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Aditee is a legal researcher and writer. She has completed her graduation in BBALLB from IP University, New Delhi. She has a keen interest in insolvency and bankruptcy law and the companies Act. She likes to watch a lot of movies and series in her free time and hang around with her friends and travel across.

How Much Does It Cost To Register An LLP In India?

A Limited Liability Partnership is the phrase’s complete form (LLP). A limited liability partnership (LLP) is a kind of hybrid business form that combines elements of conventional partnerships with those of corporations. Certain aspects of an LLP are comparable to those of a company, while others are comparable to those of a partnership. The ease […]

Is It Mandatory To Get GST Registration For Private Limited Company?

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has already been adopted by a few of businesses, but the vast majority of others have not done so. Any company that intends to register under the GST Law in order to collect taxes on behalf of the government and claim input tax credits (ITCs) for taxes paid on […]

Registration of a Firm under Partnership Act – An Overview

A partnership firm is not like a company, it has different features such as, the all partners are responsible for the acts of one partner and each partner is responsible for the act of the others. Partnership is not freely transferrable like that of securities in a company. A partnership does not mandatorily require certificate […]

New Income Tax Slabs for Financial Year 2023-2024

Income tax is computed in India using income tax slabs and rates depending on the applicable financial year (FY) and assessment year (AY). In the Union Budget 2022-23, the income tax slab for FY 2023-24 was made public. Individual taxpayers are required to pay income tax in accordance with their tax slab. Depending on their […]

What Is Harmonized System Of Nomenclature (HSN) And The Service Accounting Codes (SAC)?

The Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) and the Service Accounting Codes (SAC) are being used to categories all of the goods and services that will be utilized in India’s GST. This will assist to reduce the number of obstacles that exist in the way of international commerce. It is simple to identify the goods and […]

How Can You Download And Print Udyam Registration Certificate Online?

One of the government’s initiatives geared at micro, small, and medium-sized businesses is called Udyam Registration (UR), which is also abbreviated as MSME registration (MSMEs). They are given access to a variety of advantages and subsidies to assist them in getting their business off the ground. Upon successful completion of the Udyam Registration procedure, a […]

What is E-Way Bill? – Rules, System, and Generation Process

An e-way bill is an electronic record that confirms the transportation of goods. This document is created by the e-way bill website, which can be found at It is essentially a GST compliance system in which the person responsible for the movement of goods (the consignor or seller) enters the necessary information prior to […]

A Complete Analysis of GST State Code List and Jurisdiction

The overwhelming majority of goods and services provided for domestic use are subject to the value added tax (VAT) known as the goods and services tax (GST). GST is levied on consumers and remitted by the companies that provide the government with goods and services. Nevertheless, those who are against the GST argue that it […]

What Is the Last Date of ITR Filing FY 2022-23 (AY – 2023-24)?

The last date for ITR Filing for Annual Year 2023-24, for income made in Financial Year 2022-23, the last date to file an ITR will be 31st July. The new Assessment Year 2023-24 will start on 1st April. Generally, the due date of ITR Filing is July 31st, it is expected that the same date […]

What is Universal Account Number (UAN)?

All salaried employees who make contributions to the Employee Provident Fund are given a Universal Account Number (UAN), which is a 12-digit unique identification number (EPF). Each participant in this EPFO is given a UAN, which they keep throughout their time working for the organization. Yet, the employee is granted a new PF account number […]

Difference Between ISO 9000 and ISO 9001

ISO were published in 1987 by the international organization for standardization for the first time, and are not specifically developed for usage of particularly few industries or products. There are various standards developed under ISO and major revisions have been made in 2000 and now the ISO 9000:2005 provides for definitions, ISO 9001:2008 stands for […]

What Is The Difference Between Pitch Deck And Business Plan?

Do pitch decks and business plans cover the same ground in terms of the information they include? This is a common concern voiced by entrepreneurs who are looking for support. Both of these things are going to be necessary for new business owners in order to successfully acquire reliable financial backers. It begs the question, […]

When And How To Amend A Registered Trademark In India?

Trademarks are very significant not only in terms of their significance in the business world but also in terms of their significance in the legal system. The use of trademarks is intended to establish ownership of a product and to provide assurance that the associated name and design will continue to be safeguarded. There are […]

What Are The Restrictions Of One Person Company In India?

As per the companies Act 2013, OPC can have same person as a director and the member, he is solely responsible for the investment, management, control, incorporation, fulfilling all compliances even post incorporation compliances. OPC can attract investors from the outside and can get loan from banks and other lenders, as they are reliable and […]