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Delhi Police Eating house license: Documentation and Process

calendar17 May, 2022
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Delhi Police Eating house license

Eating house refers to a place that provides dine-in and beverages related services to the masses. Legalities around the license are mentioned under the Delhi Police Act. No entity can involve with the Eating house business without this license. In this write-up, we shall discuss the underlying legalities around Delhi Police Eating house license, including standard paperwork and licensing procedure.

Documents to be submitted along with the application for the Delhi Police Eating house license

  • Declaration in a prescribed form confirming the indulgence of the applicant with any felony, if any, committed in the past.
  • A certificate confirming the installation of CCTVs cameras within the premises. Note: the applicant can also provide the receipt of procurement of CCTVs in this regard)
  • Property related documents such as utility bills or rent deed (in case of rented property)
  • Details of the employees serving the eating house, along with their background evidence
  • Owners’ detail PAN and Aadhaar detail as identification proof.
  • Fire NOC from the competent authority
  • Permit under the COTPA Act 2003 (in case the eating house has a dedicated smoking zone)
  • Location plan along with the photos of the premises.
  • Written approval was issued by the Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS) in case the eating house intends to arrange amusement undertakings.
  • Business registration as applicable
  • Trade license
  • MoA of the eating house
  • COI, i.e. Certificate of incorporation of Eating house
  • Details of active Directors
  • The declaration on the company’s letterhead confirming the appointment of an Authorised signatory
  • Board Resolution showing members’ consent regarding the procurement of eating house license
  • The list of the employees serving the facility.
  • Copy of Food license granted by the apex regulator FSSAI
  • GST registration certificate
  • Pollution NOC from DPCC
  • Copy of Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
  • An affidavit (self-attested) for the issuance of a new license

Procedure for securing Delhi Police Eating house license

  1. The applicant must first visit the Delhi Police’s portal.
  2. Tap on the option called “grant of new eating house license”. The portal shall direct you to a new portal called Unified Portal for licensing of eating houses in Delhi.
  3. Register to this portal by creating a new account
  4. Login to the portal again
  5. On the home page, click on the option called “Apply for License.”
  6. The portal shall open the e-form, which you need to fill out accordingly.
  7. Next, upload the aforesaid documents in the prescribed format and then submit the e-form
  8. Next, pay a visit to the Additional Commissioner of Police for the application and document vetting.

Note: The presence of any malafide information shall lead to the cancellation of the application. The application fee is non-refundable.

5. Grant of registration shall come to the effect provided the authority fails to locate any error in the application and attached documents.

Note: The validity of the eating house license in the Delhi region is three years.

Details to be provided by the applicant in Delhi Police eating house license application

The eating house license application seeks applicants to submit the following details:

  • Applicant’s name and contact detail
  • Eating house name and contact detail
  • Validity of trade license
  • Duration served by Eating house
  • Declaration regarding the legal track record of the applicant
  • Declaration regarding the amusement activities undertaken at the eating house
  • List of safety equipment outfitted within the eating house
  • Seating capacity available within the eating house
  • Declaration regarding available electrical connection
  • Declaration regarding the code of conduct when it comes to employing minor
  • Declaration regarding the non-presence of contagious diseases among the staff
  • Excise department certificate (in case the eating house has a dedicated bar zone)
  • Declaration confirming that establishment in question is in compliant with COPTA’s provisions[1]
  • Declaration confirming that the establishment in question adheres to norms underpinned by the Pollution control board
  • Number of challans (penalty receipts) against the establishments
  • Numbers of CCTV cameras installed within the premises

Scenarios under which Delhi Police eating house license can be cancelled.

  • Contravention of any norms under “Delhi Eating Houses Registration Regulations 1980
  • Hiring of minor
  • Running bar without proper license in place
  • Breaching norms listed under the COPTA
  • Emission of excessive pollutants, regardless of form
  • Running eating house with an expired license
  • Unavailability of CCTV cameras or required safety equipment
  • Indulgence in criminal activities of any type

Issuance of Duplicate License

Licensees can apply for a duplicate eating house licence in case their original license is lost or gets physical damaged. The application for the issuance of such a license is available on the Delhi police portal.


Delhi Police Eating house license procedure generally comprises three steps Arrangement of required documentation, Online Application filing and an In-person meeting with the Additional Commission of Police for final approval.

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