer license is valid for a minimum period of one year and a maximum period of five years.

If a dealer aims to trade and market weights and measures in more than one state, he/she must apply for a separate dealer license for each desired state of working.

The document preparation, filing application, and other considerable and minor work is tiresome and time-consuming, especially if the applicant is not well familiar with the process. Moreover, the application procedure may take around a few months to complete without daily follow-ups.

Documents required for Dealer License

To apply for a dealer license of weights and measures, below mentioned documents must be attached with the Form LD1.

1. Applicant’s Details

2. Applicant’s Permanent Resident Certificate.

3. Affidavit[1] confirming that the applicant will follow the norms of the Act/ rules under which the license is sought and that the details provided is accurate.

4. If the applicant is the owner of the premise, then the documents such as Tax receipt of local body/authority. However, if any other family member holds the premises, their consent letter is duly notarized, and a record of ownership is required.

On the other hand, copy the registered agreement if the premises are for rent.

5. Relevant document related to the Business: Any relevant papers such as

  • Certificate of registration of industry,
  • If the unit is present within the village panchayat area, Registration under the Shops and Establishments Act shall be required. Also, NOC is required from that Gram panchayat.

6. A registered document is required in the proprietorship/partnership firm. A registration certificate is required in the case of Companies. Also, MOA and AOA shall be required

7. Copies of appointment letters of employees along with photographs, qualifications, and experience certificates, if any.

8. Registration certificate of Trademark/logo(If any) from the competent authority.

9. Latest electricity bill.

10. Site plan of trading premises

11. Experience certificate (if any).

Note-The receipt (Original Treasury challan) of the fee of Rs. 100 Only to be paid into the Department account.

Another option is that an applicant can deposit the fee with the concerned Legal Metrology Officer against a valid Government Receipt. The true copy of that GR shall be attached with the form.

Issuance of a Dealership license

After receipt of Form LD1 duly annexed with all the documents mentioned above, the licensing authority shall duly scrutinize the application along with the requisite documents. If the application form and attachments are accurate as required, the authority will issue a license within 30 days of such receipt.

However, there might be a possibility that the authority refuses the application due to non-compliance with all or any of the requisites. The reason for such rejection shall be duly communicated within 15 days to the applicant. The process of issuing the license, to the max, shall be completed within the scheduled time.

Renewal of Dealer license

For Renewal of the dealer license, an applicant must submit Form LD2 along with the dealer license. An applicant must pay Rs One Hundred only for the Renewal of the dealer license.

Note- If the applicant is calling for objections, Cutting of Newspaper wherein a notice is given must be filed with the department concerned within seven days.


Conclusively, we can say that Legal Metrology has definite and stringent rules related to Weighing and measuring instruments. Any importer, Dealer and manufacturer dealing in weighing and measuring instruments shall get the license.

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