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Muskaan has completed her BA.LLB and LLM, gaining vast legal knowledge and expertise. She has keen interest in legal research and content writing, having prior experience of publishing numerous research papers in international journals on Environmental Laws and Corporate Laws.

Why is there need for Waste Management in India?

In India, each year, approximately 62 million tonnes of Waste, including Plastic Waste, E-Waste and medical Waste, is generated, making it an enormous challenge for the central authorities to deal with the mount up Waste all by themselves. This increasing pile of Waste not only hinders the overall development of the nation but also affects […]

Essential E-Waste recycling business investment requirement

In the last decade, new technological innovations and the use of electronic devices have seen exponential growth, with them now dominating the market. But, with this influx of new devices, the world has also seen a growth in the amount of the E-waste, which as if now is one of the fastest-growing Waste, ultimately opening […]

How to obtain DPCC Consent to operate?

Pollution of Environment is one of the major concerns that the world is dealing with, especially with the rise in industrial development and technology. With these industries being the major cause behind the gradual increase in pollution, it becomes the fundamental responsibility of any manufacturer who is establishing any industry to keep in mind the […]

Function of Producers Responsibility Organisation Explained

Extended producer responsibility since the 1980s has been established as the key environmental norm among many countries with an aim to bestow producers with the liabilities and duty to determine the environmental impact of their appliances throughout the production process, starting from its design to the post-consumer stage. EPR is defined under OECD[1] as an environmental […]

How to Acquire Registration under CPCB EPR?

EPR or Extended Producers Responsibility is used worldwide as a statutory approach to manage the staggering amount of Waste, whether be it plastic Waste or Electronic Waste. As per the latest report, around 109 countries globally have implemented EPR policy in their domestic law; along with this, global organisations like WWF[1] (World Wildlife Fund) and […]

A Guide to Setting up Plastic Bag Recycling Business?

Plastic products have become a necessity for human existence. They have been dominating the world for over a century integrating themselves into our daily life, right from food utensils to childcare products. Plastic is defined under the plastic waste (Management) Act, 2016 as a material which contains as an essential ingredient a high polymer such as […]

A Detailed Explanation of the EPR Responsibility Policy in India

To address and manage the ever-growing problem of plastic and electronic waste in developed and developing countries worldwide, endangering the lives of not humans but all the species. Around 8 million tonnes of plastic waste is disposed of in oceans endangering the marine habitats; according to reports, the E-Waste generation was growing at an annual […]

How to Acquire a Battery Scrap Import License in India?

With India’s constant rising demand for lead batteries and authorities struggling to meet demand, the import of battery scraps has proven to be a saving grace. But the import of these does come with stipulations and regulations to control the illegal influx of battery scarps in India, for which recyclers need to acquire a Battery […]

Legal Regulations for Setting up Plastic Injection Moulding Business

India has seen a surge in demand in the plastic industries over the period of last 20 years. According to recent reports, the per capita consumption of India is 11 kg as compared to 28 kg of the world. As if now, the plastic manufacturing industry comprises over 30,000 units which are involved in producing […]

How to Set Up Plastic Granules Business?

Plastic or polyethene has become an essential part of everyday life. They are used to make a majority of the products that we use in daily life, right from toothbrushes to face masks. Plastic essentially includes any substance formed in a soft state and used in the solid-state. Based on the molecular structure of plastic, […]

Air and water Consent under Air and Water Act

Setting up an industry in India, although simple, is still considered a lengthy process where acquiring many approvals from state authorities proves to be a confusing and tiresome task. One of such approval that almost all industries require is Air and Water consent from the State Pollution Control Board, which Air and Water Act mandate. […]

Scope of Food Waste Management Business in India

As per the present reports, it is estimated that 1.3 billion tonnes of food per year are wasted or discarded, causing 750 million Dollars’ worth of economic and environmental loss. This wastage has also been linked to the increasing food shortages in developing or underdeveloped countries. When thrown away in the landfills, this waste food […]

How to start a Metal Scrap Trading business?

Harmful waste, whether it is plastic waste, metal waste, E-Waste, or Solid waste, is increasing day by day in India, reaching up to 62 million tonnes of waste each year, with Delhi topping the list with 30.6 lakh tonnes of which 42 million, about 70% are collected, among which 12 mil tonnes are treated, and […]

Acquire Consent to Operate PCB for Cotton Spinning and Weaving Business

With the world now realising and experiencing the negative impact of global warming and climate change leading to loss of biodiversity, Environmental Sustainability has become the most researched and practised phenomenon that promotes mindful use of natural resources to ensure sustainability and equilibrium. Textiles are one of the basic necessities of people, among which India […]