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Refurbisher License in Delhi

In order to start a refurbisher business in Delhi, you must obtain a refurbisher license. Connect with Corpbiz today and know how you can start the refurbisher business and enrol for the refurbisher license easily.

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Overview of Refurbisher License in Delhi

If a person wishes to carry out the process of refurbishment, then he is required to obtain authorization for the same from the concerned authority. There are certain criteria that should be met by the refurbisher and documents like NOC from state board will also be needed.

What is Refurbishment and who is a Refurbisher?

 If we refer to the E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016 “Refurbishment” is a process wherein improvement of the used electrical and electronic equipment as provided under Schedule I for extending its shelf life for its originally supposed use is carried out. Refurbisher refers to a person who carries out the whole process of refurbishment in his/her business premises.

What is the importance of Refurbishment?

Refurbishment has a greater significance over recycling as it not only reduces E-Waste but also extends the shelf life of the product. The crucial difference between recycling and refurbishing is that in case of recycling materials are extracted and reused whereas in refurbishment, elements in operating condition are reused in new materials.

Hence refurbishing is healthier from the environmental perspective because even effective recycling processes produce some waste. Various materials cannot be recycled indefinitely, hence a lot of e-waste becomes useless to recyclers. In case of Refurbishing, it is effective as operating elements is reused in new materials. Another benefit of refurbishing the e-waste is that the older elements will take the place of the recent ones while not compromising with the standard of freshly factory-made. Customers may not notice any difference in the quality when they get a replacement of the electronic product. For refurbishing, people who recycle should purchase natural materials whereas makers should use second-generation materials to manufacture new natural materials.

Responsibility of a Refurbisher

The responsibilities of a refurbisher are as follows:

  • Gather the waste generated in the refurbishing process and send the waste to the authorized recycler;
  • To make sure that no loss is caused to the environment due to the storage of the electronic waste or during the refurbishing process;
  • To make sure that the waste generated is transported safely to the authorized assortment centres/recyclers;
  • File annual return to the State board and maintain the records of e-waste.

Requirements to obtain Refurbisher License in Delhi

Some of the requirements are as follows;

  • A separate place is needed wherein all the e-waste will be kept;
  • A closed space like a factory is also needed;
  • Equipments will be needed for refurbishment process;
  • You will need a technical person to work with machines and in the refurbishment process.

Documents needed for obtaining Refurbisher License in Delhi

  • NOC from the State Board

How will Corpbiz assist you? 

We at Corpbiz have a team of dedicated & skilled professionals who will help you obtain the Refurbisher license in Delhi from concerned authority. Complete assistance will be provided in application filing process and get advisory on the same. Contact Corpbiz today!

Frequently Asked Questions

If a person wishes to carry out the process of refurbishment in Delhi, then he is required to obtain this license.

It is a process wherein improvement of the used electrical and electronic equipment as provided under Schedule I for extending its shelf life for its actual supposed use is carried out.

NOC should be obtained from the state board.

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