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Is there any Requirement of Food Inspection in India?

calendar08 Dec, 2020
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Food inspection

Today in the time of pandemic it has become more essential to check and conduct food inspection before delivering it to the customers. The processed foods which are ordered from the restaurant require passing with various stages of food inspections before it is marked as safe to consume.

It is important to maintain a balance and check all public safety measure ensuring that food being served safe for consumption. The Indian Government uses several checks and inspections that are mandatory in the food industry.

Why Food Inspections are Required?

Food is the basic need of life, but if consumed in a wrong way, it can cause diseases and result to death. Therefore it is needed to have safety checks in place. Any item which is available for public use and consumption has to first pass several safety checks and inspections.

Additionally, for the drugs and medicines, there are FDA inspections and several levels of checks for ensuring that those drugs are safe for human consumption. Various governing bodies protect the public from consuming harmful food. In India, the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI[1]) is a leading body. It oversees, governs, and also sets safety standards for a food industry in India.

What is FSSAI Food License?

The FSSAI is a primary governing body that regulates food safety and standards in India. It functions under the Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006. Further, it deals with setting up food safety standards and inspections in India. It has set the local governing bodies on the state level that foresee food regulation in their states. FSSAI issues food license to operate a food business in India.

What is the Scenario of its Implementation?

The restaurant in India must surly and compulsorily require a food license. There are several penalties involved in case you do not implement the laws and compliances for obtaining FSSAI food license. In India millions of restaurants and food brands are popping up every other day but each one require a FSSAI license and conduct a valid food inspection as well.

How is Public Safety assured?

FSSAI is the regulatory authority in the case to check the food related matters. It assigns every state with the local food and safety body. These local bodies operate under the guidelines from the FSSAI. The inspectors are bound to conduct inspection from time to time in order to ensure the health safety measures.

They also need to examine the validity and renewal of FSSAI license for any of the restaurant. In case of receiving any complains the Food inspectors will make sure that strict actions are taken and penalties imposed upon the defaulters.

How does Food Inspection and Checks Works?

The food inspection includes the three basic principles- Govern, Regulate, and inspect the restaurants and food manufactures.

Food Inspection and Checks Works

Who can make application under FSSAI?

  • Food Trucks, Restaurants, and Food chains have to apply for an FSSAI Certificate with a local municipality.
  • Additionally, food manufacturers have to apply for an FSSAI license if their turnover is more than 12 Lakhs, food manufacturers with the turnover below 12 lakhs need to apply for an FSSAI certificate.
  • FMCG producers and manufacturers with the turnover of above 20 Crore has to apply for an FSSAI Central License.

Food Inspections and Restaurant Inspection

  • Municipalities assign the Food Safety Inspector to an application. The food safety inspector is tasked with the auditing and inspecting the food safety standards in a particular restaurant or food chain. The auditing revolves around checking if the safety needs to meet while procuring and preparing food for consumption. It is a food inspection.
  • The second inspection which takes place is known to be restaurant inspection. The food safety inspector audits the restaurant to check if the place is hygienic or not. If a place is dirty and shabby, the application will be disapproved. Completing health inspection and restaurant inspection grants an owner with the FSSAI certificate also it guarantees the customers about the safety of the restaurant.
  • Food Chains and Manufacturers go through the same process: the food inspections, restaurant inspections, Health and Safety Inspection by the Food Safety Inspector.
  • Larger Manufacturers has to apply for the Food Safety Inspection from an FSSAI to be approved by Food and Safety Inspection Service agency.

Approval and Certification under FSSAI

  • Upon approval by a Food and Safety Inspector, the FSSAI Certificate is issued to restaurants, local food chains, and food trucks.
  • Small food manufacturers and producers, on an approval by the Food and Safety Inspector, are awarded as the FSSAI Certificate.
  • Medium to Large Scale food manufacturers/producers in the FMCG market are awarded an FSSAI license and FSSAI Central License if it successfully passes the audit and inspection by the Food and Safety Inspection Service Agency.


India has the food and safety inspection service which oversee by FSSAI. In case you are planning to start your own food-related business, don’t forget to get FSSAI registrations. At Corpbiz we help our clients of an filing an application form. We assist throughout the process of FSSAI licensing and track the application status on behalf of our clients. We assure you to have FSSAI registration for the food business.

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