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Being a poetry lover, and an avid reader, Margesh is fanatical about legal content writing. After completing graduation in B.Com(H), he decided to follow his passion. Writing impeccable in-depth content about legal and finance-related topics is his biggest forte.

An Outlook: Registering an NGO in India

Registering an NGO is essential for those who want to kick start their NGO in India. As NGO registration empowers you to be apparent in front of the vision of laws, you can get your NGO registered and start a charitable or non-profit making organization. Thereby, you can fulfill your desire of serving the poverty-stricken […]

Guide: Difference between FSSAI and AGMARK Food Certification

The minute difference between FSSAI and AGMARK food certification is obvious. During the 1970s and 80s, the Indian government has taken an endeavor to make people aware of the AGMARK certification.  The objective of the Indian government was to ensure consumers of both, the quality of the products as well as usage of Agricultural Mark […]

Detention and Confiscation of Vehicles and Goods under GST- Law, and Procedures

Powers related to detention and confiscation of vehicles and goods under GST must get appropriately exercised. Post the implementation of the GST regime, the generation of Eway Bill must take place in case of the movement of goods beyond the worth of Rs 50,000 by a registered person. The person who is carrying the goods […]

All you need to Know before Starting an NGO in India

Starting an NGO in India requires an influential vision and dedication of a group of people or an individual to work for the progress of underprivileged ones living in an unclean environment. If you are concerned about the sufferings of poor and needy people and if you receive signals to come forward and support the […]

Food Packaging and Labelling Regulations: The Complete Guide

FSSAI set food packaging and labeling regulations, ensuring that manufacturers, investors, traders, and consumers will be able to keep their mind out of the three-ring circus. Nowadays, all food products carry numerous specific labeling on their packaging. Getting abide by the FSSAI Food packaging and labeling regulations is of vital importance. Food labeling is one […]

FSSAI Registration Fees and Various Aspects

The FSSAI registration fees/food license fees vary from one location to another, and also it depends upon the annual turnover and nature of the business. Food business operators need to pay the FSSAI registration fees/food license fees on the basis of business activities trading, retailers as well as Import/Export manufacturing. FSSAI is the food regulatory […]

Casting Lights on the Steps to Start an NGO in India

In order to start an NGO in India, an individual or a corporation/business/entity must be sure about the purpose of starting an NGO and how it works as well. Usually, people set up an NGO with an endeavour to fulfil all the basic requirements of the impoverished people striving to survive anyhow in the marginalized […]

Stepwise Guide to Start a Healthy Snacks Business in India

Healthy snacks business in India is a fastly expanding sector, all thanks to changes in consumption patterns of consumers and consumers’ quest for on-the-go snacks. Snacks are the medium through which consumers can hold their desire till the time they get their next meal. Millions of Indians believe in experimenting when it comes to food […]

The Untapped Gold Mine of Frozen Food Business in India that Everyone Should Know

The rise of the frozen food business in India has made it an appealing venture. From frozen vegetables to seafood, alluring fruits and meat as well as poultry, this segment have an innumerable variety of food items in store to offer. Due to the maintenance of high quality as well as taste by the frozen […]

A Study on Apportionment of ITC in Cases of Business Reorganization

With regard to the apportionment of ITC in cases of business reorganization, CBIC has provided circulation by issuing a Circular No. 133/2020– GST dated March 23, 2020, in the eventuality of amalgamation or change in the business ownership/constitution, merger or demerger. Through this circular, CBIC has provided a clear picture to numerous taxpayers. Representations were […]

A Coast-to-Coast Coverage of E-Invoicing in GST

E-Invoicing in GST is the submission of a digital invoice for goods and services on a common portal. The invoice got generated in a standard format. The approval of the e-invoice concept under the sphere of GST is helping in increasing the efficiency of the businesses and eases the compliance burden for taxpayers.  GST Council […]

Essentials for Starting a Fruit Juice Business in India

As starting a fruit juice business in India requires a low investment of capital, many small entrepreneurs are considering it as a golden opportunity. A large section of people prefer to have fruit juice squeezed in a hygienic environment, and juice bottles free from preservatives added colors and varieties of flavors. Starting a fruit juice […]

FoSCoS for FSSAI License in India: A Replacement of Food Licensing and Registration System

The initiation of FoSCoS for FSSAI license in India will serve all the food business operators with FSSAI licenses and registration along with regulatory compliances. In a statement released on 30th May 2020, FSSAI said that it is on the way to launch its cloud-based, food safety compliance platform to issue licenses and registration to […]

Composition Scheme under GST- The Next Big Thing

GST council has introduced a composition scheme under GST to reduce the costs for small taxpayers, along with simplifying the compliance process. Small businesses got relief and feel free from the burden of compliance provisions after the emergence of composition scheme in the world of taxes. There is a negligible requirement of maintaining records since […]