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BIS Certification for Morpholine: Process, Norms, and Documents

calendar03 Jun, 2023
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BIS Certification for Morpholine: Process, Norms, and Documents

Morpholine is a clear liquid with a sweet smell that is used as a solvent in the production of chemicals like rubber chemicals, dyes, and pharmaceuticals. It can also prevent corrosion in metal pipes and equipment in the oil and gas industry. Morpholine is used to produce surfactants which are compounds that reduce the surface tension of liquids, making it useful in cleaning products, detergents, and personal care products like shampoos and soaps. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) covers this product under its “Conformity Assessment Scheme”, which mandates manufacturers to affix ISI marking on their product. Let’s take a close look at the BIS Certification for Morpholine and its legalities.

What is the Role of IS12084:2018?

The standard IS12084:2018 pertains to Morpholine and outlines its requirements, sampling, and testing methods when used as a corrosion inhibitor in boiler waters.

Morpholine is an aminoether and a solvent for solid organic compounds such as resins, dyes, and waxes. It has the unique property of remaining highly volatile in an aqueous solution. It is used as a corrosion inhibitor in boiler waters due to its mild base properties.

The material must be a clear liquid with an amine-like odor and free of visible suspended matter. It must not contain any free ammonia or hazardous materials that could damage boiler metals and piping. The standard specifies additional requirements that must be met by the material.

Testing Requirements Concerning BIS Certification for Morpholine

Manufacturers seeking BIS Certification for Morpholine must clear the following tests. The BIS-certified lab shall perform these tests as per the methods cited in the relevant IS. 

  • Purity of Morpholine
  • Relative density test
  • Residue test
  • Ash content
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Chloride

Packing and Marking Norms Concerning BIS Certification for Morpholine

The packaging and marking of Morpholine must comply with the guidelines outlined in IS 12084:2018. The material must be packaged in suitable containers as agreed upon by the buyer and seller. If the material meets all the requirements of the specification, the Standard Mark (ISI Mark) may be affixed to the container.

Each container must be labeled with the information specified in the standard. The manufacturer must obtain a BIS license from the Bureau of Indian Standards to use the standard mark (ISI Mark). The BIS evaluates the manufacturing infrastructure, quality control, testing capabilities, and production process before granting a license.

Documents Concerning BIS Certification for Morpholine

While applying for a BIS license online, the applicant must upload the following paperwork:

  • Application Form

This form is used to apply for a BIS license and entails information like the applicant’s name, address, & product information.

  • Test Reports

Test reports from BIS-certified labs are required to manifest that the product conforms to the relevant IS.

  • Manufacturing Process Details

Details concerning the manufacturing process must be shared, including information on quality control and testing procedures.

  • Quality Control Plan

A quality control plan must be shared, reflecting the steps taken to ensure that the product adheres to the relevant standards.

  • Copy of License

A copy of the applicant’s registration for product manufacturing must be provided.

  • Product Literature

Literature such as product manuals and technical specifications must be submitted.

  • Declaration of Conformity

A declaration of conformity must be shared, assuring that the product fulfills the relevant IS.

The specific paperwork required may vary based on the type of product being registered and the applicable IS.

Step-by-Step Process to Secure BIS Certification for Morpholine

To secure BIS certification for Morpholine, follow these steps:

  • Identify the Indian Standard

Determine the relevant IS that applies to the product in question. In this case, it is IS 12084:2018.

  • Product Testing

Locate a BIS-certified lab that can perform the underlying tests to show that Morpholine meets the norms of IS 12084:2018.

  • Complete an Application Form

Fill out an application form for a BIS license with the apt information, such as the applicant’s name, address, and product details.

  • Submit the Documents

Furnish the application form along with apt paperwork, such as test reports from the certified lab, details of the production process, a quality control detail, a copy of the factory license, and product literature.

  • Evaluation of Documents

BIS will check the documents to determine that the product in question meets all the norms of IS 12084:2018.

  • On-Site Inspection (If Necessary)

BIS may conduct an on-site vetting of the production premise to ensure compliance with the IS.

  • Receive BIS Certification

If the product and the production premise meet all the norms of IS 12084:2018, BIS will grant BIS certification for Morpholine.

Is There Any Legal Implication For Not Securing A BIS License?

In India, certain products must have BIS certification before they can be sold or distributed. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in legal consequences such as fines and penalties for the manufacturer or seller.

Non-compliant products may also be seized by authorities and prohibited from sale or distribution. Therefore, obtaining BIS certification is crucial to ensure compliance with Indian regulations and avoid legal implications.


BIS certification for Morpholine[1] is crucial as it verifies that the product conforms to the applicable Indian Standard, IS 12084:2018. This certification confirms that Morpholine is safe for use as a corrosion inhibitor in boiler waters and meets all required quality standards. It also assures customers and regulatory authorities that the product is dependable and satisfies the specified criteria. Moreover, BIS certification can enhance the product’s marketability and build trust among consumers.

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