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A Company Secretary together with PG in international Business, she has gained significant experience as legal content writer. She has keen interest in doing research and writing on legal and financial subject matters. She also holds work experience in legal compliances.

SC Revives the Suo Moto orders Extending Limitation period

India has been witnessing a surge in Omicron cases in many States. Same as the situation occurred in 2 waves, there is an increase in case that can be currently seen in large cities. Considering rising cases of Covid-19 in the country, the Supreme Court on 10th Jan 2021 agreed to revive the Suo moto orders […]

Prohibitions and Restrictions Regarding Political Contributions

In India, every political party is seen competing with each other to seek the support of the public for votes. The amount of money spent on the campaign by each political party is undoubtedly huge. The political parties raise funds from many resources, and one such source is the contributions made by the corporate sectors. […]

How Nidhi Companies are Different from NBFCs? – Nidhi Companies Vs NBFCs

Nidhi Company is a company that aims to start a company with less capital whereas NBFC company requires huge capital investment. In India, NBFC Companies and Nidhi Companies are working at an expansive and restricted scale respectively. There are undeniable advantages that one can enjoy by opting for Nidhi Company. However, there are certain restrictions […]

India Fire Department NOC – Application Procedure

Fire Accidents caused can result in serious injury and damage to the property. Fire risks are not always obvious, and the accidents involving fire are often unexpected and sudden. Fire accidents can occur from damaged wiring, defective products, and smoke detectors that fail to activate. Every business or even resident needs to take all the […]

Types of NBFCs in India – An Overview

In India, the NBFC sector is recognized as a systematically important component of the financial system. The growth of NBFC is quite consistent year-on-year. NBFCs are regulated by the RBI. Reserve Bank of India has been given the power to keep a check on different types of NBFCs registered in India. In this topic, we […]

Indian Subsidiary Company Registration

Subsidiary Company is a company that is owned (Fully or partly) and controlled by another company. When a company exercises control of another company, the later company usually becomes a Subsidiary company. The former company which keeps control of the subsidiary company is termed as Parent Company or Holding Company. The control of the subsidiary […]

What is Share Purchase Agreement in NBFC?

The purpose of the Share purchase agreement in NBFC is as similar to the Share Purchase Agreement, in general, i.e. to bring clarity to the terms and conditions of the sale/purchase of the share which is subject to mutual consent of the parties, i.e. buyer and seller. In this topic, we will give a brief […]

Future of NBFCs in India – A Reality Check

In the Indian economy, NBFC is playing a phenomenal role by providing excellent sources of funding. NBFC has gone through extraordinary progress over the past few years. In India, NBFC majorly covers those sections that are not covered by the banks, i.e. Infrastructure, micro, small and medium enterprises. NBFCs are often used by the borrower […]

Company Incorporation by Non-Resident Director

In the eyes of law, company is an artificial person who has a separate legal entity from its members. It is the responsibility of the directors of the company to manage and control the affairs of the company. As per the Companies Act, 2013[1], there is no restriction on Company Incorporation by a Non-Resident Director […]

Shareholders Meeting is Crucial to Your Business. Learn Why!

In every Company decision making is done either by the shareholder or by the director. The meeting where the decision making is done by the shareholders is termed as Shareholder Meeting or General Meeting. However, where the decision is taken by the directors is termed as Board Meeting. For the approval of certain business items […]

LLP Compliances – Statutory Compliance Checklist for LLP

Running a business with all necessary compliances is equally important as registering a business, whether in the form any registered Company or LLP. To bring more transparency, every LLPs registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs are required to follow all the necessary compliances. The LLP compliances depend on business activity. However, it is the […]

Board Meeting – Meaning, Quorum, Notice and Requirements

The Director of the company may at any time call a Board meeting. On the requisition of the Director, any person authorized by the Board in this behalf shall convene a Board Meeting. Every company shall convene a board meeting within 30 days from the date of the incorporation. However, the participation of the board […]

Documents Required for NBFC Registration

NBFC is the financial institution that provides a variety of banking and non-banking services to the consumers. NBFCs in India are supervised and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. Any Company cannot commence the business of Non-Banking Financial Company without obtaining a Certificate of Registration from the RBI. The entire process of NBFC Registration […]

Conversion of Sole Proprietorship Firm into Private Company

An individual can start a business in several ways like Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership or Company Incorporation. Sole Proprietorship is also termed as Sole ownership which is a form of business where an individual introduces his own capital and solely handles the business by using his skills and intelligence. Where Sole Proprietorship business […]