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Know the Documents for Company Registration in Noida

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Know the Documents for Company Registration in Noida

Legalizing a structure is an important phase in any business journey. It is of paramount importance to register a business in India to keep legal hindrances aside. If you are about a set up a company in Noida then registering it in one go should be in your mind. Successful registration is not possible without error-free documentation. In fact, the right paperwork lays the foundation for the successful registration process. In this write-up, we will take a closer look at the mandatory documents for company registration in Noida. Before we unfold what types of documents are imperative for company registration in Noida, let’s go through some essential facts.

Key Facts around Company Registration in Noida

  • The structures like Private limited companies, Public limited companies, and One-Person Companies fall under the Companies Act, of 2013.
  • The number of directors (s) in private limited companies can range from 2 to 7 with the latter being the upper limit.
  • Public limited companies must have at least 3 directors with no cap on the upper limit.
  • In the case of One Person Company, there can be only one director.
  • All these business structures are mandated to prepare the charter documents like Memorandum of Association and Article of Association.
  • The directors of aforesaid companies must have Director Identification Number, broadly known as DIN, and DSC, which stands for Digital Signature Certificate.
  • The concept of limited liability prevails in all these business structures.
  • SPICe+ is the e-form required to be filed for company registration in India. This form is available on the official portal of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Let’s move ahead and explore the next section which talks about the documents for company registration in Noida.

Mandatory Documents for Company Registration in Noida

The listed below are the mandatory documents for company registration in Noida. You must arrange these documents for Company Registration in Noida without fail to avert any registration process.

1.   MoA and AoA

Although these documents shall be auto-filled during the online filing, it is important to understand the scope of the same. MoA stands for Memorandum of Association. It is a charter document of the company that entails the following clauses:

  • Name Clause
  • Registered Office Clause
  • Object Clause
  • Liability Clause
  • Capital Clause

AOA, on the other hand, stands for Article of Association, which is broadly acknowledged as a “rule book of the company”. In general, it encloses the by-laws that govern the internal operation of the company such as the management of financial records and appointment of directors to new a few.

2.   Directors’ PAN and Photographs.

PAN (Permanent Account Number) is another vital document that plays a vital role in the registration process. It lets authority affirms the applicant’s financial activities and tax status. In addition to the PAN, the applicant must also submit the Directors’ photos in the format recommended by the authority.

3.   Aadhar Card/Voter Identity Card

Aadhar card/voter card helps the authority to establish who the applicant is. It is among the mandatory document and hence applicant must submit it without fail.

4.   Property Document

Property documents like rent or lease paper help the authority to establish whether or not the premises used by the applicant is authentic.

5.   Utility Bills like Water or Gas Bills

The applicant must submit utility bills like water or gas bills to prove the ownership of the premises belongs to the applicant.

6.   Landlord NOC

Those who are running operations in the rented premises must submit the landlord’s NOC without fail.

What Is The Next Step Once The Documents For Company Registration In Noida Are Arranged?

Once you arranged these documents for Company Registration in Noida, you can proceed to file an online application for company registration. Here’s what you need to do in this context. Head to the MCA[1] website and get access to the e-form namely Spice+, which contains two parts- Part A and Part B.

Part A helps with the name reservation, meanwhile, part B offers the slew of services as mentioned below

  • Company Incorporation
  • TAN Application
  • Application for DIN
  • PAN Application
  • EPFO Registration
  • ESIC Registration
  • GSTIN Application
  • Profession Tax Registration (only for Maharashtra)
  • Opening of Bank Account for the Company

It’s worth noting that Part B shall remain inaccessible until the authority approves the proposed names provided by the applicant.


With a proper approach and clear understanding, you can complete the company registration process with ease. But without accurate paperwork this possibility is far-fetched. Thus, you must pay extra attention to the documentation part to avert any registration nuisances. Connect with Corpbiz if you are not comfortable with the same. Our professionals will be glad to help you out.

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