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Know the List of Document Required for Eating House License

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Document Required for Eating House License

Eating House License is one the mandatory license which is required to run food businesses in India. Hotel and restaurant usually obtained this license right at the time of commencement of business. In this write-up, we will cover and explain the document required for eating house license in India. Before we get started with the main topic, let’s go through some basics first. 

What’s an Eating House?

Indian economy is flourishing and so as the food businesses across the country. Eating house is arguably the most reliable and trending business model in the country right now. An eating House is any place where food and beverages is served to the general public[1] for consumptions generally referred to as eating house. It is also known to be place where edible items and drinks (excluding alcoholic beverages) are served to the public at large for consumption is regarded as an eating house. Establishments that come under the category of Eating House are all restaurants, food shops, and hotels. 

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What is the Eating House License?

Restaurant in India is liable to obtain Eating House License to operate their business without legal hindrances. The applicant who intends to open a food business in India must apply for the eating license under the state headquarters. 

Document Required for Eating House License

Document Required for Eating House License

The following is the list of document that an applicant needs to upload along with the application

Documents Related to the Site

  • Site plan* of the eating house.
  • Multiple Photographs of the eating house.
  • NOC from the fire department*
  • The proof related to the surveillance systems installed in the eating house along with 30 days of video recording.
  • Property related documents such as sale deed or rent deed. 
  • No objection certificate from the owner of the property (self-attested)
  • A letter of consent from the Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS) for conducting amusement activities in the eating house.

*A site plan is a detailed architectural plan of specific premises. It is usually issued by the land surveyors or the licensed engineer. 

Fire Department NOC*

To avail of the fire license, the applicant has to furnish a building plan, a certificate issued by the architect, and the model of the building to the fire department. Apart from that, the applicant is also required to fill out a questionnaire concerning compliance with fire safety regulations. 

Documents related to the Applicant 

  • Passport and the PAN Card for the identification proof. 
  • Address proof such as Passport, voters id, and Bank account. 
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Certification of Incorporation (COI) in case of the LLP 

Documents related to Director and Employee

  • Particulars regarding the Director such as name and address along with the Form 32.
  • The nomination of Authorized signatory on company’s letterhead
  • Copy of Board Resolution for conducting business. 
  • Complete list of employees including the detail of food handlers working in the eating house. 
  • Registration certificate from the labor department. 

Other Relevant Documents

Liquor License- If the eating house wishes to serve alcoholic beverages to the customer, then the applicant must obtain a Liquor License from the Excise Commissioner of the state.

Music License- Music license is mandatory for the FBOs who wish to entertain the customer through music. The applicant can avail of such a license from Phonographic Performance Limited. It should be noted that playing music in a crowded or public place is a legal offense. 

Lift Clearance NOC –Lift Clearance NOC would be required in case the eating house is situated in a multi-storey building. 

After arranging the aforesaid documents, the applicant is required to file an online application on an online portal of respective state authority. The applicant will be asked to upload the requested documents while filling up the application form. After finishing the aforesaid requirement, the applicant must approach to the Addl. Commissioner of Police Licensing to validate their applicant and documents. The authority might take some time or even a couple of days to verify the submitted documents. After successful verification, the authority will furnish the license to the applicant within 30-60 days. 

Points worth to Remember while applying for Eating House License

  • The validity of eating house license differ from state to state. Typically, the timeline for validity is defined by the police authorities of the respective state. 
  • Generally, eating house license serves the validity period of three years. Post-termination, the applicant needs to reapply for license. The applicant doesn’t need to follow the separate process for renewal. 
  • Police authority normally charges Rs 300 for the of the eating license. 
  • In case of a lost or defaced license, the applicant can make an online application and submit a prescribed fee. 
  • Apart from eating house license, the FBOs need to obtain several mandatory certificates to run their business such as FSSAI License, Health or Trade License, Shop and Establishment License, and Fire Safety License. 


The aforesaid information has made it apparent that for obtaining eating house license one has to arrange a lot of documentation. Applying for an Eating House License is fairly straightforward. You need to fill up the application correctly on the police authority website, arrange the requested documents for verification, and follow up the authority for application status.If some of you still think the gathering such documents could be a tedious errand to deal with, then let CorpBiz’s expert help you out.  

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