Eating House License

How to Avail Eating House License in India

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Eating House License in India

Eating house license is one of the essential licenses which are conferred to the establishments classified as an eating house such as restaurants, food trucks, hotel, and food shops. It is usually acquired at the time of commencement of the food business along with other licenses. Eating house is referred to as any premises which serve various products related to foods and beverages to the general public for consumption.  Here will be going to discuss Eating house license in India.

Eating House License in India

Procedure for Obtaining the Eating House License in India

The procedure for availing the eating license involves 3 steps:- 

  • Fill up the application available on the online portal. 
  • Upload the requested documents
  • Approach to Additional Commissioner of Police

Following is the detailed procedure for obtaining the eating license in India. Those are as follows:-

  • The applicant must first reach out for the online portal of the respective state police to get registered. Here’s the applicant will receive the login credentials. The next step is to complete the online application and upload the requested documents. 
  • After completing the aforesaid requirement, the applicant must reach out to the Additional Commissioner of Police[1] for the verification of the application and documents. 
  • Next, the applicant must connect to the relevant department to verify the status of the application. In case if the authority rejects the application for any reason, the paid fees shall be forfeited by the government. 
  • If the authority couldn’t find any loophole in the application and documents then they will grant the license to the applicant within 45-60 days.

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Documentation Required for Eating House License in India

The following is the list of document that an applicant needs to upload along with the application. Those are as follows:-

Premises Related Documents

  • A floor plan of the establishment 
  • Multiple Photographs of the establishment
  • A fire safety certification granted by the relevant issuance authority.
Note: A fire safety certification is applicable to those eating house having a minimum capacity of serving 50 people at a time.
  • The proof of surveillance systems that are installed in the premises plus 30 days of video recording 
  • Copy of sale deed or rent deed of the property. 
  • NOC from the property’s owner (self-attested)
  • Written permission from Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS) for performing amusement activities within the eating house.

Documents of the Applicant

  • PAN Card, Passport for the identification. 
  • Passport, voter id, and Bank account for residence proof. 
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) of the companies and LLP.
  • The Certification of Incorporation (COI) of the eating house and LLP.

Documents of Director and Employee

  • Director Names along with Form 32.
  • The nomination concerning the concluded Authorized signatory on the letterhead of the company.
  • Resolution obtained in the board meeting for operating business. 
  • Complete list of employees serving the eating house including the detail of food handler. 
  • Registration certificate issued by the labor department. 

Other vital documents

  • A Trade License from the respective issuing authority. 
  • FSSAI license and other applicable registration papers.
  • GST registration certificate.
  • A letter of consent from DPCC.
  • Copy of Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) 
  • Affidavit (self-attested) for issuing a new license.
  • Liquor License issued by the Excise Commissioner of the state.
  • Music License issued by the Phonographic Performance Limited
  • Lift Clearance NOC issued by the labor department.

Brief on License Renewal 

The eating house license can be renewed from the aforesaid authority once it gets expired. However, it should be noted that the validity of the license differs from state to state. The eating house license comes with a validity of three years. The process of renewing such a license is identical to the process of obtaining the new license. 

Brief on License Cancellation

Authorities that confer the eating house license also have a right to revoke it. The revocation of the license occurs in the following scenarios. Those are as follows:-

  • If the applicant failed to comply with the prescribed provision. 
  • If the applicant fails to surrender the license in case of the closure of the business. 

The revocation does not occur instantaneously. The authority will follow the required protocol, like notifying the applicant before revoking the license. This would allow the applicants to clarify their stand against the notification. 

Obtaining Duplicate License

In case the license is deteriorated or lost then applicant can approach to authority for duplicate license along with the prescribed fees. The authority will check the application thoroughly and then grant the license to the applicant. The eating house license is one of the crucial licenses required to run a food business in India. 

It is a fairly straightforward task to apply for an Eating House License in India. All you need to hop onto police authority website and fill up the form/application, submit the requested documents for verification, and follow up the authority to verify the application status. Once you follow these steps correctly, the authority would furnish the license in the prescribed timeframe.


Food businesses are thriving at a rapid rate and it is perhaps the most profitable business model in India right now. However, setting up such a business model is not as easy as it looks. One has to address tons of compliances and registration to set up an eating house in India. Since the edible item and beverage directly impact the customer’s health, authorities are taking every possible measure to ensure that every FBOs work in prescribed guidelines.

A full-fledged eating house attracts dozen of license and registration before it come into the effect. Documentation plays a vital role here- if you don’t get it right, the authority won’t approve your application.If some of you still think the gathering such documents could be a tedious errand to deal with, then let CorpBiz’s expert help you out.  

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