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India Fire Department NOC – Application Procedure

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India Fire Department NOC

Fire Accidents caused can result in serious injury and damage to the property. Fire risks are not always obvious, and the accidents involving fire are often unexpected and sudden. Fire accidents can occur from damaged wiring, defective products, and smoke detectors that fail to activate. Every business or even resident needs to take all the necessary precautions to avoid fire accidents.

To avoid the mishappening, which can result in injuries or damage to the property, it is necessary to take a right caution i.e., .to take a NOC from India Fire Department.

In this topic, we will discuss the India Fire Department NOC – Application Procedure.

India Fire Department NOC – An overview

To ensure Fire prevention, no objective certificate is issued by the India Fire Department. The NOC is issued by the department after verifying and inspecting the building’s fire assistance and the mechanism used for fire safety. The mechanism used shall meet all the fire safety standards and guidelines issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

The India Fire Department, after inspection, when finds that the standards used are as per the expectation, it issues a NOC (No Objection Certificate) for the building (Commercial or Residential) of the applicant.

The NOC is issued by the respective state ‘Fire Service Department, ‘ which performs a similar function i.e., The department verifies and inspects the building fire resistance.

Causes of Fire Accidents

Various reasons can cause fire accidents. Some of them are-

Causes of Fire Accidents

Regulations governing India Fire Department NOC

The regulations governing India Fire Department NOC are covered under the ambit of the 12th Schedule of the Constitution of India, which comes under the purview of the various municipalities.

The fire and related activities are governed by the state governments under the State Regulations or Municipal By-Laws. Before the introduction of a new Act, it was regulated by the Delhi Fire Prevention and Fire Safety Act, 1986[1].

Note: Now, the provisions concerning fire safety in Delhi are governed by the Delhi Fire Services Act, 2007, and Delhi Fire Service Rules, 2010.

India Fire Department NOC – Application Procedure

An applicant can apply either online or offline for obtaining the India Fire Department NOC. For filling the online application, an applicant can apply through the official website of the respective state. However, for offline application, an application shall be submitted to the Chief fire officer or Fire service department.

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Documents required for filing the application

The application (In case of both online and offline application) shall be accompanied by the following documents-

  • Sets of Building plan consisting of Building Layout Plan, which includes a site plan, layout plan, and Building model.
  • Certificate of Building stability and Building model
  • A duly certified Checklist by the Architect.
  • Applicant’s Id and Address Proof.
  • Photograph of the building.
  • Completion certificate of electrical wiring

For obtaining the India Fire Department NOC, the relevant application, along with the above-mentioned documents, shall be forwarded by the CFO officer to the inspector of the respective state.

Once the document is forwarded by the CFO to the inspector. The inspector will pay a visit to the premise and inspect the equipment necessary for fire safety.

After inspecting all the fire standards, the inspector of the fire brigade of the respective state shall issue the NOC Fire Department. The validity of the India Fire Department NOC, In the case of the commercial building, it shall remain valid for 3 years and 5 years in case of a residential building.

Types of No Objection Certificate issued by the authority

  • Provisional Certificate – Once the evaluation of fire and life safety measures is done by the inspector, the fire department recommends an applicant to install certain fire and life safety mechanisms. The department issues a Provisional NOC.

Provisional NOC is a fire safetycertificate issued by the department temporarily, subject to the compliance made by the applicant as per the recommendation made to him. Provisional NOC has validity for a certain period in which the applicant needs to prepare to comply with the recommendations.

  • Final NOC – An applicant needs to apply to the fire prevention authority to inspect the implementations. After inspection, the authority will test and certify that the applicant is following the recommendations, and all installations are functioning in satisfactory condition.
It is important to note that the applicant has adhered to the recommendations necessary for obtaining the Fire NOC.

On finding the installations working in satisfactory conditions, the fire department will Issue a Final NOC, which shall be valid for 1 year from the date of issue. It must be renewed every year by applying to the India Fire Department.


Fire accidents are something that is not in anyone’s hands. With the rapid-fire accidents in the buildings, hospitals, or residential buildings, the Fire Departments are under the direction of the government to make the necessary inspection and audit of all buildings and seal them from further use till the compliance is done as per recommendations.

Conclusively, to avoid any undesirable happenings due to the sudden break of fire, it is mandatory for all the users to strictly comply with provisions and procedures of fire safety measures.

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