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An Overview of PSARA License in Delhi

PSARA Act, 2005 was enacted to formalise the unorganised private security sector in India. The Act seeks to regulate the security sector through various regulations and norms. The existing norms under the Act mandate every private security agency to obtain the PSARA license. PSARA License is required for Private Security Agencies (PSAs) that provide security services under the PSARA Act, 2005. PSAs who provide security services comprising training of security guards need to be registered under the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005. Operating a Private Security Firm in Delhi requires a PSARA License in Delhi. These firms or companies offer different enterprises across the nation other protection services in addition to deploying experienced security personnel. If anyone who wants to start a security business must first obtain a PSARA License in Delhi. Corpbiz is the best legal & business services platform for services relating to PSARA License; we also offer various other Registration services.

Private Security Agency (PSA)

PSAs are business establishments formed with the purpose of offering security services to businesses in various sectors comprising banking, IT, finance, industries, etc. PSARA Act, 2005 was introduced so as to establish a certain standard of professionalism in the field of security services. Agencies not only provide security services but also offer the option of training potential candidates for their security-centric careers.

Eligibility Criteria for PSARA License in Delhi

Following is the eligibility criteria for PSARA License in Delhi:

  • In terms of Type of Business Organisation: The following entities are eligible to get PSARA License in Delhi:
  1. One Person Company (OPC);
  2. Private Limited Company;
  3. Partnership Firm;
  4. Sole Proprietorship;
  5. LLP (Limited Liability Partnership);
  6. Association of Persons.
  • In terms of the Role of a Security Guard:
  1. Must have Indian Citizenship;
  2. Must be an individual between the ages of 18 & 65;
  3. Must have acquired prior training;
  4. Must measure up to all the desired physical attributes;
  5. Assurance regarding the individual’s character has to be provided;
  6. Must not be terminated from any Government Services, in any case.
  • In terms of the Role of a Director or Principal Officer: The eligibility to be Director or Principal Officer is not one that is open to all. There are specific criteria to be fulfilled in order to be eligible for the same:
  1. Must have Indian Citizenship;
  2. Must be an individual between the ages of 18 & 65;
  3. Must not have any convictions against them whatsoever;
  4. Must possess adequate financial resources to bear the business expenses.

Documents Required for FSSAI License in Delhi

Following is the list of all the Documents required for an FSSAI License in Delhi:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation or Partnership Deed (in case of Company or Firm);
  2. Memorandum of Association (MoA) & Articles of Association (AoA) (in case of a Company);
  3. Address proof of the Business Place (Rent Agreement or Electricity Bill);
  4. ESIC and EPF Registration;
  5. GST Registration Certificate & Shop and Establishment License;
  6. Aadhar Card, PAN Card, photo, mobile number and mail id owner (in case of Company or Firm, then all the Partners or Directors);
  7. Agency Logo;
  8. Character verification report and identity card of all the employees and employer;
  9. Affidavit drafted as per PSARA Act.

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Procedure to Obtain PSARA License in Delhi with Corpbiz

Corpbiz will help you to apply for PSARA License in Delhi from the comfort of your home, offering you services that are very specialised & tailored for individual needs.

Step 1: Documentation: Corpbiz will prepare your application for PSARA License as per the details provided by you, along with the collection of required Documents.

Step 2: Application Submission: Corpbiz will prepare the affidavit in the required format & submit your application for processing along with the required Documents.

Step 3: Issue of License: Once the PSARA application is approved & a License is issued by the Authority, Corpbiz will share the PSARA License with you.

Note: Once granted, the PSARA license shall stay valid for 5 years. However, this condition is only applicable to states other than MP, Uttarakhand, and Chhattisgarh, where validity remains valid for 1 year. Renewal of the PSARA License can be easily done within 90 days from the expiration date.

Post-Registration Conditions

Private Security Agencies Regulation Act (PSARA), 2005 has set forth the given conditions for the license holders in Delhi:

  • A private security agency (PSA) functioning in the Delhi region should appoint a supervisor to administer guards.
  • The prescribed training protocols under the Act should be followed by every PSA for training appointed guards.
  • While serving appointment procedure, the PSA should give prime consideration to candidates from defence backgrounds who have served three years of service tenure.
  • There should be an arrangement for a standard uniform code for appointed guards within the agency.

Training conditions to be fulfilled by the License Holders

The Controlling Authority shall be liable for underpinning proper training modules for the overall development of the appointed guards.

The prevailing Act underpins the following training modules for the appointed guards:

  • 200 hours of classroom instructions
  • 60 hours of field training

Every PSA is obligated to complete this training schedule within 20 days.

However, the Act pens down the different training protocols for ex-servicemen and former police personnel. The said Act states that said personnel should undergo the following;

  • 40 hours of classroom instructions
  • 16 hours of field training

This Act mandates PSAs to complete the said training schedule within seven working days.

Recommended training module under the PSARA Act, 2005

  • Fire fighting
  • Household Security, Physical Security, assets security, etc.
  • Knowledge about English alphabet & Arabic numerals
  • Crowd control
  • Examination of an individual's credentials relating to the identity
  • Physical Fitness training
  • Explosives identification
  • Handling and operating firearms (optional)

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