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Eating House License Renewal: All you Need to Know

calendar05 Apr, 2022
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Eating House License Renewal: All you Need to Know

An eating house license is issued by the respective police department of the state against the prescribed application and fee. Generally, it is issued for the duration of one year, and after that licensee needs to renew it accordingly. The applicant needs to file an affidavit with the state police department for renewal. The submission of the said affidavit is mandatory for the eating house license renewal. This write-up shall throw some light on the mandatory inclusions that should be filed by the applicant in the said affidavit.

Underlying conditions for eating house license renewal

To ensure eating house license renewal, one has to submit an affidavit to the respective state police department. It should be filed either by the owner or an authorized signatory. The said affidavit seeks applicants to provide the following information;

  • Name of the applicant
  • Address of the applicant
  • Exact designation of the applicant (Proprietor/ Partner/ Manager/ Director/ Authorised signatory)
  • Name of the Eating house and address
  • Validity of the trade license
  • Office address of the owner and contact details
  • Seating capacity
  • Duration since eating house has remained operational
  • Details of fire safety equipment installed in the Eating house
  • Declaration whether the eating house has ever been penalized by the authority for non-compliance or not.
  • Number of CCTV installed on the premises

Declaration included in the affidavit for eating house license renewal

  • Whether the eating house in question is operating as per the provisions or not;
  • Evidence pertaining to tenancy proof of premises is attached or not;
  • Whether the eating house or owner has any pending criminal proceedings/cases in court or not;
  • Whether the State Government or Police department has issued a red corner notice or lookout notice against the premises in question or not; (This deals with the proprietorship concerns)
  • Whether the eating house is complying with the Cinemas and performances for public Amusement, 1980 or not;
  • Whether the eating house has followed relevant safety measures or not in line with applicable legislation
  • Whether the eating house has proper fire fighting arrangement and equipment in place or not;
  • Do the premises have a clear passage for evacuation as per the norms or not;
  • Whether the eating house is operating in an authorized area or not;
  • Whether the premises has duly followed the norms around seating capacity or not;
  • Status of the electrical connection is valid  or not;
  • Whether the premises has ensured conformity with child labour norms or not;
  • Whether the premises has verified the character antecedents of available staff or not;
  • Declaration confirming the non-involvement of employees with any legal offences.
  • Whether the eating house has duly complied with COTPA Sec. 4
  • Whether the premises in question has complied with Pollution Control Committee’s provisions
  • Whether the premises in question has obtained pollution NOC from the department concerned
  • Whether the premises has been penalized by the State Delhi Police for breaching underlying regulations
  • Whether the premises has installed the CCTV cameras at strategic locations or not;

Documentation required for eating house license renewal

  • Copy of the existing license
  • Tenancy proof of the eating house in question
  • Detail of staff
  • Detail of owners such name, contact details, PAN, etc
  • PAN detail of the premises
  • Trade license copy
  • Copy of license issued by the Pollution control board
  • Detail of individual serving renewal formalities on owner’s behalf
  • Copy of any applicable licenses, if applicable
  • Fire NOC and detail of fire safety equipment such as a copy of bills/invoices/photograph)
  • Document evidencing valid electrical connection
  • Tobacco license under COTPA[1], if available

As you can see that the eating house license renewal is not a complicated process at all. All you need to do is fill the said affidavit accordingly and submit it along with mandatory paperwork to the respective police department. The concerned police department, upon inspecting the documents and premises (if required), shall grant the renewal of the existing license.


Eating house license renewal is an absolute mandate for eating houses to remain operational. Late or no renewal could compel the eating house to pay hefty penalties. Thus, it is recommended to stay on top of the due date and renew the license in the way mentioned above.

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