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Aditee is a legal researcher and writer. She has completed her graduation in BBALLB from IP University, New Delhi. She has a keen interest in insolvency and bankruptcy law and the companies Act. She likes to watch a lot of movies and series in her free time and hang around with her friends and travel across.

How to Get FSSAI License for Herbal Products in India?

Companies that sell herbal products are required to register for an FSSAI license. As a direct consequence of improvements made to India’s healthcare system, an ever-increasing number of Indians are worried about their own health and only want to purchase items that have been given the seal of approval by the Food Safety and Standards […]

How to Get FSSAI for Agricultural Products?

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, often known as FSSAI, is a government organization, as is common knowledge among all of us. This authority ensures that all actors in the food industry, including those engaged in the production, processing, storage, distribution, sale, and import of food, conform to a set of standards and […]

All You Need To Know About the Shops and Establishments Act

The Shop and Establishment Act regulates Shops, Commercial Establishments, Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants, Eating Establishments, and Other Public Amusement or Entertainment Establishments. In India, Shops and Establishment Registration are managed by state law. Shops & Establishment must adhere to each state’s own set of standards. Within 30 days of the start of employment, the employer of […]

Matters Requiring Special Resolution under Companies Act, 2013

A resolution may be either an Ordinary Resolution or a Special Resolution, according to Section 114 of the Companies Act of 2013. If a resolution wins a majority of the votes, it is considered an ordinary resolution under Section 114. (1). A resolution is considered a special resolution under Section 114(2). The intention to present […]

What is Form BEN-2? – A Complete Analysis

This declaration only applies to the Significant Beneficial Owners of the business who have disclosed their position in the company via ownership or voting rights and must be submitted with the registrar in line with Section 90 of the Companies Act, 2013. Beneficial Owners are shareholders who possess at least 10% of the company’s shares […]

What is Form 26 QB?

The taxes that the government levies on different kinds of income are deductible and may be collected in the places where they are appropriate to do so. TDS, which stands for Tax Deduction at Source, and TCS, which stands for Tax Collection at Source, are the terms used to describe this. According to Section 194 […]

Converting a Sole Proprietorship into a Partnership

The formation of a Sole Proprietorship is simple, but it may limit your company’s ability to expand in the future. After all, it’s not easy to start a firm from the beginning and make it successful. It is advised to register as a partnership rather than a sole proprietorship if one wants to expand their […]

A Complete Analysis of Sweat Equity Shares

Sweat Equity Shares are those that a company issues to its directors or employees at a discount or for consideration other than cash in exchange for their knowledge or for providing rights in the form of intellectual property rights or value additions, regardless of what they are called, according to Section 2(88) of the Act. […]

What is Management Accounting?

Managerial accounting, sometimes known as financial accounting, is a kind of accounting that creates statements, reports, and other documentation to assist management in making more educated choices about the performance of their organization. Managerial Accounting is widely utilized inside the company. Scroll down to check more about Management Accounting. What is accounting? The most significant […]

What Is A Letter Of Undertaking?

LUT stands for Letter of Undertaking. In order for the exporter to be exempt from paying taxes on the exported products or services, they are required to get a Letter of Undertaking. The exporter may export by paying IGST and then apply for a refund of the tax paid if the LUT is not lodged. […]

Everything about Leave and License Agreement

The Indian Easements Act of 1882[1] serves as the legal foundation for the leave and license agreement, despite the fact that different courts have sometimes elaborated on the topic. A license is “a right by which one person confers to another, or to a certain number of other persons, the right to do or continue […]

Association of Persons and Body of Individuals – Know the Differences

According to the Income Tax Act of 1961, “Association of Persons” (AOP) is defined as any organization consisting of two or more individuals that work together towards a shared goal, with the primary motivation being financial profit. According to the nomenclature of the AOP, “a person” may refer to either a corporation or a collection […]

What Are The Rights Of Shareholders?

A person or organization who holds at least one share of a firm is considered to be a shareholder in that company. Founders make up the bulk of a company’s shareholders. But, when the firm grows and brings on more investors, the stock it issues transforms into a kind of money that can be utilized […]

Who is Legally Entitled to File a Copyright Application?

The phrase “owner’s exclusive right to intellectual property” may be abbreviated to “copyright.” The word “copyright” The “copyright” for anything is another name for the right to duplicate it. This indicates that the only persons who are legally permitted to copy a work are the original writers of the work and any other individuals who […]