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Aditee is a legal researcher and writer. She has completed her graduation in BBALLB from IP University, New Delhi. She has a keen interest in insolvency and bankruptcy law and the companies Act. She likes to watch a lot of movies and series in her free time and hang around with her friends and travel across.

What Is A Due Diligence Audit And Why Is It Important?

Due Diligence Audit is an exhaustive examination of the financial health of the whole firm. A takeover, merger, or any other substantial action that might have a negative impact on the financials of one or more organizations is often preceded by an audit of this sort being carried out. Audits of this kind are also […]

What are the Primary Benefits of FIEO for Exporting?

This article intends to bring out a brief about benefits of FIEO, which was set up for international trade and commerce facilitation and promotion of export in India, it works under the regulatory standards of ISO[1]. It is a statutory body and works to represent the foreign traders and entrepreneurs.In order to keep a healthy […]

Why Do Public Companies Turn Into Private Companies? – Going Private

Going private would attract many debts as all the lenders and released shareholders will have to be paid back by the company, so the company would use its assets and reserves to pay back the debtors. The shares and other securities are no longer tradeable in the market and will be bought back by the […]

Formation of Section 8 Company – Requirements, Exemptions, Who can Form?

A Section 8 Company is formed after filling form no. INC 12, which has to be submitted with the registrar of the companies. It has few other compliances and procedures to be followed after filling of incorporation of form with the registrar. Section 8 co. was previously covered under section 25 of the companies act, […]

An Overview of Rights under Global Trademark

Global Trademark means to have international access to all the rights and obligations that a trademark holder has locally. It has several advantages. A trademark holder who wishes to expand his market globally and also protect its company’s identity from any kind of deceit, fraud, or malpractice shall have protection under global Trademark as the […]

Trademark Registration in the USA – A Complete Analysis

Trademarks are used to create a distinction between different brands to enable the customers to be able to identify brands, but if some brands would look similar, whether they function similarly or not, then it would be a great confusion for the customers. So, law has made provisions to punish those who would infringe the […]

What is the Novation of a Partnership Deed?

A business is perpetual but dynamic, so to maintain the perpetually, the partnership firms will have to deal with the dynamism of the world and businesses. It is quite inconvenient for business partners to cancel a previous contract wholly and enter into another contract so often. It is well said that partners may come and […]

Do I Need to Copyright My Music?

Yes, you need to Copyright your Music in order to protect your work from duplication, and unauthorized usage by others one should definitely copyright their work. It does not bring with it any bad consequence but comes with a bundle of protection for long duration. No one else would be able to earn profit from […]