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FSSAI Restrain Licensing Authorities from Demanding Immaterial Documents from FBOs

calendar21 Sep, 2020
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FSSAI Restrain

In the earlier position, FSSAI vide notification released on 22/11/2019, has notified licensing authorities to steer clear of seeking the irrelevant document from food business operators leading to undue delay in the processing of the application. The aforesaid matter was also discussed in the CAC’s meeting held on 22/5/2020 and 5/08/2020, respectively, wherein it was decided that the licensing authorities should follow the KOB wise document uploaded on the home page of FLRS. Here you will come to know why FSSAI restrain licensing authorities form demanding irrelevant documents.

FSSAI's Role

Interpretation of the Notification 22nd Nov, 2020

On 22/NOV/2019, FSSAI rolled out the notification regarding the unjustifiable demand of authorities regarding the additional documents, which invariably hurting the FBOs in one way or another. FBO’s across the country are facing the inappropriate demand of the state and central authorities regarding the submission of the document for registration. There were instances when authority asked the FBOs to submit the documents that are irrelevant from the FSS viewpoint. This leads to harassment of FBOs[1] and causes delays in the application’s processing. This is the primary reason why FSSAI Restrain Licensing Authorities from demanding irrelevant documents.

Easing out Provision for Documents Submission

Since the requirement of uploading a signed copy of the application of registration and license has been averted, the applicants are now required to upload the self attest copy of the documents as mandated by the authority.

In the purview of the above, you are requested to confront concerned food safety officers to refrain from requesting irrelevant documents. Frequent intimation of licensing authority in this context could lead them to severe penalties. However, in case of the grant of the license, the list of the required documentation must be communicated to the general public via a notification issued by the commissioner of the food safety of the concerned state or union territory.

The authority has also decided to commence consultation concerning the requirement of NOC from CGWA as the precondition for FSSAI registration. CGWA normally takes too much time to issue a NOC, which ultimately hampers the timely grant of the FSSAI license.

Interpretation of the Notification 31st August 2020

Since previous position of the might cause the FBOs to lose trust in the authority, to overcome such adversity, the FSSAI issues the given directions in the same notification. 

  • The licensing authorities avoid demanding irrelevant documentations. The information regarding the documents is duly listed on the Food licensing and registration system. In case if some supplementary documents are required, then the reason for the same recorded and submitted to the FSC for review.
  • The application should be properly scrutinized, and all the loopholes in the application should be pointed out in one go. The observation ought to be crystal clear and enclose proposed solutions.
  • In the case of an auto-generated license, the authorities shall scrutinize those applications to make sure that all documents filed are in the correct order. Otherwise, a notification should be rendered to FBO.
  • Any queries or undue delays must be taken seriously, and the concerned officers shall be held accountable for an explanation of such disparities. To serve this purpose, the IT department will communicate the detail of queries pointed out on a single application more than twice. The licensing officers might be asked to communicate the cases where supplementary documents were demanded on a monthly basis.


The aforesaid declaration from FSSAI will help the FOBs to confront legal formalities with ease, be it a question of providing document or raising license. FSSAI Restrain Licensing Authorities would allows the FOBs to operates to more seamlessly than ever. CorpBiz shall be at your utmost disposal to help you with FSSAI Registration along with complete documentation. Count CorpBiz.


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FSSAI License

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