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Archita Bhattacharjee is working as Legal Analyst (Team Lead, Research & Development) at Corpbiz and has proving experience about 2 years as Corporate Legal Researcher in law firms as well as Rajya Sabha and authors in diverse publications. She has refined her skills by representing India in Paris, France and the University of Leiden over implications of International Humanitarian and Criminal Law being certified member of many Legal Centers.

Yoga as a Charitable Purpose – Get In-Depth Jurisprudential Scope Right here!

Substantial consciousness about meditation and yoga has been expanded and gained a remarkable momentum in the past few years. It reflects in people suffering from varied diseases of body and mind as a result of various day-to-day anxieties. It gets more effective because of demonstrations of yoga and meditation exercises in numerous programs telecast through […]

Is Micro-Finance Allowed under Trust? Get all the Detailed Updates Here!

At the very outset, Micro Finance is a home for financial services meant for entrepreneurs and diverse small businesses. Micro Finance institutions got introduced to ease the credit system for small businesses as they don’t get a loan from banks due to their complicated process. They provide small loans that are less than Rs.50, 000 for rural […]

Society Registration for School: Know Everything about Educational Societies in India

At the outset, Society is an association of more than a few individuals combined using a common consensus to deliberate, govern and act supportively for some public purpose. Usually, Societies get registered for the development of charitable events such as sports, music, culture, religion, art, education, etc. under The Society Registration Act in India. It has […]

Know all the Restrictions on the Charitable Trust

This blog will focus on some common issues that every litigant should be responsive to draft the provisions of a Deed. At all the time, lawyers must take the vision to modify the restricted charitable Trust to fit the factual setting and needs as per the specific donor, or charitable donor as the case may […]

Know Everything about President, Secretary and Treasurer of a Trust

President, Secretary, and Treasurer are the volunteer to serve the best to the Trust organization with super limits of knowledge. This blog will outline some of the collective responsibilities of officers together with standards of conduct of President, Treasurer, and Secretary. However, to be sure, you must analyze the Bylaws of the land, commercial records, […]

Guide: Analysis of Property held by Trust or by name

The primary control over trust property passes from the ends of settlors to beneficiaries, which also means moving from owners to owners.  The fate of the determined owners is silent and passive, just like the Trust property and so other funds. This article answers the legal analysis of the trust property by showing how the […]

What is Religious Trust?

The description of Religious Trusts is not defined under the income tax act. The specific law of particular religion dictates the formation of Religious Trust. Moreover, in compliances with the customary rules, trust gets involved only in the exercises of their own religion and their belief. Most of the ‘Religious Trusts’ support other purposes as […]

What is Form B of Society Registration? Get all the updates on cooperative housing society

Are you planning to be a homeowner? If yes, then certainly investing in an apartment in a housing cooperative society will land you on a perfect deal. The visible increase of housing cooperatives and their related legal structure all across India seems to be an excellent subject of study. It is indeed necessary to adequately […]

Guide: Registration Aspect of Educational Trust

It’s very well-known that educational Trust is a non – profit organization. Educational trusts are the holdings of the Trust under which the reserves can only be used for educational purposes. It should always strive for the higher academic performance and achievements of all students at all levels, particularly for those students who come from […]

Who is Settlor, Trustee, and Beneficiary?

At the very elementary level, the idea of the trust is when a person (i.e., Settlor) distributes assets in the legal supervision of another person ( i, .e.Trustee). Consequently, the trustee operates the assets for the benefit of any third party (i.e., Beneficiary). The trust is not separate legal existence, however more of a legal […]

What are Public and Private Temples under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882? Get All the Updates you need to know!

Temples as Trust: Temples set up for the social causes and sanctioned by the Income Tax Department get not only immunity from ‘payment of tax’ but also the donors to such temples can subtract the amount of donation to the Trust from their taxable income.  Section 8 of Companies Act: Companies shaped under ‘Section 8 […]

Waqf – The Mohammaden Trusts under Muslim law

The methodical meaning of the term waqf is ‘detention.’ In the statutory definition, Waqf involves the detention of wealth so that its produce or income may always be prepared for religious or humane purposes.  Overview: What is the Meaning of Waqf? The ‘Waqf Act, 1954’ describes Waqf as, “the constant dedication by a soul confessing the Islam, of any ‘movable’ or […]

Cancellation of GST Registration in India: Full guide

GST Registration is needed to be obtained by business owners who have a turnover more than Rs. 40 lakhs which was initially Rs. 20 lakhs. However, people saw a scope of loss at the initial stages of the introduction of the GST laws. The reason behind this was, earlier, in the pre GST laws, businesses […]

How to Rectify ITR Filing online?

Filing the Income-tax return is one of the essential responsibilities of an individual or entity. Where everything is going online, the taxpayer is advised to file Income tax return online. While filing the ITR, there are various mistakes made by the payer. As we all know, there is always a chance to rectify your error. […]