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What are the Benefits of Eating House License & Procedure for License Application in India?

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Benefits of Eating House License & Procedure for License Application in India

To understand the benefits of eating house license, we must understand about the first and foremost what is an eating house. A place that offers various products related to drink and food to the general public for consumption is regarded as an eating house. It covers all shops, restaurants, food trucks, dhabas, cafes, and any other establishments which provide food and drink.

Benefits of Eating House License

  • A separate fan base has for food business in India and a food is offered with an eating house facility definitely adds some stars to your food business. It provides an owner to show his creativity and passion while offering food and related services to the consumers.
  • Food business as eating house can get huge popularity in a market now-a-days if they offer good quality and quantity of food to the consumers. As a result, it also results in profit maximization.
  • An eating house is a place for gathering to the public as consumers can spend their quality time along with friends and family for delicious food items.
  • The eating house shows the values, culture of the particular country. The variety of food products with its presentation shows that it belongs to a particular culture and defines its values. For instance, serving Rajasthani food in big thali, Pizza[1] in wooden tray, and same as Dosa in banana leaves is a south Indian speciality.
  • With the number of increasing diets and having healthy eating food options, people now-a-days know as to what they are consuming is not just safe. Therefore, they always prefer what is really of a good quality, therefore having an eating house license would be far beneficial.
  • It is advisable for any businessman to firstly get the license before they want to open your business officially. The actual cost of the license is less than what one has to pay for the penalties in case you are caught.
  • The eating house license will help to establish a decent reputation and also qualification to grow business more in a new direction with an ease.
  • The eating house license can also make it easier to get bank loans and funding if required for expansion.

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Procedure for Eating House License Application

The process for attaining the eating house license involves three main steps:

Procedure for Eating House License

Detailed steps involved in obtaining the license

  • An applicant requires registering first visiting on the official website of the police of the state for benefits of Eating House License. On registration an applicant will receive the user id and password.
  • The next step is to fill up an application for a license and upload the required documents.
  • After all documents have been submitted, an applicant has to visit the Additional Commissioner of Police of the state for application verification and the documents examination.
  • After that an applicant will call the concerned department for a follow up on an application. In case an application gets rejected for incomplete information or for any malafide information, the fees get forfeited for the same.
  • Lastly, an applicant will get an Eating House License.

Important Documents Required for Eating House License

The following are list of the documents that requires along with an application:-

Eating House site-related documents

  • Location plan for Eating House
  • Photographs for the same
  • A fire safety certification when it is applicable for eating houses for seats of minimum of 50 people at a time.
  • The proof for surveillance systems or CCTV that are installed along with a minimum 30 days of video recording comprising the installation or invoice details concerning CCTV
  • Ownership proof or proof of tenancy or lease of premise such as registered sale deed or rent agreement.
  • NOC or No objection certificate from the owner of the premise which is self-attested.
  • (IPRS)- Indian Performing Right Society permission to have amusement activities like live band, DJ and discotheque.

Applicant-related documents

  • Identity proof such as Passport, PAN Card,
  • Residence Proof such as voters id, Bank account
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
  • The Certification of Incorporation for LLP or Company

Director and employee-related documents

  • Form 32 and complete list of Director Names.
  • The nomination comprising the Authorised signatory on the letterhead of the company
  • Resolution of the board for operating a business
  • The list of all employees working in the eating house, including a food handler information – name, age and address.
  • A registration certificate issued by the Labour Department

Other documents

Renewal of the License

The Eating House license renewal will be done when the validity of the license ends. The validity of license depends on an issuing authority, as it varies from state to state. Generally, the license is valid for 3 years. The renewal process is very much similar to applying for the new license.

Cancellation of the License

The authority grants the license will also reserve the right to cancel the same in case of following reasons:

  • In case an applicant violates any guidelines issued at the time of issuance of license.
  • If one does not follow the instructions provided then an authority can cancel a license after providing an applicant for an opportunity of being heard.
  • In case an applicant wanted to close the business of eating house for any certain reason, then he can apply for the surrender of the license. Accordingly, the authority will cancel a license.

Duplicate License

  • If the license is damaged, torn, or deteriorated, then the applicant can apply for a duplicate license with the prescribed fees. The authority will then evaluate the application and grant the license.
  • The eating house license is one of the licenses needs to run a food business in India. It is imperative to obtain the Eating House license to run a legitimate business.


Eating House license is a type of License as issued by the Licensing Police Commissioner of a particular state. The license is obtained for a permission to establish the eating house in any specific location. We at Corpbiz welcome an applicant who needs to obtain eating house license along with other licenses if they wants to operate a cafe, restaurant, hotel, etc.

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