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With 10+ years of creative writing experience and 500+ blogs and thought leadership articles to his credit, Margesh Rai has left a significant impact in the field of content marketing. A published author and poet, Margesh Rai has experience writing for 20+ segments, such as Legal, Fintech, SAAS, Dairy, Real Estate, Hospitality, Recruitment, Sustainability, etc.

How will ESG Disclosures shape your company’s future?

ESG Disclosures can also be synonymously used for terms like Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting, ESG reporting, sustainability reporting, etc. environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors have become increasingly important in determining corporate strategy and performance in the quickly changing economic world of today. A company’s commitment to sustainability, moral behaviour, and accountability is reflected […]

Customized Bookkeeping Solutions for Different Businesses

The practice of documenting and methodically arranging financial transactions is known as bookkeeping, and it aids organizations in monitoring their earnings and outlays, comprehending their financial performance, and making wise business decisions. A bookkeeper is a qualified financial specialist who keeps track of and arranges corporate financial activities. Bookkeepers support firms in understanding their financial […]

Latest Import Policy Amendments for Iron and Steel 

A government’s set of guidelines, rules, and regulations for regulating the importation of products and services from other nations is known as its import policy. The goals of import policies are to safeguard home industries, control foreign commerce, maintain national security, and increase income through taxes and levies. Good import regulations can protect domestic manufacturers, […]

Tips to Improve Your Accounts Payable Process

Accounts Payable is an essential process that helps an organization not only manage their debts, accounts, books, and financial liabilities but also optimize them as per the business requirements. The accounts payable process ensures timely payment of past-due invoices by maintaining accuracy and dependability in vendor payments. In the end, the procedure aims to ensure […]

What is the Validity Period of Cheque Bounce?

A cheque is a type of financial instrument that directs a bank to move funds from one account to another, either in the name of the recipient or of the firm for whom the cheque was made. Payments may be made conveniently, safely, and securely using a cheque. It is a safe choice because there […]

Exploring the Benefits of Early Copyright Registration

It is important to comprehend the significance of registration. A lot of time and money is spent when a person or organization produces a new product, which entails several procedures, resources, content, etc. It is reasonable for the person or entity that created the innovation to assume the expectation of having exclusive rights to it, […]

All about Section 12AB and Section 80G Registration

In India, Sections 12AB and 80G registrations are crucial for charitable organizations and those wishing to support them. If qualified, Section 12AB assists non-profit organizations in registering and adhering to regulations so they can perform good deeds without having to pay income taxes. Donors who donate to qualified charities can benefit from Section 80G by […]

Importance of a PSARA License in the Private Security Industry

Private Security Agencies and training agencies in India are regulated by the Private Security Agency Regulation Act, 2005 (PSARA). Private Security Agencies in India are put under strict compliance and regulatory framework due to the sensitive and crucial nature of private security agencies. PSARA lays down the standards of professionalism, training, and recruitment of security […]

ISI Certification for Plywood and Door Shutters

Under the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the Indian Standards Institute’s (ISI) ISI Mark Certification is an essential certification. It ensures that a product satisfies safety regulations and the specified BIS Standards. The sale and manufacture of goods in India are contingent upon this certification. Many products are eligible for the ISI Mark, which is […]

Plastic Pollution: Is Extended Producer Responsibility a Solution?

The idea of extended producer responsibility is to transfer the cost of managing plastic waste from taxpayers and governments to the businesses that make and market plastic goods. The concept is straightforward: individuals who produce plastic goods ought to be accountable for the full lifetime of those goods, from manufacture to disposal. How does EPR […]

Wild Life (Transactions and Taxidermy) Rules, 2024

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFC) published the Wild Life (Transactions and Taxidermy) Rules in 2024 to regulate the trade in animal species.  The rules seem to amend the Wild Life (Transaction and Taxidermy) Rules, 1973, which state that a license can be granted only for trade in animals that are specified […]

Common NGO Registration Mistakes and Ways to Avoid Them

Becoming a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) is a big step toward changing society in a real way. However, the procedure is frequently rife with difficulties and dangers that could cause the NGO registration mistakes in the process to drag out or fail. NGOs encounter a variety of challenges that call for cautious navigation, from intricate […]

Importance of FSSAI Registration for Repackers in Food Industry

The Food Business Operators and sellers of food items in India are regulated and governed by the Food Standards and Safety Authority of India (FSSAI). The body is responsible for enforcing and supervising the implementation of food safety and hygiene standards by these food businesses as per the Food Standards and Safety Authority of India […]

Want to Open an NGO? Look at the Forms of NGO Registration

An NGO, Trust, or Charitable Organization is a privately owned or government-affiliated entity that is set up and aims to promote social activities, such as social welfare, women empowerment, employment generation, education for underprivileged children, healthcare, and other charitable purposes, rather than making financial gains. An NGO or Trust can be formed by an individual, […]