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Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum: Simplifying Industrial Investments in India

calendar07 Jun, 2023
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Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum: Simplifying Industrial Investments in India

India’s commitment to fostering industrial growth and encouraging entrepreneurship is evident through various policies and initiatives. One such initiative is the Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum, a vital document that ensures the establishment as well as expansion of industrial enterprises. In this blog, we will take a closer take at the concept and importance of the Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum, providing a detailed guide for businesses in India.

Understanding the Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum

The Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum refers to a document filed with the authority called the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), which falls under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in India.

Its aim is to serve as an intimation to the government about an enterprise’s willingness to set up or expand an industrial project. The IEM functions under the authority of the Industrial Development and Regulation Act (IDRA) of 1951 and its subsequent amendments.

Significance of the Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum

Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum empowers enterprises in industrial settings to embrace growth and the potential for expansion. Let’s understand what exactly it offers to the industries:

  • Simplifying the Ease of Doing Business

The IEM plays a vital role in simplifying the process of setting up and expanding industrial enterprises in India. By providing a single-window clearance mechanism, it eliminates the need for multiple approvals from different government departments, thereby enhancing the ease of doing business.

  • Encouraging Industrial Investments

Filing an IEM signals the intent of businesses to invest in industrial activities. This declaration helps the government monitor investment inflows, plan infrastructure development, and identify potential sectors for growth.

  • Facilitating Government Support

The IEM serves as a communication channel between the government and businesses. It enables the government to provide necessary support, incentives, and benefits to industrial enterprises, such as land acquisition, power supply, and infrastructure development.

  • Ensuring Compliance and Monitoring

By filing an IEM, businesses ensure compliance with various laws, regulations, and policies related to industrial development. The government can also monitor the progress and performance of industrial projects through the information provided in the IEM.

Filing an Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum

Here are some requirements that applicants must take into account before filing an Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum:

  • Eligibility Criteria

The IEM is open to individuals, partnership firms, private limited companies, and public limited companies intending to undertake industrial activities in India.

  • Project Formulation

Before filing an IEM, businesses must formulate a comprehensive project proposal. This proposal should include details such as the nature of the industry, proposed location, investment amount, employment generation projections, and the proposed timeline.

  • Online Application

The application for the Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum is submitted online through the DPIIT’s e-Biz portal[1]. Along with the application, the prescribed fee needs to be paid.

  • Required Information

The IEM application requires businesses to provide essential details, including the name and address of the promoter, project details, employment generation projections, proposed investment, and any collaboration or foreign technology agreements.

  • Acknowledgment and Tracking

Once the application is successfully submitted, an acknowledgment is generated. This acknowledgment serves as a reference for tracking the status of the application online.

  • Follow-up Actions

After filing the IEM, businesses need to undertake various follow-up actions to set up or expand their industrial enterprise. This includes obtaining necessary clearances and approvals from relevant government departments, acquiring suitable land, securing financing, and commencing project implementation.


The Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum (IEM) plays a crucial role in simplifying the process of establishing and expanding industrial enterprises in India. By filing an IEM, businesses can benefit from streamlined procedures, government support, and incentives. The IEM not only promotes ease of doing business but also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitates effective monitoring and planning of industrial growth.

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