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Obtain E-waste License in Delhi in Three days

Delhi government’s Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) issues license for collection, storage and segregation of E-waste. Connect with Corpbiz today to get complete assistance on getting your E-waste license.

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What is E-waste Management?

E-waste is generated from obsolete and unwanted electrical products, which include things like computers, Tv, mobile phones, fax machines, stereos, photocopy machines etc. The issue at hand is the disposal of such electronic devices as they contain toxic and hazardous materials, which can be a serious threat to the ecosystem. E-waste management is a plan to effectively collect such e-waste, store them in a safe place, dismantle & segregate unwanted stuff, recycle the product and finally dispose it in a safe manner.

E-waste Management and Handling Rules,2016

The surge in the consumption of electronic goods in India resulted into the generation of a large quantity of E-waste. Thus, in order to curb this problem, the E-waste management rule was notified by the government of India. It lays down responsibility on various stakeholders for proper collection and disposal of E-waste. It also requires State government and local bodies to ensure that E-waste is discarded in an environmentally sound way.

Overview of E-waste Management in Delhi:

E-waste Management rules, 2016 bestows power to State Pollution control boards to grant licenses to stakeholders such as producers, recyclers, dismantlers, collectors and refurbishers to deal with E-waste. Delhi generates the most amount of E-waste in the country and E-waste management is a booming sector; In order start the business of collection separation and storage of E-waste in Delhi, one needs to get a license from the state board, which can be obtained from Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC). Corpbiz can assist you in getting this license in 3 days.

What are the responsibilities of E-waste Collectors?

  1. They need to collect E-waste generated by the producer, Importers , Refurbishers and Brand Owners
  2. They need to ensure that the facilities are in compliance with the standards and guidelines set by Central Pollution Control Board.
  3. The E-waste is safely collected, segregated and stored before the process of dismantling or recycling.
  4. To make sure that no harm is caused to the environment while storing or transferring E-waste.
  5. E-waste collectors must maintain records in Form-2 and make them available for scrutiny when required by Central pollution Control board or State pollution Control board.

List of Documents required for E-waste license

  1. Aadhar Card of the authorized person
  2. Pan Card of the authorized person
  3. A Certificate
  4. MSME Certificate (if applicable)
  5. TIN/ GST Certificate
  6. Layout Plan
  7. Project Report
  8. Electricity Bill   

Why E-waste license is necessary?

After getting authorization for collection, segregation and storage of E waste from Delhi Board, an entity can connect with Corporates, Industries or from refurbishers, and collect the E waste material and can also work in unorganized sector of waste in Delhi

After collection of E waste , he can connect with the recyclers who are registered under SPCB /CPCB norms and can take responsibility for the recycling and for dispose of that material and help those corporates in full filling their compliance.

It will help our government to track the unauthorized sector of waste and after collection, transfer that waste in proper hands like to the recyclers.

How will Corpbiz assist you?

  • Corpbiz will assist you in documentation
  • Help in obtaining all the required licenses earlier
  • Delivering of all the licenses
  • End-to-end service

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50,000+ Clients Worldwide


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